Coco Lodge throws shade at Love Island co-star as they move on with new girl

'Pls literally no one is doing it like Coco'

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by Isabel Bramley |

Love Island 2022 may have ended four months ago, but that doesn't mean the drama hasn't continued outside the villa. Far from it, in fact.

Following on from Gemma Owen and Luca Bish's split and Paige Thorne's tea spill that one of the remaining couples is "fake", Casa Amor bombshell Coco Lodge has thrown a little shade at Billy Brown after he appears to have moved on with a new girl.

Of course, neither Coco nor Billy found love in the villa but it seems he may have started dating someone else as he was pictured with a mystery woman on his arm at a recent film premiere.

Coco was taking part in a red carpet interview when she happened to notice Billy and his potential new flame arrive, to which she exclaimed, "Ooh, another girl!"

"Always with a beautiful girl," she told Billy.

The reporter then asked Coco whether the girl in question was Billy's girlfriend, to which she drily replied, "No, I doubt it," with a laugh.

Major shade alert.

Coco's fans were loving her sassy comments, including one who wrote, "Plsss literally no one is doing it like coco 😭😂."

"Coco kills me😂😂," added another, while a third commented, "Coco was so underrated, funniest islander to come out."

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Since Coco left the villa (she was dumped from the island after she found herself in the bottom three girls and voted out by the public), it's become apparent that her time on the show was incredibly tough, especially as she revealed that she had a "real, genuine connection" with Andrew Le Page and told him not to bring her back in the villa if there was any chance he was going to get back with Tasha Ghouri.

She also explained the extent of the trolling that she had received since leaving the villa, the cruel comments that were made whilst she was in the villa and the savage way she was portrayed by the edit.

Speaking on the Murad Merali show, Coco was in tears as she was questioned about the trolling over her looks, "I didn't expect it, I've never had [an issue with what I look like]. It hurts to see because it's about your appearance. However I was perceived on the show wasn't my personality anyway, they edited me to look a certain way but to comment about my appearance was obviously hurtful. I was cast for a reason, how you look on those cameras, the press photos, they don't choose the most flattering stuff.

"I had a hard time in there anyway after Casa Amor, some of the girls weren't as welcoming, we're all okay now but it was hard."

She also revealed that she was called a 'four out out of ten' by a boy (who she didn't name) in the main villa when the cameras were off (whilst they were eating), "‘I don’t know who said it, Summer heard it, I think one of them said 'you're a four out of ten, Paige is a twelve.'"

Coco also elaborated about the trolling she endured in an empowering post on Instagram, writing, "Coming out the villa I was greeted by a vile amount of nasty tweets and TikTok’s about my appearance. It was really damaging initially but I will bounce back more resilient 💪 I’ll never be good enough if I judge my selfworth on a strangers opinion. Thank you to everyone I’ve met and who has messaged me with kind empowering words and who was fighting these comments when I was in the villa ❤️ And for those others this is your reminder to #bekind #selflovejourney."

We love you, Coco. 💔

According to The Sun, Love Island producers weren't the only ones taking a liking to Coco in recent months. Coco was reportedly filming scenes for Married At First Sight (MAFS) prior to turning heads in Casa Amor – in our minds, her villain origin story. The publication has reported that Coco left MAFS producers "furious" after suddenly ditching the popular reality series (during filming!) after getting the call for Love Island.

A source said, "Coco was all set for the next series of MAFS.

"She'd shot about a week's worth of content - costing upwards of £5,000 - and bosses were looking forward to seeing her on the show.

"They were furious when Coco told them she was quitting to go on Love Island."

Boss b*tch energy, right there.

What is Coco Lodge's real name?

Our Coco might've come into Casa Amor an open book, but it turns out she has been concealing her real name on the show. Her real name isn’t as LOCO (get it?), as her pseudonym. Her real name is, apparently, not Coco, but Chloe, as her old Instagram handle @chloelodgee from 2017 reveals.

Her relationship with OG Islander Andrew (we can't help but wonder if he knows her real name?) caused quite the stir amongst Love Island fans on Twitter, with many expressing concerns that Coco was using Andrew as a ticket to the main villa.

And following the dramatic Casa Amor recoupling, it turns out Coco has caused a lot of harm in Andrew and Tasha's relationship... If we can still call it that.

Andrew and Coco kiss ©ITV ©©ITV

In more Coco news, it turns out she's already friends with a few celebs..

Coco Lodge's Too Hot To Handle friends

To add to the rapidly growing pile of Islander celeb links, Coco recently shared a series of photos on Instagram of her posing alongside Too Hot To Handle stars Chloe Veitch and Nicole O’Brien while in Dubai.

This won’t exactly be the first-time people from the two shows have mingled this year, with Tasha having dated Too Hot To Handle’s Robert Van Tromp, only three months prior to entering the villa.

How old is Coco Lodge?

Coco is 27 years old, making her the oldest Casa Amor girl this year.

What is Coco Lodge's job?

She is a graphic designer and a ring girl.

Why does Coco Lodge think she makes a good girlfriend?

I’m a super, super empathetic person. I take on a lot of people’s emotions. I’m overly caring. It makes me an amazing girlfriend, but I can be a bit of a pushover and not think about my own feelings and emotions. I need to hold back a bit these days.”

Is Coco Lodge competitive?

Coco says if she were to step on someone’s toes, she would do it in a respectful way.

“I’m a girls’ girl and I love having girlfriends. Most of my friends are girls and I really am sensitive to how girls feel. If I was to step on someone’s toes, I’d do it in a very respectful way. I wouldn’t want to hurt someone else.”

What gives Coco Lodge the ick?

“Someone who is really possessive. You have to let me be myself and do my thing.”

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