Love Island: Summer Botwe’s family SHADE Dami Hope amid dramatic re-coupling

Dami, don’t hold your breath for an invite round.

Summer Botwe

by Isabel Bramley |

The Casa Amor recoupling happened last night, and BOY OH BOY did it have us on the edge of our seats.

Dami Hope and Indiyah Polack, despite being in a seemingly solid couple before Casa Amor, both welcomed their new beaus into villa, with the queen herself saying “may the best heartbreaker win”.

Dami ditching Indiyah came as no surprise to viewers as Dami had been cracking on with Summer Botwe the moment Indiyah was out of sight. But the stand-off which happened once they were face to face again was so tense, you could cut the air with a knife.

However, Damiyah (as fans affectionally called them) may not be the only ones having disagreements, as Summer’s family took to social media sharing their disapproval of OG islander Dami.

After a fan commented on Summer’s Instagram saying they felt Dami was "undeserving" of both Summer and Indiyah, Summer’s family, who are running her account while she is in the villa, responded agreeing, with a sassy gif and the word "PERIODT".

They previously made it clear that they were examining the duo before making judgement, as they posted on Twitter, “I want to see Summer and Dami’s conversations and how they are together”.

Obviously, they’ve now seen enough to make a decision, and Dami, it is NOT looking good.

It seems that Dami is not in a lot of good books, with Antigoni Buxton giving us insider info on his secret kick off and former islander Amber Gill tweeting, “Why is Dami acting this way it's #embarrassing”.

Now, even Summer’s family had enough.

Let’s all hope Summer can survive the villa long enough for the bringing in the family episode, so we can grab the popcorn and watch the drama unfold…

How old is Summer?

Summer is 22 years old.

What does Summer do for a living?

She is the co-owner of an events decor business.

Who did Summer have her eye on before going into the villa?

Going into the villa she had her eyes on the prize – Dami.

“Dami is someone that I definitely feel like I have my eye on and definitely want to pursue the most out of all the boys. His dress sense is really good, he’s funny, he’s just like an all- rounder completely. Everyone loves him and he’s like their go-to and I love that about a person. His vibes are immaculate and I’m drawn to that. Jay is quite good looking, too. I will talk to other people, too.”

We have to wonder if she would be sticking to her guns if she knew that NOT everyone loves him, including her family

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What is Summer going to bring to the villa?

"I think that I’m just genuinely good vibes - very goofy, very silly, I’ll definitely uplift everyone’s spirits. Everyone will be fun around me. I don’t really take things too seriously. I feel like I might end up bringing some drama because I do want to go full force with Dami...but I’m definitely just bringing fun and good vibes for sure."

Is Summer competitive? How does she feel about treading on toes?

Now she is in the main villa, there will be no holding back!

“We’re all there for the same reason at the end of the day - I’m going to go full steam ahead. I’ve been competitive my whole life. I’m putting my best foot forward and I’m not wasting any time getting to know people.”

Why is Summer single at the moment?

“I just end up being that ‘other person’ in a situation and I’ll be talking to somebody and they’ll find somebody else and I’m the other person they string along for a bit and I get ghosted. I have been enjoying life being single but it’s been four years - I want a boyfriend now.”

Does Summer have a claim to fame?

“My dad is a garage MC and DJ-MC CKP. And I was an extra in EastEnders once when I was younger - I was in a scene with my dad and Stacey, played by Lacey Turner.”

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