Love Island’s Danica Taylor looks totally different in unearthed throwback photos

Sorry, and YOU are?

Danica Taylor

by Ben Pulsford |

We all do a lot of growing up from the ages of 18 to 21 (perhaps 31, is more accurate/truthful), but very few of us actually physically metamorphosize from one gorgeous bombshell into a totally new gorgeous bombshell, like new Islander Danica Taylor.

As regular heatworld readers will know, it is our journalistic responsibility to deep dive into the darkest depths of each new Islander's Instagram for you. Unfortunately, most Love Island contestants are privy to this and cull their Instagrams prior to entering the villa (to make themselves look super-duper squeaky-clean), but others just let ALL their history hang out for us. Danica is one of those lovelies and we LOVE her for it.

The first thing we discovered is that Danica has literally always been drop dead gorgeous – she'd have to be if she was sent in to disrupt Gemma Owen's relationship, let's face it. The second thing we clocked was that three years ago, this brunette bombshell was a BLONDE BOMBSHELL. And, to be frank, we thought these pictures were of someone else; someone equally gorgeous, don't get us wrong.

To be franker, we thought she was Paige Turley.


Love Island's Danica Taylor: The Throwback Years

Danica Taylor blonde
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CREDIT: Instagram / _danicataylor

Danica Taylor blonde
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CREDIT: Instagram / _danicataylor

Danica Taylor
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CREDIT: Instagram / _danicataylor

Danica Taylor
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CREDIT: Instagram / _danicataylor

This is a first for us.

We think we're witnessing the first glow-up that actually started with a 10/10 specimen. Impressive.

These snaps of a beaut blonde Danica were taken three years ago when she was just 18. She entered the Love Island as a brunette – with a thirst for blood... and fishmongers.

We love to see it. And we can't wait to see more...

How old is Danica Taylor?

Danica Taylor is 21 years old.

What does Danica Taylor do for a living?

Danica is a dancer. She has just finished her university degree.

Where is Danica Taylor from?

She is from Lancashire.

Does Danica Taylor have Instagram?

The two Danica's we have introduced you to both share the same Instagram. Follow them both at _danicataylor.

Why is Danica Taylor going on Love Island?

Danica says, "I feel like right now is the perfect time, I’ve just finished my university degree, I am single and I’ve been single for a year now so it just felt like the right time.

She adds, "I am definitely going to go in there and step on a few toes and I am more than happy to go after what I want."

Looking at you Lemma.

What gives Danica Taylor the 'ick'?

I don’t like unhygienic people. Arrogance gives me the ick but I am not really an icky person, I either like you or I don’t. If I like you, I just accept you for who you are.

Does Danica Taylor know Gemma Owen?

Some Love Island fans have been wondering whether Danica Taylor and Gemma Owen already know each other.

Although we don't know anything definitively, we do know that Danica got a good look at Gemma - as well as the other Islanders - beforehand, as she entered the villa almost two weeks after launch. We also know that Danica is just two years older than Gemma and lives a couple of hours away from Gemma's hometown of Leicester. It's quite possible these party girls have come across one another on nights out in Manchester, Liverpool, Leicester or Nottingham.

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