Controversial Love Island star reveals new shredded bod and PHWOAR

Love Island 2022 bombshell Billy Brown reveals new shredded bod

Love Island's Billy Brown on the red carpet at the Protein World launch event

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Here at heatworld, it's not uncommon for us to write about a fresh Love Island star leaving the villa (following a fairly MEH experience on the show), vanishing for a couple of months only to return to the scene with a sculpted, shredded, smokin' hot (lots of words beginning with 's' tbh) new bod; subsequently redefining the lord 'bombshell' altogether.

And next up to embrace the cliche, is controversial Casa Amor bombshell, Billy Brown.

Remember Billy? He was that cheeky chap from Surrey who liked to pick up penguins at the zoo that popped up in the Love Island 2022 Casa Amor villa for a saucy spell.

Perhaps 'controversial' is too strong a word, but Billy certainly divided opinion amongst the public – and his fellow Islanders – when he revealed EXACTLY what happened under the covers with one Danica Taylor to the rest of the boys (and the millions of viewers watching back in the UK) over a morning debrief .Oh, Billy. That then iconically ended with Danica confronting Billy Made-in-Chelsea-style at that bizarre Vibe Club party with Joel Corry. What a time.

The boyish bombshell left the villa on day 44 swiftly after that and has remained fairly off the radar since then, popping up at the occasional event here and there, but nothing compared to that of Gemma Owen and Ekin-Su's global domination.

Well, how's this for an update? This cheeky chap has clearly been hitting the gym as of late, as he's been showing off a new SHREDDED bod on his Instagram. And we're more than happy to share that news with you.

The Love Island 2022 star recently shared a mirror snap of himself at his home gym (so Surrey) and there are definitely rippling muscles there we didn't spot last summer – and we pay VERY close to attention to such sweaty endeavours (cause it's our job, obvs).

Keep it up, Billy, who knows they might let you back on Love Island this year; they do that now.

Despite more than earning his reality TV stripes by causing a huge amount of drama during his short stint in the villa (hello meddling in Gemma and Luca's relationship), Billy recently revealed that he has gone back to his day job as a roofing director.

In September, he took to his Instagram Stories to show off his skills back on site as he hammered a brick wall, dressed in a black T-shirt and builder trousers. We'll refrain from saying anything too impertinent and crude, but yeah – we're here for it.

Before being scouted for the show, Billy worked 'crazy hours' at his 'hard graft job' and recently told heat that the long hours meant he was up in the early hours of the morning and he "was hardly on his phone". When we caught up with him in the days after he was dumped alongside Summer Botwe, he revealed, "It's so weird because I'm never on my phone this much."

Fellow Casa Amor Jazmine Nichol hit out at Billy last year while he was still in the villa after co-star Mollie Salmon revealed he was dating her friend a few years ago.

The ex-Islanders were asked in an interview whether they thought Billy is into Gemma Owen, to which Jazmine replied cynically, “That’s not a friendship.”

However, Mollie came to their defence claiming the two were “just friends” and insisted Billy was just being “a bit of a flirt.”

But despite Billy seemingly winning most of the Islanders over with his charm, it seems Jazmine isn't a fan. “I don’t trust him, I’ve known boys like that… from the second I met him I was like ‘something's not right there’," she said on the Murad Murali podcast.

What happened with Billy Brown and Gemma Owen?

Gemma was incredibly shocked when she discovered Billy Brown in Casa Amor, revealing that they had "mutual friends" on the outside world. Billy openly flirted with her, even after she decided to stay loyal to Luca when they returned to the main villa.

When Billy was dumped, he revealed that there could have been something more between them in multiple interviews, including one with Capital FM where he was asked, “If you and Luca went in at the same time, do you think you stood more of a chance against Luca?”, to which he confidently replied, “Oh yeah, game over.”

Gemma has since denied she never reciprocated Billy’s flirting.

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Billy Brown's argument with Jacques O'Neill

In an uncomfortable incident, Billy got in the way of a three-way squabble between Jacques O'Neill (who subsequently quit the show), Paige Thorne and Adam Collard, which saw Jacques fobbing off Billy so he could confront Paige about a shady conversation with Adam. Jacques stormed over to Billy and Paige, who were chilling wholesomely on the day bed, only to tell Billy to "f-ck off", so he could talk to Paige about her chat with Adam.

Billy then came under passive aggressive fire from both Luca and Andrew Le Page for getting relatively cosy with Gemma and Tasha.

Back to why you've got to hand it to Billy - he goes through all THIS on the regs and STILL keeps smiling.

As such, social media appears somewhat concerned for this glass-half-full geezer.


Another tweeted, "Justice for my guy Billy, Jacques did not need to be that rude to him #loveisland."

A third wrote, "Poor Billy though gets told to f-ck off, then has to comfort Tasha who is crying for the millionth time over Andrew."

Billy's sister, who managed his socials while he was in the villa, took to Instagram to praise her brother for his behaviour, "The way Billy held himself tonight, I could not be a prouder sister right now😭you are the kindest soul and I'm so glad everyone can finally get to see it❤️."

Were Billy Brown and Gemma Owen friends BEFORE entering the villa?

Love Island fans noticed that Billy was no stranger to Gemma when he entered Casa Amor pretty early on.

It was later revealed that Billy and Gemma shared mutual friends in the outside world. Billy had even been on holiday with Gemma's pal.

Billy’s best bud Cameron Green, a 23-year-old ex-Wrexham footballer, is the mutual middleman connecting the two Islanders.

Right before the bombshell entered the villa, in true lads' holiday fashion, the two boys were pictured together (topless, because of course) on a yacht, spraying champagne across Ibiza’s Ocean Beach Club. Billy shared the snap on his Instagram page.

Upon meeting Billy, Gemma warned the girls, “I’ve never met him, but one of my best boy mates on the outside is his best mate. He’s a bit of a player, like a lad’s lad.”

How old is Billy Brown?

Billy is 23 years old.

Where is Billy Brown from?

He's from Surrey.

What is Billy Brown's job?

Despite telling the villa he picked up penguins for a living (which caused quite the stir), he is in fact a roofing company director.

How can I follow Billy Brown on Instagram?

You'll find him on Insta at @billybrown11.

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