EXCLUSIVE! Love Island’s Billy Brown exposes unaired FIGHT in Casa Amor

'I was battered'


by Nathan Katnoria |

There has been no shortage of bust-ups in the Love Island villa this year, from Jacques O’Neill fuming at Adam Collard to Luca Bish and Gemma Owen falling out after the Mile High Club challenge – and they’re just the ones that were shown on TV.

This year’s dumped Islanders have been lifting the lid on all the juicy scenes that didn’t make it into the final edit and the latest to speak out is Billy Brown.

Billy, who was dumped alongside Summer Botwe last week, appeared on the latest episode of heat’s Under the Duvet alongside Deji Adeniyi and Nathalia Campos and let slip there was a secret altercation in Casa Amor that left him “bleeding” and “battered”.

Billy's spilled the tea on an unaired Casa Amor fight ©ITV Pictures

Billy’s pal Deji explained how he was left injured when the Casa Amor boys were playing a game that went wrong.

“It was a stupid game that us lot were playing where you have water in your mouth and hit each other with a pillow,” Deji said. “I actually didn’t want to play at the start. But they were like, ‘Stop being a bitch. Play, play, play!’ and I was like, ‘Nah’. And then I’ve decided to play and I got too excited and I hit Jack [Keating] as hard as I could.”

“Like pelted him,” Billy interjected.

billy brown fight
Billy was left 'battered' by fellow Casa Amor boy Jack Keating ©ITV Pictures

Deji explained, “I smacked him in the face with it and he had so much energy. He didn’t know whether to hit me back or hit the person next to him, so he hit the person next to him [Billy] which was really bad because he had a metal bottle in his mouth.”

Billy added, “I was sipping the water to get it in my mouth and he goes bang and just smashed all my mouth. He went, ‘I’m so sorry!’”

Deji said, “Bill was like, ‘Don’t touch me!’”

Despite the awkward accident, Billy said he and Jack are “cool”. Thank goodness for that…

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