Love Island’s Nathalia: how tall is she and what is her job?

Love Island fans reckon she'll turn Adam Collard's head

love island nathalia

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As soon as Nathalia Campos stepped into the Love Island villa, fans suspected that she would turn Adam Collard's head.

Fans will know that Adam is coupled up with Paige Thorne but that didn't stop them from going wild about the new bombshell

One fan commented, “Hope she goes for Adam just so miss honeybunzz can see who the real Adam is."

Another person said, "Adam would probably pick her 🤣 let’s see how he reacts is he still a player".

Someone else added, "I think Adam’s head will turn. She’s stunning 😍".

However, it seems that fans were wrong as Adam and Paige became exclusive following his date with Nathalia.

While it seems that it's going to kick off between Nathalia and Ekin-Su Cülcüloglu, here's everything you need to know about the 2022 bombshell...

How old is Nathalia Campos?

Nathalia is 23 years old.

What does Nathalia Campos do?

Nathalia is a Brazilian content creator.

Why does Nathalia want to go on Love Island now?

Before going into the villa, the influencer admitted, "Everyone is looking for the same thing so [inside the villa] you really have the time to focus on that aspect of your life because normally you’re so busy with work.”

What will Nathalia bring to the villa?

Nathalia has used three words to describe herself, "Fun, flirtation and fire”. Hmm. She sounds a lot like Ekin-Su...

How tall is Nathalia?

Many keen Love Island fans have been wondering how tall Nathalia is, seeing as she is at a close height to Davide Sanclimenti, who is 6ft 2. Turns out Nathalia is actually 5ft 11.

What makes Nathalia a good girlfriend?

Nathalia was honest when asked the question and admitted that she is “very cary, always there for my partner, good company.”

Why is Nathalia single at the moment?

Content creator Nathalia says, “I have high standards and I like to be treated right. I don’t just take whatever so I think I am single because I haven’t met someone who is wiling to treat me right and the way that I deserve to be treated.”

We think she seems very fierce and can’t wait to get to know her more.

How would Nathalia’s family and friends describe her?

According to her family and friends, she’d be described as “caring, kind, funny and sassy.”

Is Nathalia competitive and what are her opinions about treading on toes?

Along with her other bombshell peers, Nathalia seems to be competitive too.

“I am quite competitive and if I was to approach a guy no-one should be shocked or it shouldn’t be surprising, it’s pretty normal given the circumstances.”

Does Nathalia fall in love quickly or is she a slow burner?

She answered, “I fall in love very quickly, I am a Libra, I am always falling in and out of love...or at least I think I am in love.”

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