Gemma Owen speaks out on Molly-Mae Hague comparisons and we call shade

The new PrettyLittleThing ambassador responded to claims she’s following in Molly’s footsteps

gemma owen molly-mae hague

by Ben Pulsford, Hannah Mellin and Georgina Terry |

As fan favourite contestants who coupled up with their boyfriends early on in the villa and went on to sign huge brand deals post-Love Island, it’s easy to draw comparisons between Gemma Owen and Molly-Mae Hague.

Especially as Gemma signed up as PrettyLittleThing’s latest brand ambassador shortly after leaving the villa. Y’know, the brand that Molly-Mae is creative director of?

But, shortly after launching her first PLT collection, Gemma addressed the comparisons between her and Molly-Mae - and is it just us or do we detect some shade?

In a new interview, Gemma said, “I think my style is timeless and in the moment. I think my edit is mine, it's true to me and what I am."

She told OK!, “I think obviously, I've got a lot of respect for Molly-Mae, and she's an inspiration to a lot of girls.

"But I think we are completely different people, I like to think I’m unique. I think my style is timeless."

Gemma’s latest comments follow a trending video of her wrapping her legs around a male riding friend (no pun intended) in front of boyfriend Luca Bish - one that sent social media (and us) into hysterics.

In the viral vid, Gemma can be seen wrapping her legs around her unnamed mate, who plants a fat kiss on Gemma's cheek. Once Gemma descends her rather tall friend, said friend can be seen greeting a clearly disgruntled Luca with a "Hi mate, nice to see you."

The hilarious vid was posted by YoungKingsTV who captioned the golden content, "LUCA'S FUMING LOL" and "The leg wrap was criminal 😂😂😂."

Considering Luca has historically got huffy over Gemma even platonically looking at other men, it's safe to say fans were quick to dissect his transparent reaction in the comments.

One fan commented, "He'll be pulling her for a chat after this 😭."

Another wrote, "Gem can u come here a sec 🤣."

A third commented, "That’s an argument saved for when their home."

We've let it play on repeat for a good couple of minutes now and it's safe to say that poker is not Mr Bish's game.

Gemma Owen Luca Bish

Who is Gemma Owen?

Where have you been?

Let's face it, Love Island's Gemma Owen could sneeze without covering her mouth and it would make headlines.

Not sure about that analogy in post-pandemic times, but you know what we mean. The name on everybody's lips this summer was Gemma Owen.

The miniature firecracker from Cheshire entered the villa a serious ten and immediatelty turning heads and headlines across the country – and not just because she was footballing legend Michael Owen's teenage daughter.

“Fun, flirty and fiery” Gemma got tongues wagging right from episode one and months later we are still talking about her and monitoring her Instagram more than our own. That's icon stuff.

gemma owen love island
Gemma was initially coupled up with Liam, much to her dismay ©ITV Pictures

A lot of the buzz around Gemma revolved around the fact that she was just 19 years old when she entered the villa, which social media sleuths have worked out means she was 16 before the pandemic struck.

Gemma entered the villa with the rest of the girls at the very start and was soon paired up with 22-year-old, Liam following a public vote twist.

However, it wasn’t long before the 19-year-old’s eyes wandered, thanks to those pesky producers introducing absolute Adonis, Davide Sanclimenti (now Mr Ekin-Su) into the mix (once all the couples had been paired up, of course). Gemma then went on to kiss said 27-year-old Italian mega hunk, Davide, during a steamy icebreaker game, which seems like something belonging to the Love Island multiverse now.

love island gemma davide
Gemma and Davide shared a smooch ©ITV Pictures

Now we’re trying to come up with a stronger word than ‘ablaze’ to describe how social media reacted to this young Islander’s placement on the show – and her public kiss with Davide, who she claimed at the time was very much her type. How about, ‘ferocious’? Yes, ferocious works. You get the idea – Twitter had thoughts and concerns; namely regarding her young age.

One Twitter user wrote: “Gemma said she's been single for a year and a half. She’s 19 so she’s been single since she was 17, what is this? 😂😂😂#LoveIsland”.

Another wrote: “Gemma was 11 when #LoveIsland first aired”.

Another added: “Gemma trying to work out how to have a conversation with a normal person because she went on Love Island straight after sixth form instead of having a life experience #loveisland”.

And this one sums up the general reaction succinctly: “Gemma and Davide… You’re 19 he's 27😭 #loveisland”.

Gemma Owen Love Island
Gemma's not the first teen to appear on the show ©ITV

Despite the vast majority of the internet’s surprise at Gemma’s young age, she is not actually the first young’un to enter the Love Island villa. The show is open to any singleton over the age of 18.

Notable baby Islanders include Season One’s Luis Morrison, season four’s Georgia Steel season five’s Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury, were all just 20 years old when they entered the Love Island villa. In fact, Gemma is not even the first teenager to enter the villa; Season One’s Bethany Rogers and Season Two’s Emma Jane Woodhams were both 19 years old when they appeared on the show.

Which other Love Island stars have famous family members?

This isn't the first year that ITV bosses have recruited someone with a famous family link, either. In 2018, EastEnders actor Danny Dyer's daughter Dani went on to WIN the show alongside Jack Fincham and, in 2019, boxer Tyson Fury's brother Tommy went on to reach the final alongside girlfriend Molly-Mae Hague.

However, Gemma isn't just known for being Michael Owen's daughter, she's got a very impressive career as an International Dressage Rider so she could have rubbed shoulders with other famous riders such as Princess Anne. Let's find out more about her, shall we?

Did Gemma Owen win Love Island?

No, but her and Luca did make it to the final - in fact they were this season's runners-up, losing out to Ekin-Su and Davide.

Are Luca Bish and Gemma Owen still together?

Despite their various ups and downs and side to sides in the villa, Gemma and Luca made it to the final and left the villa together. Luca officially asked Gemma to be his girlfriend later in the summer. The pair are still together and frequently appear on each other's socials.

How old is Gemma Owen?

At only 19, Gemma was one of the youngest Islanders in the villa this year.

Where is Gemma Owen from?

She's from Chester in Cheshire.

What does Gemma Owen do as a job?

Gemma is open about being incredibly competative, revealing, "Sport has always been a big thing for me and my family. My dad was a professional football player. I’ve competed for Great Britain in dressage since I was 11 years old. I’ve travelled all across Europe competing in big arenas in big competitions."

She continued, "I would say I’m very competitive. [When it comes to relationships] I will always go for what I want. But at the same time, I’m not going to mess up something for someone who is in a proper relationship or get in the way of a couple if they have a genuine connection. I wouldn’t do anything to another girl that I wouldn’t be happy with them doing to me."

Now she's been on Love Island she is, of course, also a thriving influencer; she is an ambassador for Pretty Little Thing and has designed jewellery for Abbott Lyon.

Does Gemma Owen have Instagram?

She does. You can follow her over on @gemowen_1 and @gemowendressage_.

Does Gemma Owen have TikTok?

Yep! You can find her at @gemowen_1.

Who is Gemma Owen's dad?

Her dad is none other than Michael Owen, who played for Manchester United and England. Her mum is Louise Bonsall (who is apparently not going on RHOCheshire anytime soon) and she has two sisters and a brother.

Why did Gemma Owen go on Love Island?

Before appearing on the show, she revealed, "I am open to finding love, I’m wanting to have a really fun summer. I was seeing someone and then that didn’t work out so I thought, 'Why not?'"

Why did Love Island legend Jack Fincham come for Gemma Owen?

Earlier this summer, in a deliciously cosy chat with heat plus fellow Love Island alumni Chris Taylor and Shaughna Phillips, Jack poured scorn on Gemma keeping who her famous and filthy rich dad is under wraps.

“She’s desperate to say it. She’s desperate,” he said, when asked by heat's Harriet Rose why Gemma hasn't revealed her surname and why her surname is kinda a big deal on the show.

And, we can't help but notice, fans are with Jack on this one.

“In the villa, does anyone ask surnames?” queried Harriet.

“No!” Exclaimed Jack and Chris together, like some kind of Greek chorus (#culture).

“It’s not a thing,” said Jack.

heat under the duvet
Expect lots more of this kind of thing ©Bauer media

But Shaughna, glorious Shaughna, was quick to defend the 19-year-old.

“If my dad was Michael Owen, I’d have it tattooed on my head,” she said.

Speaking of her age, Jack seemed to think that going in as a teenager is not a great idea.

“Would I have gone in there at 19? No chance on earth,” he said.

“I would have gone in there,” said Shaughna, “and absolutely ruined my whole life.”

WATCH: You can watch the full interview now. GO ON.

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