Love Island 2022 bombshell could be on Eurovision and OMG

She came head-to-head with Love Island winner Ekin-Su this summer

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Islanders go on to do many things when they exit the Love Island villa, but we have to say, Eurovision is a new one to our knowledge. And if it wasn't obvious already, picture us sceptical. We love you, Love Island, but we like the idea of you being very far removed from Eurovision – especially now the UK has FINALLY proven we are more than capable (we love you Sam Ryder – you and your Ekin-Su-esque locks) of making the scoreboard.

Saying that, the Love Island star in question is 2022 bombshell Antigoni Buxton who we know for a fact can actually sing and perform as she strutted into the villa a bonafide music artist looking for love (and a little extra reach). And, no, although Antigoni lives in the UK, she won't be representing us. Instead, she is reportedly in serious talks to represent her native Greece at next year's Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool.

Good Lord. Anyone else getting flashbacks to Katie Price singing Not Just Anybody in a pink leather catsuit? If you're so young that that golden pop culture reference glazed right over you, we're sorry – but do give it a Google.

And you're welcome.

antigen buxton eurovision greece

Antigoni has submitted three songs to the Greece's biggest TV channel, who broadcast Eurovision across the country every year, after travelling to Athens to showcase her material to the powers that be. Excitingly, a final decision is said to be imminent.

Antigoni told MailOnline, 'I'm submitting three songs but one in particular is my favourite.

"It's an up-tempo, powerful, fiery and romantic track with both Greek and English lyrics.

"Combining modern sounds and hip-hop production with Greek traditional sounds and melodies is my style."

The Love Island star continued, "I'm so proud of my Greek roots and my goal as a musician is to share Greek sounds and culture with the world.

"As the Eurovision is being held in the UK where I live, it would be an honour to be able to use my platform here to shine a light on the country I'm representing."

Oh well, at least it's an Islander who can actually sing, and not Luca Bish. Seriously, we're contemplating going as THAT High School Musical performance for Halloween this year.

Antigoni: 'You Can Have Him'

Love Island bombshell Antigoni Buxton was pretty unlucky in love in the villa, ending up in a friendship couple with Charlie Radnedge when Ekin-Su coupled up with Davide Sanclimenti (who went on to win the show) and after Danica Taylor chose to couple up with Jay Younger.

She might not have returned to the UK with a new man in tow, but appearing on the ITV2 show did give her singing career a boost, and in her single – titled You Can Have Him – Antigoni vents about a rival love interest “taking her man”.

While Antigoni insists the song isn’t about any of her fellow Islanders (despite previously throwing shade at “dishonest” Ekin-Su for picking Davide), she has revealed she was inspired by a conversation with Love Island producers.

Speaking on the Bangin’ With Chloe Veitch podcast, Antigoni told the Too Hot to Handle star, “As far as I know, no one’s taken my man yet. Or ever. Touch wood.

“What inspired that song was… I got approached to go on Love Island early this year and I was in the process of deciding whether to do it and I had some Zoom calls with the producers. One of the producers was like to me, ‘What would you do if somebody came in and you were coupled up with someone and one of the new girls wanted your man?’

“I was like, ‘Well, if you can take him you can have him’ and it’s like something that my dad’s always said. No matter how much you want to be with somebody, you can’t force someone to be with you. If somebody can take that person from you, it means they weren’t meant for you.”

Antigoni’s comments come after she claimed Ekin-Su hadn’t made it clear she was going to couple up with Davide in the villa. She said, “She literally made it seem like she was going to choose Charlie. The thing that bothered me was the misleading. She should pick who ever she wants. It was frustrating because even if you just pulled me to the side at lunch. Not because I own everybody but it left us blind-sided."

However, Antigoni later insisted she “didn’t have a problem” with the eventual Love Island winner.

'I swear it's like, Casa Amor, leave your brain at the door'

The dumped bombshell grabbed attention shortly after leaving the villa for sharing some CHOICE words on her fellow Islanders in two downright savage posts. And, 'cause she's such a cool specimen of musical artistry, she's made her rants rhyme.

Antigoni Buxton and Charlie Radnedge
Antigoni was dumped from the villa, alongside Charlie, on day 25 ©ITV ©©ITV

Firstly, Antigoni took to TikTok to share her thoughts on the boys' behaviour when the OG girls have moved to Casa Amor - namely Andrew Le Page and Dami Hope (Dami in particular).

She opened the library by coming straight for Dami, saying, "Dami, I love you, but who gave you a passport to leave Indiyah?"

That's funny.

The comedian continued, "I swear it's like, 'Casa Amor, leave your brain at the door'".

Swishing her ultra distracting mane, she turned on Andrew, saying, "Andrew, how can it be like, 'What about Tasha Ghouri now?' Like, 'What isn't about Tasha before?'"

We've got a feeling we're slightly too uncool to understand that one, but we get the gist. Watch out, Andrew - any more bad behaviour and this musical madame will write a song about you Adele style.

Addressing both Dami and Andrew, she pleaded, "Do not let these new girls get inside your head".

Speaking of Luca Bish and Dami's argument, Antigoni said, "I really hope Luca and Dami can work it out, cause Dami cannot fight Luca and the whole of the UK at the same time, if he breaks my girl Indiyah's heart".


In a follow up TikTok post, Antigoni directed her shade towards Jacques O'Neil, who seemed to have his head turned by Cheyanne. She said, "Jacques! This is not the time to be doing up 'Jacques the lad'. This is time to be on you Jack Jones, until you hit the road and get back to my girl, Paige."

Did we mention she writes her own lyrics?

She continued, "Seeing her (Paige) cry makes me want to give her a big hug. At least she looks cute when she cries; me, I look like a sad pug, and pugs already look sad."

Antigoni closed the library by exclaiming, "When I was in there, I genuinely thought there were a lot of couples that were already built up, but it's starting to look more like scaffoldings than buildings.

"I'm just hoping this is all just meaningless saliva swapping and nothing more, otherwise the recouping episode is going to look a lot like the Red Wedding episode of Game of Thrones."

'Andrew and Tasha might be done, I'm not going to lie'

But NO, she wasn't done. The library has extended its opening hours!

She shared her view on Tasha's and Andrew's future, saying, "Andrew and Tasha might be done, I'm not going to lie. There's now eight tonsils in that relationship."

She continued laying down lyrics for new EP, adding, "Casa Amor guys and girls are literally playing dirty. Couple up with someone because of how much they're feeling you, not because of how much dirt you can throw at their partners. It's getting messy in there and I don't like it."

Antigoni Love Island
Antogoni's time on Love Island was brief ©ITV

Who is Antigoni Buxton?

Antigoni is a singer-songwriter from London. Before entering the villa she admitted, "I’ve been single for almost a year and a half and for the whole of the last year my goal has been to have as many different experiences as possible.

"I really just want to say ‘yes’ to things. Why not? It’ll be fun. I’m a Cypriot girl and I love being in the sun. I’ve got nothing to lose!"

How old is Antigoni Buxton?

Love Island 2022 bombshell Antigoni is 26 years old.

Who was Antigoni Buxton interested in?

In the villa she asked Davide Sanclimenti, Dami Hope and Jay Younger out for dates. However, before she went onto the show, she admitted, "I won’t know who I’m feeling until I get in there - I need to meet somebody in person and see their energy and vibe."

Are Antigoni Buxton and Anna Vakili friends?

It seems Antigoni is friends with former Love Island star Anna Vakili as the 2019 star posted a picture alongside the new bombshell on her Instagram Story. She captioned the photo, "(just catching up on Love Island) good luck to this beaut @antigoni.”

anna vakili antigoni
©Instagram / annavakili_

Were Antigoni Buxton and Anthony Joshua together?

If you take a quick scroll through Antigoni’s Instagram page you’re sure to find pictures of her cosied up with her pal superstar boxer Anthony Joshua (talk about a flex).

Did Antigoni Buxton and Jack Fowler date?

Before even joining the villa Antigoni already had a connection to Love Island. She previously dated Love Island alumni Jack Fowler. They reportedly hooked up for a few months but things fizzled out before they could get serious. It’s unclear if they are still in contact and while Antigoni still follows Jack on Instagram, he does not follow her (oof).

Antigoni Buxton's dad

Antigoni isn’t the only one getting attention since she joined the villa. Her dad, Paul, has also caused a bit of a stir after an Instagram picture for his 57th birthday resurfaced. And we have to say, he does NOT look his age.

Antigoni included the caption, “Happy Birthday Daddy! 🥰 57 and thriving 💪🏼 You set the bar so high none of these man will ever be good enough🥱 you’re so inspirational and kind and you make the lives of everyone around you better - thank-you for everything! Love you.”

One of her followers commented, “Ab genetics 🔥” in reference to the fact both father and daughter have some rather impressive abs.

Antigoni Buxton’s mum

It isn’t just Antigoni’s Dad getting attention. Her mum, Tonia Buxton is a celebrity in her own right. She is a celebrity chef who regularly appears on Sunday Brunch.

Tonia is a big supporter of Antigoni and her Love Island journey. Following her entrance on the show, Tonia posted a series of pictures of the two of them on Instagram with the caption, “I can not believe that my @antigoni is in the Love Island villa, she mentioned she would be sunbathing this week I didn’t think she meant in Mallorca! 😆.

“We are all so excited for you and know you will be amazing! You have always been an island girl, so I know you will fit right in! 🏝🌊.

“Hoping you all love and support my girl, I know she will make us proud! ❤️”.

Antigoni Buxton** and Made in Chelsea's Miles Nazaire**

As well as her friendship with Anthony Joshua and Anna Vakili, it seems Antigoni is also close with Made in Chelsea's Miles Nazaire. He posted a video of himself watching her on Love Island and he said, “@antigoni well done babe.”

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