Love Island’s Jay Younger reveals why he’s single amid Laura Anderson romance rumours

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If a Love Islander is struggling to couple up IRL – in an unfair world where they're already sexy, famous and go to restaurants and clubs for a living – what hope do us mere mortals have?

Love Island 2022 star and gym god come down to earth Jay Younger has been doing the YouTube/podcast rounds since he exited the villa as a single Pringle several weeks back and has recently popped up on our radar again for some new choice remarks regarding why he is still single.

Remember when he appeared on heat's Under the Duvet and said Tasha and Andrew will never last? Jay, if you're reading this, you should probably know that not only are these two moving in together, but they now have adorable matching fringes, too.

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As such, it's safe to say Jay's judgement can be a little off sometimes (don't get us started on him pieing queen of queens Ekin-Su), but bless him, he is getting quite good at self-reflecting and recognising his flaws (take note, straight men); something he does oh so endearingly on Russell Kane's Man Baggage podcast.

While discussing dating in a world of filters and humans trying to replicate said filters, Jay opened up about how spending too much time working on his bod in the gym essentially led to the breakdown of his seven-year relationship.

Jay revealed, "I was in a seven-year-relationship where the girl I was with, we finished partly because of that (spending too much time in the gym and not focusing on the relationship).

"We just weren't making time for each other. But not making time for each other on my side was coming from me spending too much time training. It wasn't because I was worried about my appearance, it was because I was just trying to get better and taking my fitness more seriously for competitions."

He continued, "It is something I struggle with and I hold my hands up to that. it think it is probably the reason I'm still single, if I'm being honest; just being a little bit too selfish with my time and not creating enough time for someone I was actually willing to date."

Here's a solution, Jay: hold those hands up and benchpress us.

Russell offered a more realistic solution to Jay's 'problem', which was date a "gym bunny female". To which Jay responded, "For me, I would actually be probably quite off-put by a girl that goes to the gym, I don't know why."

Jay continued, "I don't want to be known as gym couple. I don't want to be known as a stereotype. The gym is very much my identity and I don't want to be two people and our identity is just fitness. That would just be just too predictable and too boring."

Jay, all of us are your solution.

But just how single is Jay? We only ask because 2018 Islander Laura Anderson recently posted a photo dump from a 70th birthday bash where she was dressed up as Olivia Newton-John’s iconic Sandy from Grease - and guess who dressed up as Danny?

A few slides in to her Instagram post, Laura’s caught shimmying with her own real-life Danny Zuko, Jay Younger; who was looking very 'tell me about it, stud'.

In the caption, she wrote, “It was so lovely to meet my fellow Scottish Islander.”

Now, of course, we beg the question, is Jay the one that she wants, ooo, ooo, ooo, honey? And how often does Laura hit the gym to squeeze into items we would wear as socks, like that catsuit?

From his secret roof terrace snog with Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu to the shock confession that he wanted to get to know Paige Thorne, Love Island’s Jay Younger put himself right in the thick of the action from the moment he entered the Love Island 2022 villa as a bombshell alongside Remi Lambert.

Unfortunately for Jay fans (he had many, including us), he was cruelly dumped just days before Casa Amor ended alongside Chyna Mills. In case you missed it, Jay and Chyna had a thing in Casa before Jay woke up and friend-zoned her before he had his morning coffee.

But the Jay #dramz didn't stop there. As well as admitting that his bestie Davide Sanclimenti was dropping him carbonara clues that he missed him (the cuteness), he also found time to catch up with heat's Under The Duvet to deliver all the fresh juice from the villa several weeks back. We're forever thankful.

During the chat, Jay exclusively revealed that he was going back to Majorca (????) AND that he's gutted he didn't meet Casa Amor bombshell Jack Keating - as they already knew each other. Of course they do.

Yep, just like Cheyanne Kerr and Andrew Le Page, who knew 'of' each other IRL, Jay already had a connection with Jack, who is of course, Ronan Keating's son.

"I think my dad and Ronan are very good pals," he told hosts Harriet Rose and Christopher Taylor.

"I only made the connections when Jack got back from Casa, we introduced ourselves to each other. It was only when he left that Josh, Deji and Billy were like, ‘It’s Ronan’s son!’, if I knew I would have sung Life Is A Rollarcoaster at him."

Jay also revealed that he was pals with the ULTIMATE bombshell Adam Collard, who strutted in the villa a day after he was dumped and they used to compete in gym competitions together.

We know. We had no clue gyms held competitions either.

Jay's dad hanging out with celebs may come as a shock to some, but like Jack and Gemma Owen, Jay has a famous face in his family, as his grandad was footballer Tommy Younger, who was a goalkeeper for Liverpool player and Scotland football captain. He died in 1984 aged 53.

Whilst Jay was in the villa, his family, who had been running his social media while he was taking part in the show, revealed that they’d been inundated with questions about his tattoo.

In a TikTok video, which has racked up over a million views, Jay’s family shared the special meaning of his tattoo which is dedicated to one of his closest friends following their tragic death.

love island remi jay

The clip shows comments from Jay’s followers questioning the meaning of a tattoo written in Tamil on his right bicep, with one writing, “I want to know what made him get that tattoo,” and another asking, “So do u have Tamil in u or something?”

It’s then explained that the tattoo means “brother”, with Jay deciding to get it inked in honour of his friend Danny Priyadharshan who sadly and suddenly passed away in 2017.

“The tattoo recognises Danny’s Sri Lankan roots,” Jay’s family wrote. They added, “Love by many and will always be remembered.”

How old is Jay Younger?

Jay is 28 years old.

Where is Jay Younger from?

The 2022 bombshell is from Edinburgh.

What does Jay Younger do as a job?

Jay is an investment analyst which basically means that he provides info on the market to traders so that they know what to invest in.

Does Jay Younger have Instagram?

Of course he does. You can follow him at @jayyounger_.

Why did Jay Younger go on Love Island?

According to Jay, he was "at the point in [his] life where it would be quite fun to find someone and have fun along the way. And doing it in Mallorca and in the Villa would be a great opportunity, so why not?"

How would Jay Younger's friends and family describe him?

Jay's family would describe him as "quite unassuming but they’d say I am probably the heart of the party."

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