Love Island: Jay Younger is the PERFECT match for Gemma Owen and fans are fuming

#GemmaIsland, anyone?

Gemma Jay Love Island football dad grandad

by Daisy Hall |

While Afia Tonkmor's Love Island journey was cut short, there's no denying that her fellow bombshell Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu definitely made quite an impression on the islanders.

Now, just days later, two more bombshells, Jay Younger and Remi Lambert, have entered the villa.

And based on what we already know about Jay Younger, we think that Gemma Owen and Luca Bish's new relationship could already be in trouble.

We all know, that Gemma's dad is Michael Owen (as much as she tries to keep in under wraps...), well it turns out that Jay Younger is the grandson of former Scotland football captain, Tommy Younger.

FirstJacques O'Neiland now Jay... those Love Island producers really want to see Gemma and Luca's relationship tested don't they?

Fans are already fuming about how much the show has seemingly been angled to get Gemma the most screen time, with accusations of 'Gemma Island' being lobbed about all over the place.


How old is Jay Younger?

Jay is 28. Fans won't be happy if he goes after Gemma...

Where is Jay Younger from?

Edinburgh. Fingers crossed for a Scottish accent!

What does Jay do as a job?

Jay is an Investment Analyst which basically means that he provides info on the market to traders so that they know what to invest in.

Does Jay Younger have Instagram?

Of course he does. You can follow him at @jayyounger_

Why is Jay going on Love Island?

According to Jay, he's "at the point in [his] life where it would be quite fun to find someone and have fun along the way. And doing it in Mallorca and in the Villa would be a great opportunity, so why not?"

What does Jay think that he is going to bring to the villa?

"I think I am going to be a supportive Islander, I think I am going to bring a lot of fun. Hopefully some good laughs along the way and maybe some indecisive decisions."

Why does Jay think that he is a catch?

It's hard not to sound cocky when answering this question but Jay says, "I think I genuinely have what most females want. I’ve got a good job, I think I am a good looking lad and I have a lot of fun so I feel like I could add a lot of value to their lives if they add a lot of value to mine."

How would Jay Younger's friends and family describe him?

Jay's family would describe him as "quite unassuming but they’d say I am probably the heart of the party."

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How would Jay Younger try to impress someone?

Just by being himself. Jay says, "I would just try and make them laugh and smile and hopefully I can do that."

Love Island is on at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub. Episodes are available the following morning on BritBox.

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