Love Island: the best ever Casa Amor moments

As the iconic twist returns, we relive some of the best - and most dramatic - moments.


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It's the place created for hearts to be broken... or sometimes beautiful romances to be sparked. It's also the place where drama is guaranteed.

Since the second Love Island villa, Casa Amor, was introduced in 2017 during the third series, it has become somewhat of a staple on the ITV2 dating show, with fans always expecting an explosion upon the reunion with all the contestants.

Casa Amor - where the couples are divided and a whole new cast of hot girls and guys are brought in - has brought us some of the most iconic one liners, arguments and contestants, so naturally it was an aspect of the show that earned the most Ofcom complaints.

As the iconic twist returns for another series, we take a look back at some of the most dramatic moments of years gone by.

Ovie Soko

Ovie Soko
Ovie Soko ©Getty Images

First and foremost, Casa Amor cannot be thanked enough for bringing in who is arguably the most loved contestant of all time, Ovie Soko, there are honestly not enough heart eye emojis for this man.

Ovie was originally couple up with Anna Vakili in the second villa, before coupling up with India Reynolds. He was funny, polite, has the greatest smile and can cook, essentially the ideal man to bring home to your mum. It's a real shame he can’t make a comeback to save the winter series.

Amy Hart: ‘I was coming here to tell you that I loved you'

Amy Hart
Amy Hart ©Getty Images

Before the second villa was introduced, it seemed last years Amy Hart and Curtis Pritchard were a match made in Love Island heaven, until a certain Jourdan Riane walked through the doors.

As Amy was debating dropping the L bomb once the villas were reunited, viewers watched in horror as Curtis’ head was swayed. Henceforth, the iconic ‘I was coming here to tell you that I loved you’ was born and Love Island’s Mr Nice Guy became public enemy number one.

Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham's Reunion

Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer
Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer ©Getty Images

It’s no secret that fans of the show live for the drama, and who can ask for more when the Love Island bosses throw in an ex every now and then?

In a turn of events that left everyone reeling, it received 650 complaints to OFCOM, Dani Dyer was shown a clip of Jack Fincham realising his ex-girlfriend had just walked through the Casa Amor doors. But distance sure does make the heart grow fonder, as their reunion ensured there wasn't a dry eye across the nation.

CHECK OUT how the Love Island contestants were approached


How the Love Island contestants were approached slider

Connor Durman1 of 17

Connor Durman

Connor is one of the rare Love Island stars that actually applied for the show. The reality star revealed to Closer Online the unique way he won the producers over.

lucie donlan2 of 17

Lucie Donlan

Lucie was one of those contestant who producers were eager to sign because she had been speaking to them for a few years.She told Closer Online, "They spoke to me for the past three years. I think this year I was definitely more ready for it. "I was a bit too young the other years."

Ovie Soko3 of 17

Ovie Soko

Surprisingly our favourite ever Love Island contestant Ovie wasn't scouted or approached - he applied himself.He said on This Morning: "I went in because of my big brother, funnily enough. "Because I'm always sort of travelling and stuff because of basketball, I'm only ever really around in the summer times. I came back and Love Island always seems to be the big deal and he was like, 'Man, you'd be great on that show if you went on there' and I didn't think anything of it. "I ended up applying when I had some downtime and yeah, now I'm sort of here."

Anton Danyluk4 of 17

Anton Danyluk

Anton was one of the six 2019 contestants who actually applied for the show.He told us: "I went through the whole application process. I did the first one-minute video and from there I met producers, then I had a medical and then I met the executive producers and then I was ready to go."

Belle Hassan5 of 17

Belle Hassan

Casa Amor bombshell Belle revealed it was her famous dad Tamer Hassan who helped get her on the show."I had a conversation with my dad and he asked me if I wanted to do the show."I didn't really think much of it and before I knew it one of his friends [got me in contact] with someone at ITV and then I did the audition and started the application process," she told us.

Amy Hart6 of 17

Amy Hart

Amy was another star who actually applied for the show but she confessed her little brother was reluctant for her to go on the reality show."We're quite a close family and my little brother wasn't happy with me to start with because of all the trolling and his friends having to watch me on TV."But by the time I went on there everyone was really supportive. I was actually really lucky - I found out six weeks before I went [in the villa]."

Joe Garrett7 of 17

Joe Garrett

Despite only 6 of the 36 Love Island 2019 stars actually applying for the show, sandwich maker Joe Garrett has confessed he was one of them.Speaking to Closer Online, he recalled: "I sent a video in and had like 3/4 interviews. I had medicals and stuff like that. It's a proper rigorous process."

Sherif Lanre8 of 17

Sherif Lanre

Despite being booted out the villa it seems Love Island bosses were keen to get Sherif on the show because they actually approached him.He revealed to Closer magazine: "I was scouted no more than three weeks ago, I literally [had] no time to think about it. I went straight into the shoots, straight into filming."I was working close to the ITV studio, I was going to get lunch and I just turned round and one of the execs was like, 'Hi, have you heard of Love Island?'"There was so much racing through my head. He asked for my details. I walked back to eat my food and had someone texting me, asking, 'Can you come in to do some initial filming?'"Fast forward three weeks, and here I am."Interesting.

Paul Knops9 of 17

Paul Knops

Love Island 2018 star Paul Knops has confessed that it was one of his friends who got him on the show."Initially I was approached by a friends who was going on another show and they put me forward to go on that show. So I went in and spoke to the producers for that and then they said they will keep me in mind for Love Island."I was away on holiday and they gave me a call and they said 'Can you come on the show, we need you to leave tomorrow' and it was for Casa Amor," he told Closer Online.He went on to say: "I said 'no it wasn't the right time for me' and then over the course of the next two weeks I had a few messages for them and I just decided I'd give it a go."

Kem Cetinay10 of 17

Kem Cetinay

Love Island 2017 winner Kem Cetinay actually got scouted on Instagram. He explained: "I had a barber Instagram where I did my tutorials and it was quite big, it was doing really well. Then they messaged me off that randomly and was like do you want to come in. "I still went through the whole process; I did the audition, questionnaires and some of the video camera shots."

Chris Hughes11 of 17

Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes got on the show by simply applying on the ITV website: "I was one of the very few – I remember talking to some of the producers and executives after the show – who did the whole thing. "I signed up online, went through all the stages, did the questionnaires. I did the standard protocol, I was never approached."

Kendall Rae Knight12 of 17

Kendall Rae Knight

Kendall Rae Knight followed in the footsteps as Chris and went online to get on the show."I applied just through the ITV website. I was just normal; I worked at a shoe shop no one approached me and I didn't have an agent. I went through all the stages," she told us at the NTAs.

Sam Bird13 of 17

Sam Bird

Sam Bird was actually set to go on another show, luckily things didn't work out and he went on Love Island instead. He revealed at the NTAs: "I got approached for a different show - Survival of the Fittest - and I was meant to go on that but it didn't happen."The producers [who work on both the shows] said try Love Island instead. I said 'alright' and then I auditioned, so I kind of got approached."

Megan Barton Hanson14 of 17

Megan Barton Hanson

Megan Barton Hanson was already popular on Instagram and that grabbed the producers attention. She admitted: "I never had an agent but I had an Instagram and I had quite a few followers on it so I just got picked up that way. "I was really hesitant at first because obviously Instagram is your filtered, photoshopped best version of yourself and I was like 'I'm happy to share that but do I actually want to go on national TV with everyone seeing me with no makeup on?' but I'm glad I did it."

Samira Mighty15 of 17

Samira Mighty

Samira's admitted that she was actually meant to go on Love Island back in 2017."I was meant to go on last year as a bombshell and it just didn't work out."Then I got Dreamgirls and one of the producers watched it and I was just chatting to him and then I went in [to audition] a couple of times and then got on Love Island."

Alexandra Cane16 of 17

Alexandra Cane

Alexandra was kind of a someone - she's appeared in Giggs' music video and was a makeup artist - before her Love Island stint and that helped her get on the show."I got an interview through my current agent but I knew him prior to going on the show - from being a makeup artist. So he put me forward for the show."

Eyal Booker17 of 17

Eyal Booker

We're sensing a theme here because Eyal Booker is another star who got on the show through Instagram."I got approached through Instagram but then I had to audition for it. It kind of happened a few years in a row but I just kept umming and ahhing and then [2018] just felt like the right time."

Kem Cetinay returns with another girl

Amber Davies and Kem Cetinay
Amber Davies and Kem Cetinay ©Getty Images

The first ever Casa Amor didn’t half set the standards high for drama, tears and memes. In one of the show’s most iconic moments to date, Kem Cetinay returned with Chyna Ellis, leaving Amber Davis’ high and dry. As other Islanders tried to remain passive, there was no hiding the shock on Amber's face, and the illustrious meme was born. A picture can show a thousand words, and it’s not hard to imagine the earful Kem was silently receiving that night.

Amber and Kem went on to win the £50,000 however, so all was right in the world again.

Georgia Steel: 'I'm loyal'

Georgia Steel
Georgia Steel ©Getty Images

If series 4 star Georgia Steel is anything, it’s loyal. She’s loyal to her friends, loyal to her man. The most loyal person to walk the Earth. And yes, we know the joke got old years ago, but don’t you dare forget she’s loyal.

When Josh Denzel recoupled with Kaz Crossley, the nation were on the edge of their seats as they awaited Georgia’s reaction. As she turned around and collected herself, seemingly taking the high road, a small swell of pride overcame viewers for how she handled her emotions. But that lasted all of five minutes before the explosion impacted.

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Shaughna Phillips: 'Congrats hun'

Shaughna Phillips

As we all watched Callum Jones ditching Shaughna Phillips for Molly Smith in Casa Amor in the first ever Winter Love Island, we all feared the worst. Shaughna had stayed 'loyal' throughout and it seemed she'd be nothing short of devastated when she found out what Callum had done. But she rose above and became an internet QUEEN, when she instead said, "I'm happy for Callum. I should have never trusted a scaffolder anyway."

Before adding, "Congrats hun."

Honestly, you know those moments where you think of a good response to a fight six hours later... well Shaughna came up with TWO, while having her heart torn up on national television. And that's why we love her.

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