Love Island fans can’t believe Charlie Radnedge’s real age following last night’s episode

"Hi I’m Charlie, I’m 45 and I’m Tasha's dad"

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by Asher Brandon |

Things have been shaken up in the villa once again with the entrance of two new bombshells in the form of Antigoni Buxton and Charlie Radnedge. The latter has caused some debate regarding his age (or at least his perceived age).

While Charlie is 28 years old, fans think he looks a lot older and have taken to Instagram to share their thoughts on his casting.

Under the Instagram post announcing his entry on the show, one person wrote, "Hi I’m Charlie, I’m 45 and I’m Tasha's dad".

Another person added, “Someone collect their dad.”

Someone else commented, "Looks like one of the producers has stepped in as a bombshell."

Oof, poor Charlie isn’t getting off to the best start... Bless him.

Well, here’s everything you NEED to know about the latest bombshell.

Who is Charlie Radnedge?

Charlie is the latest bombshell to head into the Love Island 2022 villa. He's from London and works in real estate development.

Opening up about his decision to go on the ITV2 show, Charlie admitted, "It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity - I’ve got to give it a go. I date quite a lot in London and I’ve been single for three years, so I’m not having that much success in that department, so why not try something new."

How old is Charlie Radnedge?

Charlie is 28 years old, however, as we've seen, some fans think he looks A LOT older.

Is Charlie Radnedge friends with Miles Nazaire?

He sure is.

Made in Chelsea' Miles Nazaire posted a video of Charlie's first episode on his Instagram story and revealed they're BFFs.

"The secret is out - Charlie is on Love Island. We've known for weeks and it's been killing us not saying anything. Me and the boys obviously knew this and this is why he's not been on socials and why we haven't been hanging out with him.

"Everyone please go and support our boy Charlie he's amazing, he's our best mate. He's going to kill it."

Miles went on to add, "He's one of the funniest humans we know."

Miles also admitted that he was surprised that Charlie has even gone on Love Island.

"I can't believe he's waking up in Love Island. I find it crazy because if you know Charlie, it's so unlike him to go on a TV show and do something like this but myself and all his boys are so proud."

Is Charlie Radnedge friends with the cast of Made In Chelsea?

Charlie’s connection with MIC doesn’t end with his friendship with Miles. No, no, no. He is also close with Harvey Armstrong, who, like Miles, posted a picture of Charlie on his Instagram story, with the caption, "Can’t believe it @charlieradnedge my boy on the island."

Maybe Charlie will star on MIC in the future? He wouldn't be the first Love Island star or even Charlie to go on the E4 show. MIC fans have seen Charlie Frederick and Zara McDermott in Chelsea.

Why is Charlie Radnedge** single?**

Opening up before going into the villa, he said, "Part of it is that I'm very happy on my own. I enjoy doing stuff on my own and having my own space. I don’t require someone else to make me feel happy.

"If I do get into a relationship I want it to be something that adds to both of our lives, rather than it being something my happiness is dependent on. I’m probably at the age where the next serious relationship, that’ll be it I reckon, so I want to be sure."

How would Charlie Radnedge's family and friends describe him?

"Quite chilled, a good friend, quite loyal, very friendly but also can be outgoing and loud. I’m more of an introvert as a person.

"I spend a lot of time on my own doing stuff but I’m also social and when I see friends I’m loud - so it’s a bit of a mixture really," he admitted.

Who has Charlie Radnedge got his eyes on in the villa?

"Ekin-Su, Paige and Tasha. But I’m keeping an open mind until I meet them. I might get on with someone I didn’t fancy before. I’m very much on the personality side of things and whether you vibe with someone.

“Ekin-Su is more towards my classic type. Paige seems like a very, very nice girl. Tasha seems like good fun as well. I find her quite intriguing - I want to find out more about her," he said.

Does Charlie Radnedge have Instagram?

He does - you can follow him @charlieradnedge.

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