Miles Nazaire Made in Chelsea: “Sometimes it’s hard to focus on the person you’re with”

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 Miles Nazaire

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The golden age of Made in Chelsea might be over – those Caggie leaving at the airport, Spencer slapping, ex-boyfriend casting scenes will take some beating – but Miles Nazair has certainly facilitated some controversial plotlines during his time on the show.

First there was the explosive arguments he had when his ex girlfriend Maeva D’Ascanio arrived from France, and the ensuing chaos when they eventually called it a day (supposedly) and Maeva began dating Miles’ best mate James Taylor.

And most recently he’s been at the centre of Ruby Adler and Reza Garroussi’s alleged break up, but who actually is Miles Nazaire?

Who is Miles Nazaire?

Miles was a new sign up to the 15th series of Made in Chelsea in 2018. He quickly made an impact when he was introduced as a club promoter and quickly caused havoc for Liv Bentley and Digby Edgeley (which was already very much on the rocks) when he started a rumour that Digby had been messaging his girlfriend. Could it have been Maeva? It was never confirmed and Digby always denied the allegations.

He later moved in with Sophie ‘Habbs’ Habboo and Emily Blackwell, but that didn’t end well when the lines between friendship and romance were blurred between him and Emily.

He later scored some bro points when he asked Sam Thompson’s permission to take his ex, Tiffany Watson, out on a date.

In conclusion, Miles has made a play for pretty much every woman in Chelsea, and it doesn’t look like he’s ready to hang up his boots just yet, either.

Did Miles Nazaire quit Made in Chelsea?

Miles took a break from being on the show in 2020, telling OK! magazine, "So last year it was more the fact that I had done two years on the show and lockdown was coming into place, I thought it was a good decision for me to take some time off.

"It was never me saying goodbye to the show, it was just me saying, 'Oh you know what, I wanna venture into other business ideas' and other things I wanna do for my projects with me team, and just take a bit of time off really.

"I took that time off, I was really, really happy about it and then I got back in contact with Chelsea and thought, 'Well let's come back and have some fun.'"

He returned for the 2021 spring series, which saw the cast move into a huge country mansion together to avoid isolation restrictions.

How old is Miles Nazaire?

A December baby (and a Sagittarius), Miles is 25 years old.

Where is Miles Nazaire from?

Miles is proud of his French heritage but is, of course, based in London.

Who are Miles Nazaire’s parents?

Miles’ dad Jacques is a French artist and Jazz musician, and even made a cameo on the show when he popped over the visit his son and play a gig with him in series 15.

Miles Nazaire dad Jacques
Miles and his dad Jacques ©YouTube

Miles’ mum is an English born sculptor called Victoria, who lives in Les Issambres in France.

What happened with Miles Nazaire and Inga Valentiner?

Miles had a love interest set up by producers in the Spring 2021 series, when Inga Valentiner joined the cast. Miles and Inga had met once and been messaging on social media before Inga joined the cast, but sadly, things weren't to be.

"Inga is not only a beautiful girl, but she's very creative and we have this really good connection on music and art, because of my background and family, so we had initially connected because of that," he told Grazia at the time. "And it was just quite nice to talk to someone in that capacity, and not just about gossip and drama.

"There is huge pressure with starting a relationship, not only on the show, but in the house: you've got all eyes on you," he added. "And also, everyone's opinion is just going to bounce around - some people aren't going to like it, and some people will. And then people take comments and change them. It's constantly a battle, and it's sometimes very hard to actually focus on the person that you're with."

What happened with Miles Nazaire and Maeva D’Ascanio?

Miles and Maeva’s rocky relationship was explosive enough to rival Hugo Taylor and Millie Mackintosh’s from series one.

Miles had vaguely mentioned an ex-girlfriend in France during his time on the show, and when Maeva arrived in Chelsea two series later it was clear there was a lot unresolved between the two.

After MANY a vicious row, they eventually broke up for good, with Maeva going on to date Miles’ best mate James Taylor – which upset Miles so much, that we almost felt sorry for him.

Maeva and James skipped series 19 for a ski season in France, with Miles admitting, "I am so effing happy they're not in it now."

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Andy Jordan

Kicking things off is Andy Jordan, who first appeared on our screens wooing Spencer Matthews' then girlfriend Louis Thompson. He went on to get the girl, and earned himself a reputation as a bit of a love-sick wet cloth thanks to his incessant warbling - sorry, singing.

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He added, "It is nothing to do with me not being over it, it is more that I don't have to see them, or see them together in front of my face all of the time."

BUT WAIT. That’s not all. Because after Miles admitted that he and Maeva were actually on civil terms, they were forced to move in together for the most recent series and their lingering tension and their habit of speaking in French together within earshot of James was a source of A LOT of drama in the house.

Is Miles dating Sophie Hermann?

Miles has always made it clear that he’s got a big crush on Queen Bee Sophie Hermann and while Sophie evidently has a soft spot for him (the pair often gossip in French together), she's always maintained that he’s too young for her.

What happened with Miles Nazaire and Ruby Adler?

Not content getting in between Maeva and James, Miles successfully wreaked havoc within the longest-running relationship in the show’s history. Reza Garroussi and his girlfriend Ruby Adler had been a couple for a decade when they became primary cast members for series 21.

But despite having a seemingly strong and successful relationship off camera for ten years, as soon as they became a main plot line on the show cracks started to show. Miles quickly made it known he was interested in Ruby, despite her having a long-term boyfriend (much to Sam Thompson’s chagrin).

Ruby Adler Miles Nazaire
They were certainly looking cosy at a recent premier ©Getty

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Ruby’s ongoing bone she’d been picking with Reza was that he never posted her on his social media and scheming Miles stirred the pot by suggesting Rez was “ashamed” of her. It led to Rez defending himself by saying he’d struggled to trust Ruby after she was unfaithful much earlier in their relationship.

Miles and Ruby recently attended a special screening of Marvel studio's LOKI together looking VERY coupley, but have yet to go Instagram official – so the jury's still out on whether they're making a go of it.

What is Miles Nazaire’s job?

Although we’re sure Miles would describe himself as an ‘entrepreneur’ or a ‘businessman’, like the rest of his reality TV cohort he’s primarily a social media influencer and YouTuber.

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