Tiffany Watson and Nicola Hughes talk podcasts, BB creams and their favourite £35 blow-dry brush

The Made In Chelsea BFFs chat through their self-care Sunday must-haves...

Self-care with Nicola Hughes and Tiffany

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We love a bit of self-care and all this time at home has really given us an excuse to look after ourselves inside and out. Each week, we'll be asking the celeb lot to share their Sunday self-care routines, because taking care of yourself is more important than ever.

This week it's all about Tiffany Watson and Nicola Hughes, the Made In Chelsea duo who have started their own podcast, 'What We Don't Post' and it's quite honestly like listening to lifelong friends. And turns out that's very much intended.

"We're just having conversations we would normally have with eachother and sharing them with the world," laughs Nicola.

Tiffany and Nicola chat exclusively to heat about current beauty favourites, #extra wellness treatments and the best advice they've ever been given...

On self-care

Tiffany Watson and Nicola Hughes

Tiffany: I personally like to wear no make-up on a Sunday and just give my skin a real break. I like to do a really nice hair mask and I always like to have a really long bath on a Sunday. I light lots of candles and I find it so relaxing.

Nicola: My self-care Sunday is just like the laziest Sunday you can ever imagine! I barely leave the bed and I just eat to my heart's content, I do always like a long bath on a Sunday as I always wear fake tan because I'm naturally as white as the sheets on your bed. I will always exfoliate and then put a fresh layer of tan on. A tan I'm loving at the moment is the Bellamianta Tanning Liquid, it's so lovely.

On starting a podcast

Tiffany: When sharing your life on Instagram, sometimes it's hard to share certain parts of it. We wanted to share more about what goes on in our lives and be really real and authentic. We both love listening to podcasts, so at the end of last year, we decided to start one together.

Nicola: I really love it because on Instagram you just can't be 100% yourself. So this platform is completely filter-free and we just say anything and everything, it's just a complete joy to be able to do that.

On skincare

Tiffany Watson and Nicola Hughes.

Nicola: Most of the products I use on my face are from Dr Medispa as I suffer from rosacea and have to use only certain products on my skin as it's sensitive. Though I recently got sent the [Pink Clay Mask from Ayla Skin {href='' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer'}) and it was actually really, really nice. I'm lucky that I get sent skincare products to try, but I get nervous to put them on my face just in case I get a flare-up. This face mask was so calming though and I've seen it advertised everywhere. Oh, and the FaceGym Vitamin C serum is incredible.

Tiffany: I've been loving theDrunk Elephant SPF 30 which is really, really nice. I've been trying to remember to put that on every day. I also love the FaceGym Vitamin C serum like Nicola, it's so good.

Nicola: Would you go days without wearing SPF?! I would never go a single day without wearing SPF.

Tiffany: I used to be so bad with wearing it, but now I'm so much better. I just found the ones I was using before were making my skin feel very greasy. Have you tried Trinny London?

Nicola: Oh my god, I love Trinny! Trinny London products are amazing.

Tiffany: I am obsessed with the BB Cream, the BFF De-Stress Tinted Serum .

Nicola: Me too, I actually have the BB Cream next to me, it's such good coverage.

On budget beauty buys

Nicola: I wear so much make-up, so to take it all off I swear by theSimple Micellar Water. It's so great and really gentle on the skin.

Tiffany: Again, Trinny, they have a really nice cheek-to-lip, so you can use it on both your cheeks and your lips. It's such a great product and you really get your money's worth.

Nicola: Rimmel and L'Oreal do really nice mascaras, as well. Oh and the Nicky Clarke Hot Air Brush, it's honestly the best thing you'll ever invest in, it's so good. You can get it on Amazon which is so handy and it comes the next day.

On #extra wellness treatments

Nicola Hughes and Tiffany Watson

Tiffany: I had a colonic at the end of last year which was quite extra.

Nicola: Really? How was that?

Tiffany: I think it's different for different people. But she was like, 'I didn't really get much out of you'. It was terrifying and a little bit uncomfortable, but at least it shows I'm not too congested.

Nicola: Beauty wise, I've had a treatment called Fractora before, which is the most intense treatment I've ever done because it's basically loads of tiny needles in your face. It penetrates the second layer of your skin to boost collagen or something like that. The downtime is one or two weeks, I remember my face was quite swollen afterwards.

On Instagram

Nicola: I always personally get posting anxiety, do you Tiff?

Tiffany: I do, I definitely post a lot less to the main feed than I used to. Mainly because I don't know what to post as the app has massively changed and what people used to like, they don't like anymore. I think so often with Instagram you're thinking, 'what would someone like to see?' instead of what I actually want to post which is not great.

Nicola: I think that's the problem, it's the same with both of us. Every time we go to post, it's like, 'Will people like this?' or 'Will this do well?' instead of posting things we think are nice. I went through really old pictures on my Instagram pictures and the worst photographs ever would have so many likes.

Tiffany: Now it's all about transition reels and I'm so bad at them, I feel so old.

Nicola: Reels take me like a week to do, it's painful.

On podcast recommendations

Nicola: I listen to a lot of podcasts, but to go to sleep I actually listen to Stephen Fry's Harry Potter audiobooks, it's the best thing you'll ever listen too. I think a lot when I'm lying in bed and I've over listened to sleep stories, so I've started on the Harry Potter audiobooks and they're just lovely.

Tiffany: I'm sure everyone listens to it, but I love My Therapist Ghosted Me, that one is such a great one for making you laugh and feel good.

Nicola: I just love 6 Degrees by Jamie and Spencer on BBC Sounds. Spencer is just hilarious.

On really great advice

Nicola: What was it that Lucy [Watson] said the other day, Tiff?

Tiffany: Comparison is the thief of joy. I think it's very relatable to the kind of world that we live in where everyone is constantly comparing each other.

Nicola: Completely agree, 100%.

Quickfire round:

What show are you currently watching?

Tiffany: The new Sex And The City, it's so good.

Nicola: I watched The Tourist recently, I really enjoyed it.

How do you like your cuppa?

Tiffany: Oat milk flat white for me. That's my go-to.

Nicola: English breakfast tea without milk, always. Five cups a day.

Go-to loungewear brand?

Tiffany: Boux Avenuedo really lovely loungewear, I have quite a few bits from them.

Nicola: I love Sweaty Berry, to be honest. I have their gym wear but I also live in the fleece joggersthey had last year,

Favourite face mask?

Nicola: The Alya Pink Clay Mask

Tiffany: I love the Smart Skin Miracle Meta Mask from Niomi Smart's brand.

Go-to takeaway order?

Tiffany: This is so basic, but I love Wagamamas. Their menu is now 50% plant-based, which is so good. There are so many options.

Nicola: I love a chicken tikka masala with peshwari naan bread.

Favourite candle?

Nicola: I love Diptyque.

Tiffany: The White Company Seychelles candle .

Listen to 'What We Don't Post' by Nicola Hughes; and Tiffany Watson wherever you listen to your podcasts or check out their latest episode,____here.

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