Sophie Habboo exposes ‘soul destroying’ Made in Chelsea scenes two years after quitting

The former Made in Chelsea star has branded the show 'toxic'

Sophie Habboo

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It's been a hot minute since anyone discussed life on the poshest reality show on telly, but Sophie Habboo ('Habbs' to her friends) chatted all things Made in Chelsea during a recent appearance on the Scenes of Beauty podcast and she had some serious thoughts.

Sophie touched on the need to bring the drama when you are on the show and we guess she has a point. She admitted, "You're not really any benefit to a TV show or reality show unless you are bringing some form of drama."

Joining the show back in 2017, Sophie dated Alex Mytton and Sam Thompson for a time before falling for fiancee Jamie Laing and was, naturally, involved in a fair bit of chaos but we guess when her and Jamie settled down the drama was no more.

Sophie went on to talk about the way it can have an impact on your mental health; constantly feeling the need to cause a scene, "And to be in that space where you are constantly, like, God, I just have to be having some form of drama in your life is quite negative. It's quite like soul destroying, in a way."

Continuing the frank chat, the podcaster mentioned how people (we assume fellow Made in Chelsea babes) created a less-than-ideal environment, "People are seeking out storylines and it does become a bit toxic."

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Eeeek, that's not a vibe, is it? Sophie didn't stop there and only went and questioned the integrity of the show as it has "an atmosphere is very... I would hate to say inauthentic."

By saying that, Habbs, we get the impression that's EXACTLY what you mean. But at the end of the day, MiC is classed as a 'structure reality' show so we understand it's not totally legit.

But it is onwards and upwards for Sophie now as she is engaged to long-time beau Jamie and hosts TWO podcasts; Newlyweds with Jamie and Wednesdays We Drink Wine with BFF Melissa Tattam.

Sophie Habboo's mum

The world of social media went wild when Jamie shared a video of his fiancée's mum - and we totally get it.

The couple took to Instagram to play a joke on Sophie's mum, Sarah with hilarious consequences and the revelation that she is drop-dead gorgeous.

The 'Molly Mae prank' started out on TikTok when Love Island's Molly-Mae Hague created a 30-second video of her wishing a friend happy birthday but made silly faces throughout the video, leaving boyfriend Tommy Fury in total confusion.

sophie habboo jamie laing
Jamie and his fiancée Sophie recently played a hilarious prank on her mum ©Getty

But it wasn't the prank itself that had Jamie's followers talking, it was Sophie's mum, Sarah. Fans of the couple filled the comments section with compliments and statements of disbelief that this was Sarah was Sophie's mum and not her sister.

One follower declared, "No way is that her mum, looks more like her sister !!"

Another commented, "They look like sisters, beautiful ladies!"

One fan pointed out, "Omg Sophie and her mum have the same wrists." Not the most obvious of similarities to pick up on, but we love an observant fan.

"I thought Sophie’s dad was the most attractive parent I’d ever seen but now her mum is kicking him off of that pedestal 😅🔥," added another.

One more commented, "Omg her mum is insanely hot 😍😍😍 as is soph 😘🔥."

Habbs and Jamie announced they were engaged in December 2021 and she spilt some major tea on their upcoming nuptials on her podcast, Wednesdays We Drink Wine, earlier this year.

While answering listener queries over a glass of vino on a Wednesday with co-host Melissa Tattam and special guest, Love Island 2022 finalist Tasha Ghouri, the topic of weddings was brought up, leading Sophie to reveal her hen-do plans.

She told the girls that she and Jamie were planning on merging their stag and hen dos into a giant "sten" party in Ibiza.

Speaking of her decision, Sophie said, "Personally, for me, I find the thought of a hen gives me a bit of anxiety. It’s like all eyes on me and it scares me.

"Do you know why it scares me? I worry so much that my friends are having fun. I’d be like, ‘Are you all having fun?’"

As such, the couple has decided to share the load, by holding a huge joint Ibiza blowout (we're not sure when) with all their posh chums and chumettes.

Despite Sophie's announcement, bestie Melissa stressed that there will also be some sort of mini-hen in London to give the bride-to-be her moment.

Sophie 'Habbs' Habboo may live the ultimate influencer lifestyle on the gram, but she's more widely known for her appearance on Made in Chelsea. After joining the cast of the glam show, she's gone on to make a name for herself as a brand ambassador and businesswoman.

Here's your need-to-know on the reality star.

Who is Sophie Habboo?

Sophie "Habbs" Habboo is a reality TV star who became famous due to her appearance on Made in Chelsea. Since then, Habbs has become an internet personality, brand ambassador, podcaster and businesswoman working with multiple brands over Instagram.

How old is Sophie Habboo?

Sophie was born on 19 October 1993 making her 28 years old.

When did Sophie Habboo join Made in Chelsea?

She joined the cast of Made in Chelsea during series 14, back in 2017, where she found her fame on the show at 24 years old.

What did Sophie Habboo do before Made in Chelsea?

Before Made in Chelsea, Sophie attended Newcastle University and graduated in 2015. During her time at uni she studied Media Communications and Cultural Studies.

She even went to uni with former cast member Clementine 'Clemmie' Cuthbertson.

Who are Sophie Habboo's parents?

Originally from Leamington Spa, her family consist of her mum, dad and sister Georgia.

Both of her parents, Patrique Habboo and Sarah Wigley are London-based company directors, while her sister Georgia Habboo is a make-up artist.

Sophie and her family all live in London, which is where we imagine joining Made in Chelsea came about.

How is Sophie Habboo rich?

Well, we reckon that Habbs is doing alright for herself as she's rumoured to have a net worth of around £3million.

Having had parents who are both company directors and being a businesswoman herself, the TV star appears to be getting on just fine.

Did Sophie Habboo date Sam Thompson?

On Made in Chelsea, we saw Sophie date her co-star Sam Thompson, but their relationship wasn't one made to last. After six months together, they'd already split with Sophie claiming "he was lovely, he just wasn't right for me."

She's also been linked to Made in Chelsea stars Alex Mytton and Harvey Armstrong in the past before starting her serious romance with Jamie.

Are Sophie Habboo and Jamie Laing still together?

Yes. In fact, the pair have been engaged since December 2021. They've been an item since April 2019. They met while filming Made in Chelsea, became close friends and eventually started dating after a little bit of drama...

The couple now hosts their own pre-wedding podcast together called NewlyWeds, where they share the ups and downs of their journey to the alter. Here's hoping we get a live 'sten' ep in the not-too-distant future.

While fans of the show weren't too sure it would last, they've been going strong ever since. They've even survived Jamie's long list of past Made in Chelsea flings, and the Strictly Come Dancing curse.

Does Sophie Habboo have her own jewellery line?

As well as a reality TV star and influencer, Sophie also has her own line of jewellery with the brand NU & MII (@nuandmii) and you can shop the collection here.

According to an Instagram Story, the collection is inspired by "the laws of attraction, being kind and having a positive attitude towards life and others." She even lends inspiration through the collection from her own life and fab jewellery pieces she's owned in the past.

Does Sophie Habboo have her own range of bikinis?

As the co-founder of sustainable swimwear brand, GI swim (@giswim_), we can now look stylish while doing our bit to help the environment thanks to Habbs and her sister, Georgia.

You can shop the full extent of the fab collection here, as modelled by Sophie on her Instagram. This gorgeous leopard print bikini is definitely calling our name.

Does Sophie Habboo have Twitter?

It looks like Sophie doesn't have a public Twitter account at the moment, but you can follow all the Made in Chelsea goss at (@E4Chelsea) on Twitter.

What's Sophie Habboo's Instagram?

You can follow Sophie on Instagram over at (@habboosophie) but be prepared to be filled with major Insta envy. Honestly, her grid is impeccable.

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