Made in Chelsea: Tristan Phipps’ relationship timeline over the years

He's poised to make a move on a Made in Chelsea newbie

Tristan Phipps relationship timeline

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While it’s obvious that Miles Nazaire is playing the romantic lead in this series of Made in Chelsea (and also, inevitably, in the upcoming series of Celebs Go Dating), there’s no denying that Tristan Phipps has given him a run for his money.

Not to be confused with identikit Chelsea co-stars James Taylor and Julian Cowdrey, Tristan has seen his fair share of love drama since joining the cast in 2018. He was introduced as the ex of series 13’s Emma Wills (who also dated Julius – unsurprising really) and was briefly linked to Sophie ‘Habbs’ Habboo before he was usurped by Sam Thompson.

More recently he dated Verity Bowditch (who was two timed by James and is currently being pursued by Julius – they are an incestuous lot, aren’t they?) before swiftly moving on to Olivia Bentley, and is now seeing Chelsea newbie and Toronto native Nicole Berry.

CHECK OUT: Tristan Phipps' relationship timeline


Tristan Phipps relationship timeline

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That's Wills, not Willis, of Big Brother fame. You'd be forgiven for forgetting that Tristan was initially introduced as the ex-boyfriend of series 13 flash in the pan, Emma Wills, who was better known for dating Julius.

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For his next ill-fated romantic liaison, Tristan fought for the affections of Sophie Habboo but was usurped by another. The rival in question? Sam Thompson, the post-Tiff-Watson-pre-Zara-McDermott years. Sophie and Sam weren't to last, anyway, because Habbs ended up leaving him for his boi Jamie Laing (harsh) and the couple are still together.

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In 2018 he broke protocol by dating outside of the Chelsea pool when he got together with Love Island's Laura Crane (who left the villa in a short lived relationship with Jack Fowler). The romance wasn't to last though, and they split after nine months following a holiday to Bali.

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It's safe to say Tristan's got a type. Safely back in the bosom of London's poshest (and blondest) totty, he swooped to whisk Verity Bowditch off her feet after she had been two (or was it three?) timed by James Taylor. The couple dated for about seven months before splitting during the first lockdown.

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In a shocking turn of events, Tristan soon went Instagram official with brunette Chelsea-olite Liv Bentley - who was a former pal of Verity. Despite seemingly going strong for two series, earlier this year the pair split, with Liv reigniting her romance with ex Digby Edgley and Tristan single and ready to mingle...

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Just weeks into series 22 and with Liv still recovering from their split, Tristan has already been (completely organically, we're sure) linked to Chelsea newbie Nicole Berry. While the potential new pair have yet to go Instagram official, viewers can count on plenty of drama between them.

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While our hearts break for the failed romances and loves lost in Chelsea (ahem), there's something satisfying about watching the elite go through a gnarly break up, right?

They may have been born with a silver spoon in their collective mouth, have access to ALL the coolest social events and an endless stream of glamorous, far flung holidays that they seem to manage to organise in the click of a finger, but hey, at least they're subject to the same worldly heartache as us normal folk.

Apart from the clothes, the posh bantz and that addictive filter they use, the break ups are THE BEST thing on Made in Chelsea, if you ask us. Right from the start they set the bar VERY high for a dramz split, with Spencer Matthews and Caggie Dunlop's airport scene and Millie Mackintosh's "here's to friendship" speech etched forever in our mems. You can check out the most dramatic Made in Chelsea splits EVER here.

Here's some more information on Tristan Phipps:

How old is Tristan Phipps?

Tristan is 24 years old. He was born on 17th of November 1995, making him a scorpio for all you astrologers out there ♏️ 🦂.

Who are Tristan Phipps' parents?

Tristan's mum is Carrie Wicks. Not much is known about her - she appeared in one of Tristan's Instagram posts, as part of an ad for a jewellery company.

He captioned the post: 'Let’s spread the love as far and wide as possible this year! I wanted to show my Mumsy just how special she is and how much I appreciate her, and everything she does for me. She’s such a rock in my life , and what better way to show than to gift her the most precious rock there is.'

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When did Tristan Phipps join Made In Chelsea?

Tristan joined Made In Chelsea in series 16 back in 2018.

What is Tristan Phipps' net worth?

Tristan's net worth is unknown. Whilst we do not know for sure, we reckon it's not as high as some of the other cast members, some of who have massive inheritances behind them. As an influencer, with lots of branded content and 132K followers, however, he's definitely not living in squalor. 💸

Does Tristan Phipps have an Instagram account?

He does - you can follow him @tristan.phipps.

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