Made in Chelsea’s Verity Bowditch: her age, job, boyfriend and quitting the show

She was last seen on Made in Chelsea in season 24

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Oh, how we adore those immoderate Made in Chelsea SW3 dwellers. With the next series just around the corner, we’re already excited to see some of our favourite faces back on our screens. One cast member whose return is still up in the air is Verity Bowditch, as she was noticeably absent from the latest trailer.

You may be wondering, who is businesswoman/pilates instructor Verity Bowditch? Here’s everything you need to know…

Who is Verity Bowditch?

Verity is a reality star, best known for appearing on E4's Made in Chelsea.

She's also a businesswoman who runs plant-based food brand Clean Kitchen with her business partner Mikey Pearce.

During lockdown, Verity kept herself busy by hosting Pilates classes via Zoom – with over 300 people taking part in each session.

How old is Verity Bowditch?

Verity was born on 21 September 1995, meaning she's currently 28 years old.

The Made in Chelsea icon is now the co-founder of Clean Kitchen Club

What did Verity Bowditch do before Made in Chelsea?

Prior to finding fame, Verity studied Biomedical Science at King's College London and graduated in 2016. According to her LinkedIn, she previously worked as a Sales Executive and Accounts Manager for clients including Body Power, Waitrose and The Telegraph.

It was whilst deciding which career path to take that she was approached by the Made In Chelsea production team to join the cast. Having done some acting as a child – including an appearance in Casualty when she was 10 – Verity agreed.

Has Verity Bowditch quit Made in Chelsea?

While Verity did not join her fellow cast members in Corsica, it’s still unconfirmed whether or not she’ll appear in the upcoming series. Being co-owner of Clean Kitchen Club may keep her busy, but hopefully she’ll still make an appearance.

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Is Verity Bowditch single?

It looks like Verity isn’t currently dating anyone, or at least, not publicly.

She exclusively told heatworld, "I used to take everything so literally, not realising it was reality TV. I wish I could’ve gone back and shaken myself.

"It was hard, because when I first started there was a lot of, like, proper relationships that I went through. It was proper reality. Whereas now so it’s lesser; I’m not in a relationship with anyone and I’m not properly flirting with anyone.

"So yeah, I’ve learned a lot about myself; I think reality [TV] sort of does that to you – you realise what upsets, you realise how to deal with things, you learn how to argue, that’s for sure."

Tbf, who wants a relationship when you're absolutely bossing life? However, she did exclusively spill a MIC crush that was never given the chance for screen time.

Verity hopped on Zoom with us as she was dashing across Albert Bridge, before jumping into a black cab (so MIC). A question we often throw at our reality telly celebs is, "If you could bring back any classic character to the show, who would it be, and why?" Fully expecting Verity to name Caggie Dunlop, Spencer Matthews or even Mark Francis, picture our faces when she accidentally ended up revealing her secret MIC "crush".

Verity answered, giggling, "Maybe Francis [Boulle]. I think I used to have a crush…wait, I’m not going to say that, or you’ll write it. I used to really like Francis."

You're totally right Verity, we did - but we write with love. Also, we completely get it. What's not to fancy about a bumbling ginger diamond heir?

Did Verity Bowditch date Strictly's Giovanni Pernice?

You might remember that Strictly Come Dancing star Giovanni Pernice once had to speak out about the swirling romance rumours around him and Made in Chelsea starlet Verity Bowditch...

...denying them, unfortunately. Boo.

Taking to Instagram to address the rumours, Giovanni said, "Always wanting to speak the truth over here. It's news to me that I am dating, didn't know anything about it.

"At the moment, as you know it's all about dance dance dance which is wonderfullll darling. That's the reality, no drama here. Have a great day – 'THE SUN' is shining! Gio x."

His statement followed source comments published by The Sun, claiming, "Giovanni has fallen head over heels for Verity. They are smitten. He’s been training really hard, but has made time for her.

"They’re very sweet together.”

Who has Verity Bowditch dated?


Verity Bowditch relationship timeline

Verity Bowditch relationship1 of 7

James Taylor

Verity joined the cast of Made in Chelsea back in 2019 as the girlfriend of cast member James Taylor, but unfortunately, he'd been romancing Rosi Mai Walden and Eliza Batten behind her back. Things between James and Verity ended when he dumped her after she flippantly admitted she fancied Freddie Browne, although viewers were fuming with James and branded him a "gaslighter". Fast forward to 2021 and their short-lived fling was brought back up when James' mate Digby Edgeley asked him for his permission to take Verity out on a date - leaving James' current girlfriend Maeva fumin'.

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Tristan Phipps

Verity and Tristan first met during series 18 of Made in Chelsea in 2019 and grew close after she split from James, even though he initially had his eye on Emily Blackwell, too. They went Instagram official in October that year but split just two weeks into lockdown, with Tristan admitting he didn't know why Verity had ended their relationship. She explained, "Every time we spoke on the phone I'd end up crying in tears and I was just so overwhelmed with what was going on. I just checked out. Our relationship wasn't our relationship anymore."

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Charlie Frederick

Love Island star Charles Frederick joined the cast of Made in Chelsea in 2020 as the personal trainer and best pal of Holmes and it wasn't long before he sparked up a romance with Verity. They began seeing each other but didn't quite manage to make a proper go of things as Verity kept bringing up her ex Tristan's new relationship with Olivia Bentley. Awkward...

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Mikey Pearce

Verity launched her plant-based food brand Clean Kitchen with her business partner and YouTube star Mikey Pearce, leading fans to speculate whether they were mixing business and pleasure. However, neither Verity nor Mikey have ever addressed the rumours.

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Cameron Jack

Earlier last year, Verity revealed she was dating a DJ. It's believed her man was Cameron Jack, a London-based producer and DJ, who she's previously swapped flirty Instagram comments with.

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Julius Cowdrey

It recently came to light that Verity had previously enjoyed a snog with Julius Cowdrey. The musician had been interested in pursuing things with Verity, although she was dating her ex at the time. Verity brought up Julius in our recent interview with her, telling us that ".Julius [is] obviously loving life as per".

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Giovanni Pernice

Gosh, 2021 was a busy year for Strictly star Giovanni Pernice, wasn't it? First he was rumoured to be engaged to his Love Island girlfriend Maura Higgins before splitting during the first few week's of this year's competition and subsequently being linked to his celeb dance partner, Rose Ayling-Ellis. He then had to deny rumours he was seeing Verity after The Sun reported they were "secretly dating".

Does Verity Bowditch have Instagram?

Yep, you can follow her at @veritybowditch. And, if vegan food's your thing, why not follow her company @cleankitchenuk, too?

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