Made in Chelsea’s Jasmine Saunders: her age, Instagram and relationship with Freddy Knatchbull

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Oh these Made in Chelsea types are a bunch of scallywags, aren't they?

If they aren't off hooking up with their mate's boyfriend, they are lying to their pals about making a romantic dinner for the lady said pal is currently trying to woo.

The most recent season of the structured reality TV show was been filled to the brim with drama and it's only made us more excited for Mauritius.

One cast member we hope to see more of is Jasmine Saunders, who was criminally underused so far if you ask us. Introduced as a potential love interest for Freddy Knatchbull, here's hoping we see more of her in the new season.

jasmine saunders
Jazz is the latest addition to the cast of MIC ©channel 4

Who is Jasmine Saunders?

Jasmine also known as Jazz joined Made in Chelsea in series 26 alongside Lauren Sintès. We can't imagine Jazz will be causing quite as much of a ruckus as her American co-star but we shall see.

How old is Jasmine Saunders?

She is 23 years old.

What does Jasmine Saunders do?

She has just recently graduated from university where she studied Sociology. A keen tennis player, Jazz considered a career in the sport but found it too intense. She ended up studying in L.A and has since moved back to London although her Instagram bio cites 'London/Marbella.'

She probably has a hundred room mansion in the glam Spanish city.

Where is Jasmine Saunders from?

London, baby. Although she studied in Los Angeles, she currently lives in Battersea with her sis.

jazz ©channel 4

Is Jasmine Saunders single?

Jasmine is currently single however she has most certainly caught the eye of model turned waiter, Freddy, as well as Aussie, Hugo MacKenzie-Wood.

What happened with Jasmine Saunders and Freddy Knatchbull?

Enjoying a bite to eat with Bella Sharpe, Jazz bumped into Freddy who was working at Verity Bodwitch's restaurant. Freddy admitted to 'sliding into Jazz's DMs.'

They later enjoyed a little double date with newly lovey dovey couple Liv Bentley and David 'Temps' Templer.

Side note, can we discuss how fabulous it was that Liv and Temps' couple nickname was Livid? Obsessed.

After a tennis date, Jazz admitted that she only saw Freddy as a pal, and that was that.

Joel and Freddy
Freddy slid into Jazz's DMs ©channel 4

What happened with Jasmine Saunders and Hugo MacKenzie-Wood?

In Sydney, after moving on from Freddy, Jazz caught the eye of Aussie-native, Hugo. However, when she got word that he was also seeing her bestie, Bella Sharpe, it spelled the end of Jazz and Hugo's brief dalliance.

Does Jasmine Saunders have Instagram?

She sure does: @jazz.saunders.

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