Made in Chelsea Sydney: everything we know so far

Strewth! Hold onto your cork hats, more cast announced for sunny spin-off


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The new season of Made in Chelsea has only just started and ALREADY the cast have jetted off to Oz to start filming for a holiday series.

Honestly, it's almost worth putting on a fake posh accent and pretending to like Bloody Marys to get this many free holidays.

Willow, Sam, Liv, Inga and Freddy
Willow, Sam, Liv, Inga and Freddy ©channel 4

Taking to their social media accounts, the babes of Kings Road have been keeping their followers up to date with what they have been up to Down Under and, obviously, they already have us hooked.

The latest MIC star to reveal they are enjoying their time in Sydney is Tristan Phipps, and the former safari guide is spending time with one of the many newbies, including Lauren Sintès.

Sharing an iconic view of the Sydney Opera House on his Instagram story, Tristan pans to Lauren who is relaxing on a yacht, obvs, because she's a Made in Chelsea starlet now.

Tristan insta
©Instagram @Tristan.phipps

Tristan isn't the only one living it up in Australia as his ex Liv Bentley is constantly posting about her time in Bondi Sands.

She recently shared a super cute lovey-dovey snap of her and newbie Hugo MacKenzie-Wood which has everybody wondering if the duo are now a couple despite her sharing a snog with Temps in the most recent series.

Sam Prince and Yasmine Zweegers are still spending hella time together and the rest of the cast seem to now be tolerating the duo - but in the world of MIC that could change at any moment. Like now. Or NOW.

Sam and Yas
Sam and Yas ©Channel 4

Who is on Made in Chelsea: Sydney?

Well, we know who is NOT on the Aussie series; everyone's fave lothario Miles Nazaire is currently training for his Dancing on Ice stint, so will not be with the Chelsea babes for the holiday eps.

Other than Miles being noticeably absent, the usual suspects have all jetted off to Australia for some fun Down Under.

Miles Nazaire
Miles won't be in MIC SYDNEY ©channel 4

Sam and Yasmine appear to be continuing their love affair and are joined by Liv, Temps, Harvey Armstrong and newcomer Hugo with Sam's ex Inga Valentiner also part of the equation.

If Instagram is anything to go by, Bella Sharpe is enjoying time in Sydney as well, with Ruby Adler tagging along for the trip, too.

As for Willow Day and Freddy Knatchbull, they seem to still be in London but we can't imagine them passing up a holiday to Bondi anytime soon, so watch this space.

Willow Day
Willow Day is still in the UK ©channel 4

When does Made in Chelsea: Sydney air?

The new Sydney series will be hitting our TV screens just in time for Christmas as at the moment the air date is December.

Is Made in Chelsea: Sydney the same as Made in Bondi?

Nope, Made in Bondi is a whole new series being co-commissioned by Channel 4 and the Australian network, Seven.

MIC: Sydney will act as a link to the spin-off show that Channel 4 is sure will be "our new obsession," and judging by the deets on the show we have a feeling their dead on the money.

"Made in Bondi will follow the lives follow the lives and loves of Sydney’s young, social elite."

So quite literally Chelsea but in Bondi – sign us up.

Tristan and Lauren
Lauren and Tristan ©channel 4

"Set in one of Sydney’s most exclusive neighbourhoods, opulence knows no bounds and drama is always on the menu, with every episode set to provide a front-row seat to jaw-dropping parties, breath taking fashion and sizzling romances."

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