Made in Chelsea’s Willow Day: her age, job, boyfriend and Instagram

She joined the show last year

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Although Willow Day only joined the cast of Made in Chelsea two seasons ago, she has already become a staple cast member - partially due to a couple of love triangles you know, the things that make MIC legends.

We were first introduced to her in Made in Chelsea: Mallorca, but she followed the gang back to SW3 and thank goodness she did, because she’s made for some good TV.

Here's everything you need to know about the fashionista turned MIC resident, Willow Day…

Who is Willow Day?

Willow is a freelance fashion model and reality TV star. Having worked in the industry since she was 13 years old, Willow studied Fashion at university in London and moved to Milan to start an internship at renowned fashion house, Versace. She also recently completed a year on Conde Naste's Vogue programme.

How old is Willow Day?

Willow is currently 22 years old. She was born on 9th January, 2001, making her a Capricorn.

Where is Willow Day from?

Willow was born in England but was raised in the town of Alaró in Mallorca.

Who is Willow Day dating?

Willow first caught the eyes of both Miles Nazaire and Julius Cowdry when the group filmed in Mallorca. Willow flew back to London with Julius, but their spark didn’t last long. Julius told her, "I love your company and I think you're awesome, but I don't see myself being in a relationship with you and I don't see myself being committed to you."

He doesn't mince words, does he?

Although it didn't lead to a relationship, her fling with Julius did earn her a spot on the show, and she moved on with Harvey Armstrong - despite the fact that he was sleeping with Imogen Bloom at the time.

Made in Chelsea: Corsica showed us that Willow still held a candle for Miles, and while Harvey was away she and Miles even shared a kiss – right in front of Miles's latest love interest Jane Aubrun-Mautin. Seriously, that series was full-on dramz, we urge you to watch it.

Does Willow Day have Instagram?

Willow is on Instagram at @willow_dayyy, where she has over 23k followers.

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