Made in Chelsea’s Jane Aubrun-Mautin: her age, job and Miles Nazaire relationship

Jane starred in Made in Chelsea Corsica alongside her best friend Geronimo Mörtl

Miles Nazaire and Jane Aubrun-Mautin

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Over the decade that Made in Chelsea has been part of our reality TV loving lives there countless faces have enjoyed a holiday or two alongside the SW3 crew.

Sometimes a newbie, like Maeva D'Ascanio, will join as a former flame or current lover of a current cast member, and end up making such an impact that they become a regular.

But others appear in a few episodes never to be seen again.

One such person was Jane Aubrun-Martin, who had a fleeting role on Made in Chelsea: Corsica as yet another potential love interest of Miles Nazaire.

Jane Aubrun-Mautin
Jane is bringing the drama to Made in Chelsea: Corsica ©Channel 4

We say potential because although Miles said, "Hey, want to come on holiday with me?", the minute Jane arrived he changed his mind and went and kissed Willow Day.

And so Jane joins the likes of Ella May Ding, Issy-Francis Baum, Ruby Adler and Maeva as one of Miles' MANY MANY conquests.

As well as Tiff Watson and Inga Valentiner.

Oh, and his most recent ex, Amélie Esquenet.

Who is Jane Aubrun-Mautin?

Jane was a guest star on MIC Corsica and shared a short dalliance with Miles. Freddy Knatchbull also attempted to woo her but Jane was still caught up on Miles.

Although we were pretty sure Jane wouldn't be retuning to the show anytime soon she recently spent some time in London and apparently her mate, Geronimo Mörtl, who was also in the Corsica series, is rumoured to be visiting Chelsea SOON.

How old is Jane Aubrun-Mautin?

She's 20 years old.

Where in Jane Aubrun-Mautin from?

Jane was born and raised in Paris and she now lives in Bordeaux.

Geronimo Mörtl and Jane Aubrun-Mautin
Jane is joining the cast of MIC with her bestie Geronimo Mörtl ©Channel 4

What is Jane Aubrun-Mautin's job?

Jane is a professional show-jumper, she even has an Instagram account (@janemautin.rider) dedicated to her career. She's also a blogger, social media influencer and, of course, reality TV star.

Has Jane Aubrun-Mautin been on TV before?

Both Jane and her best pal Geronimo appeared on a French dating show La Villa before. Think of it as Love Island with a bit of a twist. Former reality TV contestants all live together in a luxury villa while looking for true love, all the while new sexy singletons arrive at the villa to shoot their shot.

How does Jane Aubrun-Mautin know Miles Nazaire?

Jane and Miles went on a date back in London just before the cast headed out to Corsica, so she jetted out the island to see if their spark could develop but it was not to be.

Does Jane Mautin have an Instagram account?

She does, and it’s full of enviable holiday snaps. You can stalk her at @jane.mautin on Instagram.

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