Made in Chelsea: have you seen Issy Francis-Baum’s dad? He’s FIT

Daddy Francis-Baum crashed her steamy pool date with Miles Nazaire

by Ben Pulsford |

Following her introduction to Made in Chelsea in Mallorca this summer, newbie Issy Francis-Baum is clearly determined to make her presence known amongst her fellow SW3 socialites this season. But she's not the only one making an impression on viewers as her dad Marc has also been causing a stir among fans.

And if you watched the first episode series 25, then you don't need this article to know this, which means you're purely here to thirst over Issy Francis-Baum's fit dad. We get it. That's the real reason we pitched this article to our editor, if truth be told.

Bless her though, it wasn't exactly the easiest of rides for the 20-year-old part time student and model  - getting pied by Miles Nazaire in episode one for essentially being too immature FOR HIM. And at an amateur cricket match of all places - we thought this lot knew class.

Prior to the rather brutal pieing, Issy invited Miles round for a saucy pool date in her frankly obscene family home. Post swim, viewers watched on as some suave zaddy adonis suddenly gatecrashed the date – and if you thought he was some sort of secret boyf prior to his introduction, don't worry, we did, too, for a hot sec. Emphasis on hot.

It turns out the hunk was none other than Issy's dad, Marc Francis-Baum, a smooth-talking businessman/entreprenuer/FITLORD who apparently has no issues being on camera, and thank God, tbh. This man is the definition of a winter warmer, and his presence is most welcome on a season full of clean-shaven Gen Zs.

Interestingly, the dad and daughter duo joked about how Miles reminded Issy of her dad in front of him, which equally creeped us out and turned us on at the same time.

After a little digging, we've learned that Issy's dad does, in fact, have Instagram (you're welcome), but the profile is set to private (we can't, but you should), but luckily for us thirsty lot, he regularly appears on his daughter Issy's very public socials.

ALSO, Marc does have a public Instagram account which he uses to showcase his Hackney mega-mansion, the very same fortress of affluence that was featured in this week's episode. Luckily for us, he's not camera shy on this account.

It's the undone buttons for us.

Issy, who is a pretty big deal on TikTok, made her MiC debut earlier this year during the Mallorca series as one of four new faces alongside India Hovenden, Willow Day and Malek Amro.

She was already posting about being on the show on Instagram prior to filming in Mallorca and even teased that she has sparked a connection with a co-star – who we now know to be Miles – after her long-term relationship ended when her boyfriend cheated on her.

Who is Issy Francis-Baum?

Born and raised in London, Issy is a part time student and model who joined the cast of Made in Chelsea in 2022 during the Mallorca series of the show. Issy lives life in the fast lane, not just professionally but in her spare time too enjoying horse riding, and skiing on snow as well as water.

How old is Issy Francis-Baum?

Issy is only 20 years old. An actual baby!

Does Issy Francis-Baum know any of the Made In Chelsea cast?

Issy is well known in the Chelsea circles, and is followed by Rez and Ruby. She's also Insta pals with TOWIE and Celebs Go Dating star Pete Wicks, who is always in her likes 👀.

What is Issy Francis-Baum's job?

Issy is a part time student and model. She's currently studying a fashion degree at university. Since getting signed to a modelling agency at the end of 2019 Issy’s career has rocketed, seeing her work with numerous well-known brands as well as featuring on an advertisement in Times Square, and in stores across the US.

Does Issy Fancis-Baum have TikTok?

She does and she's kind of a big deal, with over 60k followers. You can follow her at @issy.fbb.

What is Issy Francis-Baum's Instagram?

Issy on Instagram at @issy.fbb.

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