You need to see Yasmine Zweegers’ ex boyfriend – he looks EXACTLY like her Made in Chelsea co-star

And it's not Miles...

Yasmine Zweegers Made in Chelsea

by Ben Pulsford |

Look, if you join a show like Made in Chelsea and don't cull your old Instagram posts and TikToks, you can pretty much guarantee that heatworld is going to grab a shovel and dig them up for you; we find the good, the bad, and the gorj ex boyfriends (who look like your co-stars) you thought you left in the past.

Yasmine Zweegers is one of the newest MIC recruits, which if you're a single girl, of course means Miles Nazaire's has had his eye on you.

Yep, Yasmine was introduced as as a potential love interest of Miles; he took her on a date and arranged a second around the same time he was sliding into the DMs of Married at First Sight Australia's Ella May Ding and duvet wrestling with Issy Francis-Baum (after he pied her off on camera, of course).

Guys, at least he's being honest. That's his thing, remember?

Anyway, Miles predictably also pied off Yasmine, but at least now she's on the show, single and ready to mingle like a sexy little Pringle.

However, after a quick sweep of her TikTok, heatworld has come to learn that not so long ago, Yasmine had a seemingly serious long-term boyfriend called Ed.

After scratching our heads for a good few minutes, we realised where we've seen this chiselled, wavy-haired blonde, Disney-esque prince before – on Made in Chelsea. Well, not really – although we know producers are partial to bringing back exes on the show – but Ed looks a hell of a lot like Made in Chelsea staple, Julius Cowdrey.

Seriously, here's a few old TikToks of Yasmine and her ex Ed together...

And here's Julius...

Please tell us you lot see this, too? We know Julius is about to introduce viewers to the latest love in his life on the show, but we can't help but wonder whether single Yasmine has her eyes on the MIC playboy... They are both in Bali together right now... And he is the SPIT of her ex.

Who is Yasmine Zweegers?

Yasmine is one of the newest members of the Made in Chelsea cast, joining at the start of series 24.

How old is Yasmine Zweegers?

Yasmine is 23 years old.

What does Yasmine Zweegers do for a living?

Yasmine is an actor, model, entrepreneur and influencer. She has a BA in Drama & Theatre from Goldsmiths UOL and has an MA in Acting from Rose Bruford College, which means she knows how to bring the DRAMA (although she's playing it safe, atm). She is also the co-founder of home and lifestyle brand, MYZ London (we think Yasmine's mama is the other co-founder).

Where is Yasmine Zweegers from?

Yasmine is Syrian and Dutch, but obvs lives in SW3.

Are Yasmine Zweegers and Miles Nazaire dating?

Who knows? Genuinely, when it comes to Miles we can't keep up anymore, and it's our literal job to keep up. What we do know is the pair went on one date before Miles sacked the potential relationship in to pursue Ella May Ding. The pair are currently filming the MIC Bali special together.

Are Yasmine Zweegers and Julius Cowdrey dating?

Not as far as we're aware, but we do know that Julius is Yasmine's type (or at least was) – if her ex's aesthetic is anything to go by.


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