MAFS sight star leaves London amid Miles Nazaire ‘PR stunt’

"I just want to ground myself again"

Ella May DIng Married at First Sight Australia

by Elena Angelides |

When we first heard Married at First Sight Australia’s Ella Ding would be joining the Made In Chelsea cast, we couldn’t wait to see her flirtation with Miles Nazaire unfold on screen.

Only, now it seems she’s already returned to Australia, and the episodes haven’t even aired yet. Did Miles have more of a fling with Ding than a full-blown romance?

Last week, she wrote on Facebook she hadn’t “officially joined the cast” but “filmed a short appearance while in London.”

“Miles is kind and wonderful, we've had such a special time filming and getting to know each other. But [I'm] ready to get home [to Australia] and get back into a good space.”

Fans were left confused, as E4’s Instagram post last week made it sound like Ella was a regular cast member, leading some people to question whether dating Miles was a PR stunt to get back in the lime light.

In her podcast, Sit With Us, co-hosted with best-friend, Domenica Calarco, Ella firmly denied the claims.

She said, “I can reassure you it is not a PR stunt, and I think that you guys will see that when it does come to air.”

Her BFF was quick to have her back. Domenica added, “no one would put themselves through what Ella did and putting everything on the line.”

“Not only your name, but your heart, your soul, everything... No one would do that for a PR stunt, unless they are literally that desperate, and there's no desperation here.”

Oh, pray tell. Just what happens on these unaired episodes of Made in Chelsea?

On her Instagram stories, Ella opened up about filming, calling it “the hardest time” she’d “been through” since MAFS, and said she will be taking a social media break.

“It's just been really testing and really challenging. So, I'm going to take the next few days off the grid, off social media because I really need it.”

“Especially travelling home, I just want to ground myself again, and yeah, reflection time guys.”

Anyway, we don’t blame you Ella, you’re entitled to your Made In Chelsea moment. After all, if we had to draw a spider diagram of all the reality TV stars who have crossed over between shows, it would look like Mick Jagger’s family tree.

This is quickly shaping up to be perfect Married at First Sight / Made In Chelsea cocktail we didn’t know we needed.

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