Too Hot To Handle’s Emily and Cam have split amid EXPLOSIVE allegations

This is just as dramatic as their time on the show

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by Nathan Katnoria |

Too Hot To Handle's Emily Miller has confirmed that she has split from Cam Holmes after almost a year together.

Emily posted a TikTok where she appeared down in the dumps, with the caption,“Me realising I’m single af.”

However, she quickly began dancing alongside the caption, “Me realising it’s gnna be a hot girl summer [sic].”

The pair defied the odds (and Cam's reputation as a f-ck boy) and stayed together after meeting on the second series of the hit Netflix show. They even spoke about starting a family together and boasted about having sex seven times a day to make up abstaining from it during their time on the show.

Emily and Cam have yet to speak more on the split, but there is a video doing the rounds on TikTok from a user who claims that he is the reason that the pair are not together anymore.

Captioning a video of himself, TikTok user rayner3329 wrote 'Are you the reason Emily and Cam broke up', before mouthing the word 'yes' and providing screenshots and video recordings of alleged conversations with Cam.


We’ve been obsessed with Too Hot to Handle ever since it first hit our screens two years ago and saved us from major lockdown boredom.

The show sees a bunch of sexy singletons getting to know each other on a dreamy exotic island but, in a major plot twist, the contestants are not allowed to engage in any sexual activity (including kissing and, ahem, self love) or the $100,000 prize fund will start to dwindle. Honestly, it’s TV gold.

Over the course of three seasons, there’s been plenty of romance, hooking up, flirting and everything in between so, we thought we’d take a look back at all the couples that have come from the first two series of the show and whether they’re still together in the present day.

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Which Too Hot to Handle couples are still together?

Too Hot to Handle couples still together
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CREDIT: Netflix

Relationship status: Not together ud83dudc94Harry and Francesca were pretty much the golden couple of series one and failed to keep their hands off each other throughout the show, meaning some series $$$ was deducted from the prize fund. Although they split after filming ended, the pair later reunited and Harry even proposed to Francesca with a Ring Pop during the reunion episode.However, Harry and Francesca confirmed they had split just a month later in June 2020. Fast forward almost a year and they briefly reconciled following Francesca's split from TOWIE's Demi Sims before calling it quits once again.

Too Hot to Handle couples still together
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CREDIT: Netflix

Relationship status: Not together ud83dudc94David was famously unlucky in love during his time on Too Hot to Handle until Lydia joined the show in the final few weeks. He described her as 100% his type on paper, but sadly the pair's relationship fizzled out after filming ended.David and Lydia still remain close friends though and last year he said, "Lydia and I have got such a beautiful relationship. She holds a special place in my heart." Aww.

Too Hot to Handle couples still together
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CREDIT: Netflix

Relationship status: Not together ud83dudc94Rhonda and Sharron seemed destined to go all the way (despite their awkward FaceTime with her less than enthusiastic young son), but she sadly confirmed they'd split before the reunion episode had even aired.At the time, she told Women's Health, "Unfortunately, we are not [together]. We are the best of friends; we still do talk, as far as helping each other out, talking to each other, and things like that. "With everything that's going on now, we actually haven't even had the time to meet since the show. It's been very difficult with that space between us… so we kind of just agreed to be friends for now."

Too Hot to Handle couples still together
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CREDIT: Instagram/Bryce Hirschberg

Status: Not together ud83dudc94Irish singer Nicole and American film director Bryce didn't get together until after they finished filming the show and finally went public with their relationship in April 2020. Sadly though, the couple split just a month later due to the long distance between her home in the UK and his California pad as Covid-19 travel restrictions meant they didn't get to see each other as much as they would have liked. In a statement, Bryce said, "After the many failed attempts to reunite due to quarantine and border restrictions, we decided that moving on and remaining friends would be our best option for the time being."Nicole is so lovely and if under less unusual circumstances I'm sure that we could've had an amazing relationship! I wish her the best because she deserves it."

Too Hot to Handle couples still together
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CREDIT: Netflix

Relationship status: Not together ud83dudc94Emily and Cam are one of Too Hot to Handle's major success stories after hitting off early on in the second season. Despite capturing the attention of many of the male contestants, Emily was only interested in Cam and he managed to overcome his wandering eye before confessing his feelings for her in the series finale.The loved-up pair celebrated their first anniversary last month by posting a series of adorable snaps of Instagram with the caption, "365 days of loving you ud83eudd0d."However, in April 2022, Emily revealed that she was single in a TikTok video and there were some EXPLOSIVE rumours that suggested she may have not been faithful.

Too Hot to Handle couples still together
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CREDIT: Netflix

Status: Not together ud83dudc94Marvin not only walked away from the show with the remaining $55,000 prize fund, but it seemed that he also found love on the show as he told on/off girlfriend Melinda that he wanted to make their relationship work after filming ended despite being based on opposite sides of the world (her in New York and him in Paris).However, it was revealed during the reunion episode that Melinda and Marvin had split due to a blazing row shortly before they were due to meet up for a romantic getaway in Mexico. Melinda later moved on with another of her co-stars, which brings us on to...

Too Hot to Handle couples still together
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CREDIT: Instagram/Peter Vigilante

Relationship status: Not together (or so it seems) ud83dudc94Following her split from Marvin, Melinda left us all shocked when she appeared to rekindle her romance with Peter following their brief on-screen fling. However, the pair never officially confirmed they were dating and eagle-eyed fans are convinced they're no longer an item as they haven't posted a picture together since September 2021.In fact, Melinda has actually sparked romance rumours with yet another of her co-stars, Robert Van Tromp, after they posed for a number of cosy snaps together.

Too Hot to Handle couples still together
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CREDIT: Netflix

Relationship status: Not together ud83dudc94Although she originally set her sights on Cam, season two star Tabitha later grew close to Chase after he fell for her. However, she savagely dismissed their relationship as nothing more than a "holiday romance" in brutal scenes. Chase later revealed that there was more to their relationship than what shown on our screens and revealed that he and Tabitha kept in touch after the show.They weren't able to make a proper relationship work as she's based in the UK while he lives in America, but Chase said last year that he and Tabitha "FaceTime all the time".

Too Hot to Handle couples still together
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Relationship status: Not together ud83dudc94Carly and Joey got together following her failed romance with Chase and although they split after filming ended, she later revealed they had reunited and moved in together in Los Angeles. The pair even got matching tattoos, but just a month later it came to light that Joey had cheated on Carly."Yes, Joey cheated. Yes, he's with girls again right now. Yes, I am done with him," she wrote on Instagram at the time.

Too Hot to Handle couples still together
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Relationship status: Not together ud83dudc94Following a fiery fling, which saw them get kicked off the show for getting it on, Robert and Christina continued their romance outside of the show. But despite gushing about how much she "loves" Robert during the reunion episode, he confirmed they'd split in September 2021."It's been a mutual decision in terms of parting ways because we both have the same frustrations when it comes to the process, the way the show has happened, and even though I think there maybe potential down the line, in however months or years to come, I feel like in this moment it's gotten very challenging, and it has pushed us further apart," he told MailOnline at the time.As mentioned above, he's since been linked to co-star Melinda.

Too Hot to Handle couples still together
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CREDIT: Netflix

Relationship status: Not together ud83dudc94Despite giving it their best efforts, Larissa and Nathan failed to strike up a romantic connection during their time on Too Hot to Handle which led to her departure from the show.The pair were spotted flirting on social media after filming ended but she admitted she'd moved on during the reunion episode.

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Too Hot to Handle season three dropped on Netflix on Wednesday 19 January 2022, among the cast are Manchester-based personal trainer Izzy, South African model Nathan and former club rep turned tree surgeon Harry.

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