Amanda Holden: ‘It’s agony looking this good’

Be warned, it's not easy looking as good as Amanda Holden

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If you haven’t seen Amanda Holden, 52, doubling as a bikini model on social media, then you must have been living under a rock. The TV star continuously flies the flag for women in their fifties and proves that sexiness doesn’t have an age limit – even if working in TV makes you think otherwise.

The star recently became clothing brand Lipsy’s oldest ever ambassador, and is taking every chance to show off her sexy collection both on socials and IRL – and we’re told she’s only too aware how vital it is in her industry to look good.

“Amanda knows that the TV world is obsessed with youth and looks, and she takes her appearance extremely seriously,” an insider close to the Britain’s Got Talent judge tells heat.

“She knows there are many TV rivals out there snapping at her heels, and many of them are a lot younger than her.”

Of course, it turns out eternal youth comes at a price, and Amanda has a hardcore exercise regime including Viking workouts – involving squats and boxing-type moves – four-mile runs and regular yoga practice. All motivated by the promise of her favourite tipple that evening.

She said, “The deal I struck with myself was I have to run for my rosé wine in the summer and run for my red wine in winter.” The time and effort Amanda puts into her image is a testament to her strength, as our insider explains. “Amanda has the stamina of an Olympic athlete and she gets a real buzz looking at the results of all her hard work. It’s hardcore, though, and sometimes her friends worry that she might burn out one day.”

Alongside her exercise regime, Amanda unsurprisingly follows an extremely healthy diet. "While she doesn’t say no to anything, Amanda mainly sticks to a very strict vegetarian meal plan,” our source says. “She loves experimenting with vegetable and salad dishes and she loves cooking, but her secret is eating little and often and making sure everything is healthy. ”

The source continues, “She also loves treatments like cryotherapy and cold plunges and she sees a dermatologist every week to keep her skin looking as fresh as possible.” We’re told she’s apparently also partial to a £700 facial every now and then.

The star has previously said she looks to other age-defying stars for inspiration, revealing, “I look up to people like J-Lo, Jennifer Aniston and Kylie Minogue. I’m not ‘woke’, so I don’t really care about expressions like ‘for her age’, but I suppose it’s because I want people to say, ‘God, she’s 52?!’”

And if anyone knows how to make the most of their hard work and sexy image, it’s Amanda. Earlier this year, she presented a show called Sex: A Bonkers History for Sky – and hosted some of the show naked from inside a bathtub.

“She wants to be an inspiration to other women who look up to her,” says heat’s source. “She also passionately believes that there should be more representation of older women on television.”

And if the downside to looking so young is that she could be mistaken for her 17-year-old daughter, then so be it. Amanda’s eldest Lexi made her red-carpet debut at the London Fashion Awards in December last year, and fans were struck by how similar they looked.

“Amanda loves being glam and getting everyone talking about how great she looks,” we’re told. “She’s never going to stop dressing sexy!”

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