Annie Kilner’s TV tell-all on cheating hubby Kyle Walker

Will the WAG spill all on her and Kyle’s rocky marriage?

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It’s been six months since Kyle Walker admitted to having a second love child, but the England footballer and wife Annie Kilner seem determined to put on a united front. Kyle has reportedly moved back into the family home, and now it seems like they could be set to put their marriage back in the public eye once more.

We’re told that the 33-year-old England footballer has been inundated with offers to make his own Beckham-style documentary about his career, which would show a “different side” to him. Naturally, Annie, 31, their four sons, and controversial personal life are also a big draw, and we’re told that producers think it would be great TV.

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coleen and annie are close ©Getty Images: GLYN KIRK/POOL/AFP

But while you might think Annie would be less than keen to put herself back out there after the drama of Kyle having two babies with influencer Lauryn Goodman, 33, she’s said to want to set the record straight. In fact, an insider tells heat Annie is keen to tell her side of the story, and prove her love for Kyle is strong post-scandal.

We’re told, “Kyle is being offered his own reality show and they want to make sure Annie is heavily involved. Although his personal life is everywhere at the moment, not much is really known about her. Executives feel it would make TV gold if they got her discussing everything that’s gone on and gave viewers a glimpse into their lives.”

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kyle took his and annie's sons onto the pitch last month ©PA

As a friend of Coleen Rooney, Annie has seen first-hand the positive impact documentaries like these can have. Last year, Coleen starred in her own three-part factual series, The Real Wagatha Story, for Disney+ and was praised for owning her story on screen and in her corresponding memoir.

Talking about the moment she discovered that Wayne had cheated on her with sex workers, Coleen candidly revealed, “He knew how bad this was, how wrong. He looked down at the floor as he told me how devastated he felt at having put me in that situation. If I’d found out he was having an affair or he’d told me he was in love with someone else, I couldn’t have gotten over it, but that wasn’t the case.”

With Coleen having proven she’s no doormat, Annie wants to show people why she, too, has taken Kyle back. The insider says, “Annie loved Coleen’s documentary and would be keen to tell her side of the story in a dignified way. Kyle’s main focus at the moment is playing for England in the Euros, as well as trying to salvage his marriage to Annie, but it’s something they are both considering.”

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lauryn has two children with kyle ©Getty Images: Ricky Vigil M/GC Images

Annie has a lot to forgive Kyle for. He’s been accused of cheating on her multiple times, and it was revealed that he had hosted a sex party with two escorts during lockdown. Then came the news in January this year that Kyle had fathered a second child with model Lauryn, three years after they had son Kairo, four, during a break in his relationship with Annie.

With Lauryn reportedly looking to star in her own reality show, our insider says Kyle’s documentary would allow Annie to really get her voice out there for the first time. At the moment, she’s only ever given one interview to a newspaper, after Lauryn gave birth to Kyle’s son.

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“I love Kyle dearly and I’ll always love him, but to do this to me after three kids,” she said at the time. "I’ve tried to hate him, but how can I hate the man my kids love so much? Before the infidelity, he was my best friend, my soulmate. I could count on him for anything. But none of what I thought we had feels real because he stabbed me in the back.”

The insider adds, “Although Kyle hates his personal life being out there, this could be a way to finally get his side across. He doesn’t want any more distractions, but he has seen other footballers do documentaries and he loves how they’ve been filmed. He is also doing more interviews and podcasts now, which makes him more comfortable in the limelight.”

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