Married At First Sight UK: April Banbury’s reality TV past REVEALED

This isn’t the first time she’s appeared on a dating show

april banbury married at first sight uk

by Nathan Katnoria |

Married At First Sight UK is finally back on our screens, with 16 new singletons taking the ultimate risk and marrying a stranger – that they meet for the first time on their wedding day – in the hope of finding their happily ever after.

If you’ve been watching the show then you might recognise one of the cast members, April Banbury. The London-based wedding dress designer not only won the title of Ms Great Britain in 2020, but she also has a reality TV past.

In fact, April has already looked for love on TV twice in the past. Will Married At First Sight UK be third time lucky?

april married at first sight
Ms Great Britain 2020 April is marrying a stranger on the latest series of Married At First Sight UK ©E4

April’s first brush with fame came in 2011 when she appeared on Channel 5’s reboot of The Bachelor. She was one of 25 contestants vying for the affection of Welsh rugby player Gavin Henson (y’know, the one who dated Charlotte Church between 2005 and 2010).

April made it all the way to the semi-final in St. Lucia after Gavin narrowed it down to three love interests, but failed to reach the final and was let go when he decided that romance wasn’t on the cards.

april banbury
April's first reality TV appearance came over a decade ago on The Bachelor ©Channel 5

Nine years after starring on The Bachelor, April gave dating shows another try when she appeared on ITV2’s The Cabins in 2020. The premise of the show involved blind daters spending 24 hours together in romantic log cabin before deciding whether they wanted to extend their stay and continue getting to know each other or call it quits for good.

April’s date was model Ryan Darvill and they quickly hit it off, with the pair continuing to get to know each other when filming came to end. However, their blossoming romance was nipped in the bud when lockdown began.

april banbury
April briefly dated model Ryan Darvill after meeting on The Cabins in 2020 ©ITV2

At the time, she explained, “Everything was going great. Then Covid struck and we got the new lockdown, it’s thrown a spanner in the works.”

Although both April and Ryan lived in London, they couldn’t see each other as she was volunteering at a Covid testing centre. “We can’t mix, we can’t risk giving each other Covid. It would be detrimental to our work. I have found it particularly hard,” April said.

Following her MAFS UK debut, here's everything you need to know about April...

Who is April Banbury?

April is a reality star who is currently appearing on the seventh series of Married At First Sight UK. She also works as a fashion designer and won the title of Ms Great Britain in 2020.

How old is April Banbury?

April is currently 32 years old.

Where is April Banbury from?

April is originally from Hertfordshire, but is currently based in London.

Who is April Banbury's husband on Married At First Sight UK?

The Married At First Sight UK relationship experts matched April with 40-year-old financial advisor and dad of four, George Roberts, and things got off to a good start as they developed an almost instant attraction to one another. However, April was taken aback when she learned that George had children and admitted she wasn't sure if she was ready to be a step mum. Only time will tell if they will be able to make it last...

april banbury
April has been matched with dad-of-four George on Married At First Sight UK ©E4

Has April Banbury been on TV before?

She sure has. Married At First Sight UK is actually the THIRD dating show April has appeared on. She starred on The Bachelor in 2011 and The Cabins in 2020.

Does April Banbury have Instagram?

Yep, you can follow April on Instagram at @aprilbanbury.

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