Charlotte Crosby CONFIRMS Geordie Shore return six years after quitting

The reality TV star is finally returning to the show that made her

Charlotte Crosby Geordie Shore return

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Charlotte Crosby is one of the biggest stars to come out of Geordie Shore. She was one of the OG cast members, meaning many fans were disappointed when she announced she was leaving the show back in 2016.

Whilst she has had a great deal of success outside the show, from winning Celebrity Big Brother in 2013, to hosting the hit show Just Tattoo of Us, she has long been rumoured to have been planning a return to Geordie Shore. For the longest time these rumours were just that - rumours.

Well now her return has OFFICIALLY been confirmed.

And it's not just Charlotte returning - no, no, no she'll be joined by some of her Geordie Shore pals, Holly Hagan, Sophie Kasaei and Marnie Simpson to name a few.

In a press release Charlotte was quoted as saying, “I always said I would be up for taking part in a reunion show and made no secret that Geordie Shore holds a special place in my heart. I’m very excited to reconnect and reminisce with my favourite people and life-long friends.”

Holly added, “I’m super excited to be back filming with everyone from over the years. It’s going to be something really special to have everyone in the same room together!”

Sophie is also excited to return, adding, “Seeing all the friends that turned into family and had such a big impact on my twenties is going to be emotional but also like nothing has changed, apart from our age and families. It’s a moment I’ve been waiting for.”

Marnie said of her return, “I’m so excited for this reunion, it’s something me and so many of the other cast members have been waiting for, I’m so intrigued to watch it all play out, I have no idea how it’s going to go or what’s going to happen but I’m so ready for it. Bring it on!”

According to the press release, the reunion show will see cast members Charlotte Crosby, Holly Hagan, Sophie Kasaei and Marnie Simpson set off on a mission to organise the biggest Geordie Shore reunion yet!

The series will feature "a group holiday, a long-awaited wedding, the arrival of Marnie’s baby, and of course, a huge party in the Geordie Shore house!"

We are beyond excited. A specific release date has yet to be announced but the series will be with us later this year.

This incredible news follows Charlotte teasing her return to the show on Instagram in the last couple of weeks.

Charlotte was on holiday with her new boyfriend Jake. She shared a load of lovely sunny pics of their trip. the other week she posted a response to the question, "Will u ever go back in the g shore house??? You was/are absolutely legendary" as part of a Q&A on her Instagram story.

@charlottegshore's Instagram story
©@charlottegshore's Instagram story

Charlotte responded, "f*ck wow your gunna absolutely LOVE what's to come. Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow.


Check out what other axed Geordie Shore stars are up to now:


AXED Geordie Shore then and now STACKED

Charlotte Crosby1 of 64
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Charlotte Crosby in 2011

Charlotte Crosby takes to the red carpet before appearing in the first ever series of MTV's Geordie Shore.

Charlotte Crosby2 of 64
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Charlotte Crosby now

Charlotte's had a massive transformation over the years, and has been smashing it in her career since her Geordie days. She hosts Just Tattoo Of Us' has released books and fitness DVDs, and a show all about her.

Holly Hagan3 of 64
CREDIT: Tony Kyriacou/REX/Shutterstock

Holly Hagan in 2011

Before her Geordie Shore debut, Holly Hagan looked like this.

Holly Hagan4 of 64
CREDIT: Instagram

Holly Hagan now

Now, it would seem that Holly's taken some inspo from Kim K, as her look has drastically changed.

Greg Lake5 of 64
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Greg Lake in 2011

Greg appeared in Geordie Shore from the very beginning, but didn't make it past series one.

Greg Lake6 of 64
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Greg Lake now

Greg is now married to Hollyoaks star Jennifer Metcalfe, with whom he has a baby.

Gaz Beadle7 of 64

Gaz Beadle in 2011

Here's Gaz before embarking on his long-running career on Geordie Shore.

Gary Beadle8 of 64
CREDIT: Instagram

Gary Beadle now - aged 29

In terms of poses not much has changed. But, believe it or not, this Geordie hunk has left the dating scene behind, because he's loved up with girlfriend Emma McVey. They even have a child together.

James Tindale9 of 64
CREDIT: Shutterstock

James Tindale in 2011

James's debut on Geordie Shore saw him spend 90% of his time at the gym and the remaining 10% flexing his muscles in the mirror.

James Tindale10 of 64
CREDIT: Instagram

James Tindale now

Looks like he stuck at it!

Jay Gardner11 of 64
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Jay Gardner in 2011

'The dad of the Geordie group' Jay was the oldest member of the show. Who could forget those iconic brows...

Jay Gardner12 of 64
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Jay Gardner now

And years later, his brows are still on fleek.

Vicky Pattison13 of 64
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Vicky Pattison in 2011

Fiesty Vicky has had quite the transformation over the years...

Vicky Pattison14 of 64
CREDIT: Instagram

Vicky Pattison now

But she's since dropped her wild days and is now engaged to John Noble.

Sophie Kasaei15 of 64

Sophie Kasaei in 2011

Sophie joined the Geordie Shore show in series one, but was axed for her bad behaviour two years later. Naughty.She later returned to the show in 2016 with a slightly newer cast!

Sophie Kasei16 of 64
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Sophie Kasaei now

She's since glowed upppppppp, and is now back on the show.

Ricci Guarnaccio17 of 64

Ricci Guarnaccio in 2011

Ricci joined the show in series two, and had a rollercoaster of a relationship with Vicki Pattison.

Ricci Guarnaccio18 of 64
CREDIT: Instagram

Ricci Guarnaccio now - aged 31

It would seem that since leaving the show he's decided to embark on a new growing a beard.

Rebecca Walker19 of 64

Rebecca Walker in 2012

Rebecca also joined the show in series two, and was known for her bust-ups, dramas and fallouts.

Rebecca Walker20 of 64
CREDIT: Instagram

Rebecca Walker now

Now, she's ditched the party days and has become a mum.

Daniel Thomas21 of 64

Daniel Thomas

Dan joined Geordie Shore in the fourth series and left at the end of series five.

Daniel Thomas22 of 64

Daniel Thomas now

He doesn't look all that different now, but he's certainly been enjoying life (and the gym).

Scott Timlin23 of 64

Scott Timlin 2013

Life and soul of the party Scotty T joined the show in series four.

Scotty T24 of 64
CREDIT: Instagram

Scotty T now

And WHAT a career this Geordie has had. Fromwinning Celebrity Big Brotherto landing a cameo appearance in Neighbours to even having a girlfriend, he's definitely seen success in the media industry.

Marnie Simspon25 of 64

Marnie Simspon 2014

Marnie entered the house in series seven. Back then, she described herself a "natural beauty".

Marnie Simpson26 of 64
CREDIT: Instagram

Marnie Simpson now - aged 25

Marnie had several cosmetic procedures done since being on the show, including a nose job, lip fillers and a boob job.

Aaron Chalmers27 of 64

Aaron Chalmers then

Tatted-up Aaron Chalmers joined in the eighth series and had an infamous on-off relationship with Marnie. It was SO juicy to watch.

Aaron Chalmers28 of 64
CREDIT: Instagram

Aaron Chalmers now

Aaron quit Geordie Shore to focus on his career as an MMA fighter, along with his spending more time on his relationship.

Kyle Christie29 of 64

Kyle Christie then

How young does Kyle look?! We barely even recognised this Geordie Shore star.

Kyle Christie30 of 64
CREDIT: Instagram

Kyle Christie now

Well HELLO there Kyle. Talk about a transformation people.

axed Geordie Shore31 of 64

Marty McKenna

Marty McKenna was the cheeky chappie who joined the cast along with Chantelle Connelly who didn't quite cut the mustard with the all alpha boys – especially after he played Chloe and tashed on with Charlotte behind Gaz's back.

axed Geordie Shore32 of 64
CREDIT: Instagram

Marty McKenna

Marty was axed from the show along with Scotty T for bad behaviour, but while Scotty was reinstated and is now one of the longest serving Geordie Shore cast members EVER, Marty didn't make the cut.He's grown some stubble, and is dating a fellow Geordie lass called Kat.

axed Geordie Shore33 of 64

Chantelle Connelly

Pint size Chantelle Connelly was determined to cause chaos when she entered the house, and certainly made some enemies during her brief stint on the show.

axed Geordie Shore34 of 64
CREDIT: Instagram

Chantelle Connelly

Chantelle baffled the world over when she shared a picture of herself with some impressive abs at five months pregnant, leading many to speculate she was faking her pregnancy.

axed Geordie Shore35 of 64

Abbie Holborn

The longest lasting housemate from the prolific Radgie Rampage series, Abbie Holborn initially set her sights on Love Island's Sam Gowland before he got together with Chloe.

axed Geordie Shore36 of 64
CREDIT: Instagram

Abbie Holborn

Abbie wasn't in the promo for series 19, but denied she'd been sacked when she took to Twitter to say, "Oh, I've been sacked apparently..."She later turned up a caused a stir by snogging new boy Beau Brennan, who'd been getting close to new girl Bethan Kershaw.

axed Geordie Shore37 of 64

Elettra Lambourghini

Quite frankly, we couldn't understand why Elettra ACTUAL Lamborghini, heiress to the actual Italian car business, was even in Newcastle in the first place.

axed Geordie Shore38 of 64

Elettra Lamborghini

Elettra has returned to Italy to pursue her one true dream of becoming a popstar, and is currently starring on the Italian version of The Voice, natch.

axed Geordie Shore39 of 64

Eve Shannon

As part of a fresh line up of cast members for the Radgie Rampage series for 2017, Eve Shannon broke the mould with BLONDE HAIR (shocker)

axed Geordie Shore40 of 64
CREDIT: Instagram

Eve Shannon

Eve had been living her best Insta-influencer life and posting plenty of sexy lingerie selfies on her social feeds. She's also got an Only Fans account, favourited by fellow G Shore alumni Holly Hagan.

axed Geordie Shore41 of 64

Billy Phillips

Brought on for the same season, Billy Phillips didn't make enough of an impression and was axed from the show after just one series.

axed Geordie Shore42 of 64
CREDIT: Instagram

Billy Phillips

Still doing the rounds as a lad about 'toon, Billy looks to have settled down with a nice Geordie lass. Hiscousin Nat has joined the show for series 19.

axed Geordie Shore43 of 64

Chelsea Barber

Also to leave was Chelsea Barber, who fell out with long time pal Marnie Simpson in the house over Aaron Chalmers.

axed Geordie Shore44 of 64
CREDIT: Instagram

Chelsea Barber

Chelsea dated one Kyle Christie long before either of them joined the G Shore cast, and claimed that after his split from Holly Hagan he was right back in touch.

axed Geordie Shore45 of 64

Sam Bentham

One Radge Academy to make the cut slightly longer term was Sam Bentham, who reportedly dated Charlotte Crosby way back in 2014 after meeting at one of the infamous Geordie Shore house parties.

axed Geordie Shore46 of 64
CREDIT: Instagram

Sam Bentham

Now heavily tattooed, Sam has put his reality TV past behind him and opened up a trendy barber shop in his native Hoults in Newcastle, and has styled the hair of Kyle Christie and Marty McKenna.

axed Geordie Shore47 of 64

Sarah Goodhart

Sarah Goodhart was enrolled into the Radge Academy thanks to her links to Marty McKenna. The two dated as teenagers, and sparks instantly few between her and Marty's current squeeze Chloe Ferry.

axed Geordie Shore48 of 64
CREDIT: Youtube

Sarah Goodhart

Sarah now has 23k subscribers to her YouTube channel, where she makes honest, emotional videos about her time on Geordie Shore. Recently she uploaded an 18 minute one where she claimed producers had manipulated and taken advantage of her, leading her to quit her job before she was made permanent.

axed Geordie Shore49 of 64

Zahida Allen

Zahida Allen entered the Geordie Shore house fresh from the more exotic coastlines of Ex on the Beach, claiming she had 'unfinished business' with Gaz Beadle.

axed Geordie Shore50 of 64
CREDIT: Twitter

Zahida Allen

Zahida was reportedly dropped from Geordie Shore after she failed to act upon her 'unfinished business' wit Gaz, leaving producers disappointed.

axed Geordie Shore51 of 64

Grant Molloy

The casting of Grant Molloy was contentious from the very beginning, after Chloe Ferry threw and tantrum demanding he was removed after hearing bad things about him from friends on the 'toon. It was especially awkward when he made firm friends with Chloe's boyfriend, Sam Gowland.

axed Geordie Shore52 of 64
CREDIT: Instagram

Grant Molloy

After just one series on Geordie Shore, Grant returned to focusing on his two true loves – playing rugby and getting lots of tattoos.

axed Geordie Shore53 of 64
CREDIT: Instagram

Alex MacPherson

Another day, another Geordie shake up. For series 17 the cast moved over to Australia's Golden coast. Alex MacPherson was the long haired adonis who quickly hooked up with G Shore LEDGE Sophie Kasaei.

axed Geordie Shore54 of 64
CREDIT: Instagram

Alex MacPherson

Other than spending lots of time in the gym, Alex has clearly been missing his Geordie besties as he's been posting plenty of throwback pics to his instagram. Sophie hinted he would be appearing in the current series when she said filming with Alex and her new beau Jay Bigz was "awkward"... watch this space.

axed Geordie Shore55 of 64

Chrysten Zenoni

Smokin' bikini model Chrysten Zenoni quickly caught the eye of the lads and ruffled more than a few feathers with the girls – man handling Sam's crown jewels as well as claiming she slept with former cast member Gary Beadle while he was on a promotional tour in Oz and still together with Lillie Lexie Gregg.

axed Geordie Shore56 of 64
CREDIT: Instagram

Chrysten Zenoni

Chrysten is still modeling swimwear on the Sunshine Coast, and not long after appearing on Geordie Shore joined the cast of Ex on the Beach, where she revealed she'd also had a fling with reality TV's biggest lothario, Stephen Bear.

axed Geordie Shore57 of 64

Dee Nygen

Smiley smiley pole dancer Dee Nygen made no secret of her desire to "get a shag" in the house. She made a beeline for Adam Guthrie when he came into the house midway through the season, who later branded her "easy" – charming.

axed Geordie Shore58 of 64
CREDIT: Instagram

Dee Nygen

Super fit Dee has recently taken part in grueling reality show The Challenge: War of the Worlds alongside Bear and Love Island's Georgia Harrison.

axed Geordie Shore59 of 64

Nick Murdoch

Nick boasted about the fact that he'd dumped his girlfriend by text the night before filming started because he didn't want to cheat on her, and then threw a tantrum when Chloe Ferry and Sam Gowland wanted the shag pad after not seeing each other for days.

axed Geordie Shore60 of 64

Nick Murdoch

Clearly embarrassed by his stint on the show, Nick's chosen to shun the Australian limelight and has set his social profiles to PRIVATE, which is unheard of in reality TV world.

axed Geordie Shore61 of 64

Adam Guthrie

Adam Guthrie entered the house halfway through the Gold Coast series, despite being a bona fide Geordie through and through.

axed Geordie Shore62 of 64
CREDIT: Instagram

Adam Guthrie

Adam has been enjoying the raised profile of being on G Shore by posting lots of pouty selfies. He's returned to series 19 as a part timer.

axed Geordie Shore63 of 64

Faith Mullen

Producers decided to shake things up with Faith Mullen, a plus-sized influencer and Christian who believes sex before marriage is a sin.

axed Geordie Shore64 of 64

Faith Mullen

Faith was originally billed to return to the show part time but declined to come back after producers hired her arch nemesis. In the mean time, she's been doing what all teenagers should be doing and living her best life on holiday with her mates.

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WE CANNOT WAIT for Charlotte's return to her old stomping ground.

Honestly this is such big news for those of us who have been missing Charlotte's hilarious antics (which we are sure are all of us that love the show). It really hasn't been quite the same since she left the show, so we're glad to hear she is FINALLY making a return.

This follows the mazing news that Charlotte is pregnant with her first child and it's going to be a big year for the Geordie icon, that's for sure.

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