Charlotte Crosby shares ‘drunk and skinny’ vid following split from Joshua Ritchie

Char took us back to when she was the 'Christmas fairy'

Joshua Ritchie Charlotte Crosby split

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After dating for two years and planning their future as a couple, Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby and Joshua Ritchie split three weeks ago, and now, newly single Charlotte seems to be in high spirits.

Geordie Shore fans were shocked when Charlotte broke the news that she and Joshua were parting ways, but now they get to see her enjoying herself.

The MTV star posted a video on her Instagram of herself, happily hugging her decorated Christmas tree to update her followers on how she's doing.

Charlotte Crosby
Charlotte Crosby shares the Christmas cheer in Instagram post ©Instagram

The Instagram video features Charlotte being merry as ever, running towards her Christmas tree for a hug, and it falls down as she runs away.

In hysterics, Char then jumps back onto the tree, rolls around and says, "I'm the Christmas fairy" after her friend asks her, "What are you Charlotte?".

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She wrote to her fans to spread the festive cheer, "And this is my lovelies is how I will be spending this Christmas 🎅🏼."

"DRUNK, SKINNY and HUGGING XMAS TREES 🌲 what a night this was @fr15by @thejamiecorbett @lukehallas ❤️", she added.

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CREDIT: Instagram

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Fans adored that Charlotte posted this throwback video, that was originally posted back in 2015, and said just how brilliant it was.

One commented, "This has made my morning😂😂😂" while another wrote, "this is so me 😂".

Charlotte Crosby
Joshua Ritchie and Charlotte Crosby split up three weeks ago ©Getty

Another even wrote about how relatable Charlotte was in the video as they said, "how I’m gonna come home after Xmas Party 🤣".

When the TV star announced she and Josh were splitting, she said, “Sadly the relationship seems to have broken down. Hoping we can remain civil and [I] wish him the best for the future.”

Despite putting on a brave front, Charlotte shared videos of her breaking down and sobbing on camera just days after they broke up, and this sparked concern for her fans.

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