Cheryl’s U-turn: ‘I need to make up with Nadine’

She's ready to put their differences aside

Cheryl wants to regroup Girls Aloud with Nadine Coyle

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She disappointed fans earlier this year, saying a Girls Aloud reunion “wasn’t on the cards”. But according to insiders, Cheryl’s changing her tune, and is now seriously considering rejoining her former bandmates for a blow-out tour, just like the Spice Girls did earlier this year, in a bid to make some money and end rumours of a rift within the band – with her pegged as “Queen Bee”.

There’s one problem, though: the girls haven’t been together or spoken as a five-piece since their last tour in 2013.

What’s more, despite all members denying that they’ve ever fallen out, it’s no secret that besties Cheryl, Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts are no longer friendly with Sarah Harding or Nadine Coyle, who’s currently appearing in I’m A Celeb.

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Kendra Wilkinson, 2014

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Nicola McLean, 2008

Glamour model Nicola McLean made washing in freezing cold water look extremely easy and enjoyable didn't she?

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Ashley Roberts, 2012

Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts killed it in the shower scenes... No wonder Declan Donnelly reportedly "had a thing" for her.

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Gemma Atkinson, 2007

Gemma Atkinson's naked Hollyoaks scenes most likely helped her out in the shower.

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Carly Zucker, 2008

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Simon Webbe, 2008

We only have a few words for this: Phoar, uft, helloooooooo.

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Cerys Matthews, 2007

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Dani Behr, 2008

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Brian Paddick, 2008

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We would much prefer washing the rock pools like Jessica-Jane Clement, that way you'd become more aclimatised to the cold water.

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Jimmy Bullard and Jake Quickenden, 2014

Well it's two people you never thought you would see together in a a jungle...naked. But here we are, and we're loving it.

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Kayla Collins, 2010

Kayla Collins is killing the trying to look sexy while also freezing my nips off look.

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Mel Sykes, 2014

Mel Skyes was prepped for the shower scene. She knew exactly how to work the angles, but it is easier when you've already got a 10 pack...

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Katie Price, 2009

During her first stint in the jungle, Katie Price showed viewers why she had been asked on the show, proving the former glamour model still had it. No wonder Peter Andre fancied her.

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Mark Wright, 2011

From being pushed into a Essex pool by Lauren Goodger to being in a rock pool in Australia. Mark Wright had obviously been practising those shower scenes...

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Gino D'Acampo, 2009

This wasn't the first, nor the last time, the nation saw Gino's bum. Do you remember when he cooked live on This Morning while he was naked?

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Amy Willerton and Joey Essex, 2013

They really did look like the perfect couple didn't they. Showering in the jungle obviously made them like each other more, we have no idea why...

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Gemma Collins, 2014

An iconic moment in I'm A Celebrity history. Gemma Collins experiencing the freezing cold temperatures of the shower before she quit the show.

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Myleene Klass, 2006

This is the most memorable shower scene in I'm A Celebrity history, with the nation going crazy over Myleene Klass. She really was the founder of the shower scenes let's be honest.

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Spencer Matthews, 2015

Even though he left the show after a few days, we still got to see the naked sights of Spencer Matthews, and he sure didn't disappoint.

I'm A Celeb shower scenes26 of 31

David Haye, 2012

Talk about peachy. We just kept thinking of fruit during this scene because his bum is sooooo peachy. Did we mention his bum was peachy?

I'm A Celeb shower scenes27 of 31

Lady Colin Campbell, 2015

It probably was the most basic shower Lady C has ever showered in, but it provided hilarious entertainment for us at home.

I'm A Celeb shower scenes28 of 31

Kieron Dyer, 2015

Who doesn't like seeing a footballer getting all clean in the shower? Form an orderly cue ladies. We're at the front.

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Jorgie Porter, 2015

Jorgie Porter's FHM days came in really handy during this shower scene - it was like something you'd see in Hollyoaks.

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Matthew Wright, 2013

And of course we had to include Matthew Wright pretending to be Myleene Klass in the shower. Someone had to do it.

I'm A Celeb shower scenes31 of 31

Jordan North and Shane Richie, 2020

Given that they were living in a freezing cold Welsh castle rather than the Australian jungle, it's no surprise that last year's I'm A Celeb stars gave us far less shower scenes than usual. However, we still got this gem from Jordan North and Shane Richie who decided to save water and shower together.

Cheryl, Nadine Coyle, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh
Cheryl wants to make amends with Nadine Coyle and regroup Girls Aloud for a tour ©Getty

Now, we’re told Cheryl’s upping her efforts to reform the band – starting with making peace with Nadine.

“None of the girls are in the position to turn down a huge-money deal,” says a source close to Cheryl, 36, who, despite enjoying the most successful career post-split, has seen her latest attempts at pop stardom fall flat. “Cheryl’s now thinking about her future and her son, and she feels saying sorry to Nadine, even if it is reluctantly, could be the best thing.

She knows they could do what the Spice Girls did, but bigger and better. Playing more venues could net them millions.”

Last week, Cheryl, Nicola and Kimberley took the unprecedented step of rubbishing claims that they were at war with Nadine, following reports that they had been “voting repeatedly” for her to do gruesome trials in the I’m A Celeb jungle, including eating turkey testicles.

Nadine Coyle in the jungle
Girls Aloud have been voting for Nadine Coyle to show their support while she is in the jungle ©Shuttershock

Speaking out, Cheryl said, “We only want to see Nadine do well, and regardless of any differences we might have had, we will always all have love for each other” – sentiments which were echoed by her bandmates.

Despite their insistences, it’s long been known that Girls Aloud are a band of two halves, with Cheryl, Kimberley and Nicola forming a close bond, and Nadine and Sarah on the periphery.

Two years ago, Nadine admitted there was a “divide” and that “people” were “bitter” about her getting to sing the most vocals on their songs.

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Later that year, Cheryl clapped back, celebrating Girls Aloud’s 15th anniversary by posting a picture of just her, Nicola and Kimberley on Instagram. But according to insiders, Chezza’s fed up of being made out to be a bully.

Heat Magazine
Heat Magazine ©heat magazine

“She feels as though the whole feud has been blown out of proportion,” says our source.

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“Cheryl doesn’t need any extra drama right now and feels as though this is creating unnecessary tension. She already feels as though a lot of her fans have turned against her because of her failed relationship with Liam, and now she’s conscious of looking like a ringleader and turning the band against Nadine.

"What’s more, she can see that with Nadine gaining popularity, it would be a wise idea to start seriously talking about touring again.”

Speaking to last week, Kimberley said the trio had decided to speak out and rubbish claims they were plotting against Nadine, saying, “I didn’t like that negativity being out there.”

She added that Girls Aloud were, “Like family… You don’t necessarily choose your family, but you still love them. You always want to stick up for them and look out for them, but you might not want to spend every day with them.”

Unless, of course, there’s a hefty pay packet on the table.

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