Cheryl: ‘I’m not where I should be’

A lot has changed for our fave Geordie in the past ten years


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When the Queen celebrated her Diamond Jubilee in 2012, Cheryl played a big role in the celebrations – performing at the palace concert, and standing behind Her Maj when she came onstage at the end to greet the crowds.

But fast-forward ten years, and Cheryl no longer had a starring part as the Queen celebrated her Platinum Jubilee, which – we’re told – has left her teary at times and reassessing her career. “It seems like yesterday when Cheryl was performing with Gary Barlow at the palace – it really was one of the highlights of her career,” a source tells heat.

cheryl cole jubilee
at the diamond jubilee with gary barlow ©getty images

“So, this Jubilee was quite bittersweet, because for Cheryl, it was a reminder of how much her life has changed. The decade in-between has been tough, with highs and lows, and while [her son]Bear is by far the best thing that’s happened to her, she feels like there have been some mistakes and missed opportunities. Sometimes, she wishes she could wave a magic wand to go back and change a few things in order to make her life pan out differently.”

After the Diamond Jubilee, Cheryl – who was then at the height of her popularity as the nation’s sweetheart – had a short-lived marriage to French businessman Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini, following her divorce from first husband Ashley Cole.

cheryl cole jubilee
cheryl's crown has slipped ©shutterstock

In 2017, she became a mum for the first time after giving birth to son Bear, but her relationship with his dad, Liam Payne, soon ended and she’s been single ever since. Her career has also failed to live up to expectations and she hasn’t done anything for a few years, apart from advertise Feel vitamins on Instagram. And, we’re told, she feels she could be doing much more.

“Cheryl’s biggest regret is her career – she’s still baffled by how she went from being on such a high to where she is at the moment,” we’re told.

“She knows everyone has their 15 minutes, and that it’s tough to stay at the top, but her plan had been focused on moving on from being just a pop star into song writing and artist management, as well as TV work. But that hasn’t really happened.”

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The source continues, “She’s been trying to rebuild over the last six months. She turns 40 next year and wants one last chance to reboot her career, as well as, ideally, finding someone to settle down with. Bear is wonderful, but she really wants a man who she can share her life with.”

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