Why Coleen Rooney’s recruited Kate Ferdinand as an ally – including access to her infamous private Instagram account

Coleen's finally bonded with Kate Ferdinand

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While Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand forged a firm friendship in their Manchester United glory days, with the footballing heroes still close pals, their wives Coleen and Kate have never really been close – until now.

Insiders tell heat that the WAGs have bonded over their eldest sons, who are both promising young footballers, and have been turning to each other for support and advice.

Coleen’s 14-year-old son Kai and Kate’s stepson Lorenz are both set to follow in their fathers’ footballing footsteps. Kai enrolled in Manchester United’s youth academy three years ago, while Lorenz, 16 – Rio’s son with his late wife Rebecca Ellison – has recently signed to New Era Global Sports management, as he continues to play for the under-18s team at Brighton and Hove Albion.

Now, we’re told Coleen and Kate have found common ground. Our source says, “Coming into Rio’s life as his second wife was difficult for Kate, especially when it came to the friends he and Rebecca made as a couple. They were close with Wayne and Coleen, and Rebecca helped Coleen when she first became a mum.

“While Rio and Wayne have remained good friends, Coleen and Kate weren’t initially close. But over the years, they have gotten to know one another through their husbands, and have now bonded over both their oldest boys wanting to become professional footballers. They’re quite similar in lots of ways and Coleen has even trusted Kate to follow her private Instagram account.”

You know, the one that was the centre of the Rebecca Vardy / Wagatha Christie investigation.

Kate and Rio Ferdinand
Kate is stepmum to Rio's three children from his first marriage ©Getty Images/Jim Dyson/Redferns

Former TOWIE star Kate, 32, married Rio, 45, in September 2019, after meeting two years earlier while on holiday in Dubai. Kate – who went on to have Cree, three, and nine-month-old Shae with Rio – has opened up about her experience of parenting in a blended family after becoming a stepmum to her husband’s three children, Lorenz, Tate, 14, and Tia, 13.

In her book How To Build A Family, she reflected on her experience of entering a “bereaved home” following the death of Rebecca, who died of breast cancer in May 2015.

Kate wrote, “If I could bring Rebecca back, I would in an instant because of the pain I’ve seen in them. A child losing their parent is horrendous. You want to bring their mum back to make them happy, but you can’t. As a stepparent coming into a bereaved home, you can find yourself in situations where you feel like you’re walking in the steps of someone else’s life.”

Coleen, 38, shared a heartfelt tribute to Rebecca following her untimely death, aged just 34. The WAG wrote on social media, “Can’t believe I am actually writing this, absolutely devastated to hear the news about Rebecca.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Rio [and] their three beautiful children and family at this sad time. I have such happy memories of a devoted and loving mum. Rest in peace, Rebecca”.

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Where football is concerned, Coleen has witnessed all the highs and lows the sport can bring since meeting Wayne in her teens. She said in 2015 that they would “never put pressure” on their children to pursue a professional career in the sport, and with her years of experience on the sidelines, sources say it’s brought her and Kate closer of late as they discuss their sons’ futures.

“Kate wasn’t there for Rio’s footballing career, but Coleen has been through it all with Wayne and knows how hard it’s going to be watching Kai attempt to make it,” we’re told. “It’s the same for Kate as she goes through it with Lorenz.

“Both women are determined to support their children all the way. Kate is pleased she’s now being accepted by Rio’s old footballing friends, as she’s really worked hard to fit into his life.”

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