Coleen Rooney: ‘I’m over the lies’

The star 'won't bury her head in the sand' again

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With all the High Court drama of the last few months, we’d almost forgotten how much Coleen Rooney loves a holiday. Luckily for us, the WAG has been more than happy to remind us, spending last week sunning herself on a boat in Ibiza. And insiders tell heat the mum of four couldn’t have been happier to have escaped all the nonsense from back home, as she partied hard with friends and rebonded with husband, Wayne.

“After two summers of lockdown and the most stressful year of her life, you better believe Coleen is making the most of her holidays,”  said a source close to the 36 year old, who had only just returned from a family trip to Dubai with Wayne and their kids, Kai, 12, Klay, nine, Kit, six, and Cass, four. “She and Wayne had an amazing time, partying, eating, swimming and sunning themselves. They were waking up with hangovers most days and just going for it again in the evening – they had a blast.”

The source continues, “They were out there with a close group of mates and were able to really let their hair down after such a stressful time. They had a great laugh, it was exactly what Coleen needed.”

The smiles couldn’t have been wider last week, as the couple, who married in 2008, were pictured sunbathing on the beach, as well as by their hotel pool and on a succession of nights out with their friends. The group was also seen on a superyacht, with Coleen dancing and drinking as she sang along to Frank Sinatra’s New York, New York, laughing and hugging her friends.

It was her second getaway after the Dubai trip, which Coleen had called “the best family holiday”, after she photo-dumped pics on Instagram.

The family left the UK to start their summer of fun on the last day of the Wagatha Christie libel trial, which saw Rebekah Vardy, 40, accuse Coleen of ruining her life with claims that she was selling stories to newspapers, which Becky strenuously denied. Insiders say it’s been a hellish time for Coleen, and with the verdict due any day now, we’re told that the star was desperate to escape the attention – and the country.

Whoever loses could foot the legal bill for both sides, currently estimated to be around £3million, with the added stress of a PR disaster for both of the warring WAGs. “Everyone’s been pretty concerned about Coleen, especially her parents,” says the insider.

“This holiday was about taking her mind off the verdict and marking a new chapter. She wants to put the whole thing behind her, no matter what the judge ends up pronouncing.”

There has been one silver lining to the whole affair: it’s brought Coleen and Wayne, 36, closer together.

“Everyone’s noticed how good they seem these days,” says the friend. “They seem very much like a solid couple again. They aren’t ones for big PDAs, but they’ve been glued to each other throughout this holiday, whereas Coleen would usually be hanging out with the girls. She says Wayne’s been a changed man these past few months, and really stepped up for her during the trial.”

The former England captain was front and centre at the court case last month, arriving at the side of his childhood sweetheart each day. When called to testify for the defence, he spoke in support of Coleen, saying, “My wife is an independent woman,” adding, “I don’t want to be in court, I know my wife doesn’t want to be in court. I’ve watched my wife over the last two-and- a-half years struggle, become a different woman, a different wife.”

He went on to say they were looking forward to the result, saying, “Whatever judgement comes from this case, we can go on and live our lives.”

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His unwavering support was seemingly in contrast to Becky’s husband, Leicester City player Jamie, who appeared once during the week-long trial. heat’s source continues, “Seeing how much stress Coleen was under with the case and the effect it had on her was a bit of a wake-up call for Wayne. Coleen is, and has always been, Wayne’s biggest supporter, the one who keeps the family happy and cleans up his mess. But the tables have turned these last few months, and it felt like he was taking care of her.”

The source continues, “Everyone knows they have had their issues, but Coleen is done with all the lies and rumours about their marriage, and is keen to put any of that in the past. She won’t bury her head in the sand anymore – she feels like she’s proven that she and Wayne are a strong team. This court case has really brought them closer. They seemed like such a solid couple on holiday, having fun together. It was the first time in ages she was able to let go and just really let her hair down.”

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