Dani Dyer WARNED OFF bad boy ex Sammy Kimmence

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Dani Dyer

by Charlotte Oliver |

It’s a universally accepted truth that the best way to get over an ex is by snogging the face off someone else – seriously, no judgement here.

But we have a feeling that Dani Dyer may be rethinking her recent rebound – just 20 days after splitting from Jack Fincham – following a massive telling off from friends and family.

Last week, the Love Island star was pictured in a passionate embrace with her ex-boyfriend Sammy Kimmence, who’s said to have treated her badly in the past, and no one’s happy she’s opening old wounds. Pictures of Sammy holding a small sachet of powder while locking lips with Dani have also fuelled their concerns.

“Everyone thinks Sammy is bad news. He’s messed Dani around before and, after seeing those pictures of them snogging outside an Essex club, it’s reminded those close to her that she needs to get rid,” a source close to the reality star revealed last week. “Dani’s mum and dad had a word with her, along with her mates.

Dani Dyer
Dani Dyer ©Getty

Dani, 22, and Sammy, 23 – who, seemingly like every Essex bad boy, is a stockbroker/amateur footballer – reportedly dated for a year before she went on Love Island, where she met and pledged eternal love to Jack. While she’s never referenced Sammy by name, it’s believed he’s the ex she called a “major player”, who “was a liar and was seeing loads of girls behind [her] back” in her recent book. And, last week, there were even claims he was in a five-year relationship while he was seeing Dani last year.

After winning Love Island, Dani and Jack moved in together, but rumours persisted that they were headed for a split – not least after Dani apparently hit the roof when Jack admitted he’d taken cocaine on a night out in February. They finally confirmed their break-up earlier this month – and, judging by Jack’s reaction to the pics of Dani and Sammy mid-snogathon, there’s no love lost.

After Dani’s rebound went public, Jack, 26, liked a heap of Twitter comments criticising Dani’s behaviour, including one that told him he’d had a “lucky escape” . One fan tweeted, “True colours always show in the end.

“She always put Jack down and kept complaining about everything he did like she was miss perfect”, while another railed, “She obviously used Jack for fame.” Jack also seemed to give his Instagram a massive clean-up, with several photos of the former couple in happier times removed from view.

Meanwhile, Dani’s been dealing with the fallout of last week’s public PDA, which began outside a nightclub, before the pair headed home together.

Her protective dad, EastEnders star Danny, is reportedly furious, while both friends and fans have lashed out over the little bag of powder he was holding during their night out. Let’s hope she listens to their concerns – or, if not, at least listens to her own words of wisdom. In her book, Dani complained that dating her ex made her feel “like I was always the side dish in Nando’s. I was just the fried halloumi when all I wanted to be was the full chicken.”

Who knows if she’ll ever achieve main course status?

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