The Beckhams face backlash: ‘They’ll do anything for a cheque’

David's £10m deal with Qatar hasn’t gone down well with fans

Victoria Beckham and David Beckham

by Charlotte Oliver |

From where we’re sitting, they have the kind of wealth we can only dream of. But, as the saying goes, “The more you have, the more you want”. And according to insiders, the Beckhams want a lot – and don’t mind creating a bit of controversy to get it.

Last week, reports surfaced that David’s latest scheme involves a highly lucrative deal he’s just signed to be the media-friendly face of Qatar – which is known for its anti-homosexuality laws, as well as human rights abuses of migrant workers. Sources say that the former football player has been offered at least £10million to be the Gulf state’s ambassador, which will see him promoting the World Cup, which is due to be held there in 2022.

According to insiders, the “top secret” deal is being kept quiet “until there is an opportunity to land it without David’s PR being affected too much”. It is also only going ahead on the understanding that the country changes its homophobic policies.

Victoria Beckham and David Beckham

Many of David’s fans were quick to express their outrage that someone who’s previously said he’s “honoured to have the tag of gay icon” would want to promote a country where homosexuality is illegal. “He’ll do anything for a cheque,” wrote one online commenter, while another weighed in with, “Everything he does is for money or self-promotion.” A third added that David and his wife Victoria – who are vocal LGBTQ+ supporters, and count lifelong AIDS activist Elton John among their best friends – would “flog their souls for cash”.

Embarrassingly for the couple, just a day before the news of the £10m deal came out, Victoria had put up several Insta-stories in support of the Elton John Aids Foundation.

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Speaking to heat, a Beckham insider tells us that, when it comes to money, they are open to discussing all deals – especially since Victoria’s business has been hit hard by COVID, while David’s funneling cash into his football club Inter Miami (he’s reportedly invested another $11m). “David is arguing that Qatar is changing and the World Cup will help to change it even more. Football as a whole now has links with the country – he’s hardly the only person,” says our source. “And, with £10m on the table, he found it hard to turn down – especially after spending time with the in-laws.”

As heat has told you, since their son Brooklyn, 21, became engaged to actress Nicola Peltz, 26, this summer, the Beckhams have been awestruck and intimidated by the wealth and social standing of their soon-to-be in-laws, Nelson and Claudia Heffner Peltz – whose £1.3billion fortune massively eclipses their teeny tiny £336m. Having spent Christmas with the Peltzes in Miami, David and Victoria are apparently feeling like they need to pull out all the stops to up their wealth.

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“Nelson and Claudia have two private jets, a helicopter, about 20 cars, and mansions in the most exclusive areas of New York and Palm Beach in Florida,” we’re told. “David and Vic felt like the country relations when they stayed there. They had Champagne and cheese flown in from France, as well as food freshly prepared by famous chefs.”

The source adds, “On paper, the Beckhams have a significant amount, but what you don’t see is how much it costs to maintain their lifestyle: the staff bills, the houses, the travel expenses, the kids’ schools. They’ve realised that – in the Peltzes’ world – they’re not rich enough.”

Read more in the latest issue of heat magazine – OUT NOW.

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