David Beckham blows $24m on Miami party pad

Posh wanted a family home but he got his way

David Beckham

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It had been a source of tension between them for the past couple of years, but David and Victoria Beckham have finally bought a Miami home – after the former footballer got his way.

They have reportedly splashed out $24 million on a five-bedroom penthouse apartment in the heart of the city as a base following the launch of David’s new football club Inter Miami. We’re told club owner David had been holding out for this property ever since he saw it while Posh had wanted something more family friendly and secluded.

“The new Miami pad is a proper showstopper – it's breathtaking, so modern, with amazing views and seven-star luxury,’ says our insider close to the Beckhams, who're estimated to be worth a whopping £700m.

“At first Victoria was put off by how flashy it is – it's more like something they would have gone for back in the days of Posh & Becks bling, and she was mortified. Immediately she was saying 'not a chance' and trying to persuade David to go for something more 'old money' and tasteful. Because that's what she's all about these days. She had them looking at mansions in the top neighbourhoods, open to the water and with docks for boats. But David was hooked on this place and worked his magic – mainly by telling her he only wanted this apartment and Victoria relented – mainly because she knows to choose her battles. He's given her blank cheque to decorate it like he did with their London and Cotswolds homes, which both underwent multi-million pound renovations.”

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The extravagant property boasts five bedrooms, a state-of-the-art kitchen and a luxury swimming pool, while the building boasts a rooftop communal swimming pool, a helipad, a spa for treatments, hair and beauty salon, acai and juice bar and a sunbathing area. The family first viewed the property last year and while David will be spending the majority of time there on his own, at the time Victoria didn’t think it was suitable for when her and the kids – Brooklyn, 21, Romeo, 17, Cruz, 15, and eight-year-old Harper – came to visit.

“Initially Victoria had been worried and a little insecure about David there in Miami, especially when he was eyeing up places like the apartment,” our insider adds. “She was nervous about the new profile that came with his role at the club and how it would make him such a target for women again, especially doing all the socialising that is required – and throwing parties at this new place, while she would either be back in London with the kids or travelling for work. She feared the apartment would be some kind of 'bachelor' pad. But he’s assured her that’s not the case and that this would be perfect for them as a family.”

David, 44, had been due to spend more time in Miami following the launch of his own football team, with his family joining him during school holidays. However, since the coronavirus pandemic, all sports across the world have been cancelled until further notice. David and Victoria, 45, are currently staying at their Cotswolds home with their three youngest children – Brooklyn is in America with his girlfriend Nicola Peltz – and it has made Posh realise how lucky they are to have their lifestyle and each other. She's been really embracing the time together and last week the family posted more pictures to Instagram of them cooking, hanging out together and having a movie night in their cinema room.

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“Having spent the few weeks together in lockdown, well they've never been more of a family unit and never been more together – they've been planning the future and talking about Miami as a joint project, and she is feeling a lot more involved with the apartment because she will be decorating it,” we’re told. “Now in the midst of this pandemic, her view of life has changed – she's planning on living it up as soon as she can get out of lockdown and is determined to make the most of all they have.”

And that involves going out more and embracing the party scene and making themselves Miami’s ultimate family for when they are all out there together.

“Vic is talking about them needing to celebrate life more, throw more parties and become even more social and Miami is a big part of those plans too,” our source says. “Being cut off from the world has made her realise what she's missing out on, she hates being a recluse and wants to get back to being a social queen. Miami is a good place to do that – their London and Cotswolds homes are their private retreat from the world, the place where they are just normal family. But Miami can be the party place and now she’s accepted their new home, Vic is actually excited about it.”

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