Denise van Outen: ‘How I caught my cheating ex’

The star has lifted the lid on her shocking break-up

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by Elizabeth Ryan |

Denise Van Outen has proven time and again to be one of the strongest women in showbiz – and she’s had to be in recent months, after she discovered evidence her ex-fiancé Eddie Boxshall was having phone sex and secret dates with other women.

Last week, the TV star opened up about the dramatic end of her relationship, telling fans, “I was in pain and shock. I’d thought we had the perfect life.”

Writing in her new autobiography A Bit of Me, the 47 year old revealed how she’d found “disrespectful and devastatingly hurtful” explicit content, which went back three years, on Eddie’s iPad.

“Among photos was a screenshot… of a woman’s breasts – and they definitely weren’t mine!” she wrote, adding, “Also, there was a flirty text exchange between Eddie and this woman, which, of course, set off alarm bells.”

She also discovered selfies of Eddie with a woman in a bar on a day he had told her he was in London for business.

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Denise added that, despite her DJ partner denying any cheating, she spoke to one of the women, who confirmed their “conversations had become sexual in nature”.

Denise wrote, “To me, sexual chats and continued communication over a long period of time amount to cheating. Especially when it’s done from a home I’d strived to build for us as a family. A home that Eddie found and I bought for us.”

She continued, “If I hadn’t found those pictures, I’d be planning a wedding right now. Instead, I’ve simply got to move on.”

Denise later said she’d had to delay publishing her book because of the revelations, saying, “It was the toughest thing… The book was supposed to come out last November… [but] I found out everything that had been going on and I had to make a decision. We had to pull the book.”

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She went on to explain, “I couldn’t write an autobiography without being open and honest about my feelings,” adding, “The one thing I’m really proud of myself for is I do know when to walk away. I don’t like to be taken advantage of… I just feel like it’s really important as a woman to have self-worth and self-respect.”

Denise, who’s mum to Betsy, 11, from her previous relationship with actor Lee Mead, also said, “I’ve always tried to maintain that in anything that I do in life, generally. More so now as a mother because I feel like I’m a role model and I’ve got to set an example. The bad times are always followed by good times. I think you just ride the wave of the bad times knowing that eventually you will get to a good place.”

As heat recently reported, Denise revealed in January that she’d ended her seven-year relationship with Eddie, later telling fans, “I had to make the difficult decision not to continue in our relationship.”

But it seems her now-ex isn’t quite ready to let things go, with sources claiming Eddie, 49, is “desperate” to win Denise back. Last week, he shared two posts on Instagram, the first a short video declaring, “I’m so happy we met,” with the caption, “We met for a reason and for that I’m happy.” Later, he shared the words, “Love is more important than money.”

One fan pointedly replied, “Trust is more important than both,” with Eddie responding cryptically, “Not when money is your ONLY love in life.”

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It followed his tribute to Denise on International Women’s Day earlier this month, when he wrote, “I have to acknowledge that in our wonderful seven-and-a-half year relationship, I witnessed the hardest working and most driven woman in her business and amazing mummy to Betsy.”

Stay strong, Den.

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