Why Ferne McCann’s broodier than ever

She’s ready to expand her blended family

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by heat staff |

She hasn’t had the easiest time when it comes to romance. But, these days, Ferne McCann is living – and loving – her best life, dating estate agent Lorri Haines and helping out with his young son, while bringing up her four-year-old daughter Sunday. In fact – after confessing last week that he was “The One” and that they’re “looking to the future” – insiders say Ferne is getting seriously broody.

“She finally feels ready to have another child and Lorri is the perfect partner to do it with,” says a source close to Ferne, 31, who went public with the Dubai-based 30 year old in January.

“She loves seeing him with his son. He’s a really dedicated dad and she loves how he is with Sunday, as well.”

And, it seems, meeting BFF Sam Faiers’ new baby Edward is the cause of her recent broodiness. Our source adds, “Ferne’s besotted with Edward, and so is Sunday. It really made her miss having a newborn around.”

Last week, the First Time Mum star gushed about her five-month relationship, saying, “I get this comforting feeling when I’m around him.” She also opened up about how they’re “looking to the future”, revealing, “I’ve always said that I’ve wanted to expand my family and have more children.”

It follows a bumpy start for the pair, who were forced to defend themselves when a video leaked showing Lorri apparently taking drugs. He later insisted it was in his past, and Ferne backed him up, saying, “I can only judge the person I know today.”

Ferne is no stranger to headlines about her choice of men, after ex Arthur Collins – Sunday’s dad – was jailed for 20 years, for carrying out an acid attack in 2017.

All of which is why some of Ferne’s friends are now warning her not to rush in. “She knows things got off to a bit of a bumpy start with the drugs story,” says our source.

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“But the fact that Lorri took responsibility for it and has been open about turning his life around just makes Ferne trust him even more. Her family and friends are happy for her, but they’re concerned she could still be moving too fast. They’ve questioned how much Ferne really knows about Lorri.”

But, we’re told, she isn’t listening. “Obviously, what happened with Arthur was very traumatic for her and Sunday,” says our insider. “And, for a long time, Ferne thought she’d never find true love again. Then, Lorri came along, and he really changed the way she feels. They’re so ridiculously happy – they love the idea of a baby to bring their blended family together.”

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