heat’s Secret Crush 2021: The results

Who got you swooning this year? The results are in...

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by Charlotte Oliver |

We've said it once and we'll say it again: when it comes to sex symbols, there's no one size fits all approach. In fact, fit fellas comes in all shapes, sizes and age brackets - and heat believes they should all be celebrated.

So, once again, we gave you the power to choose the best of the unconventional bunch and boy, did you guys deliver one hell of a vote.

Some were Secret Crush regulars, others rocketed into the charts for the first time ever. They've all got one thing in common: their sex appeal has been overlooked for too long.

And here they are: the alternative heartthrobs who've been keeping your pulses racing and er, fannies fluttering these past 12 months...

CHECK OUT heat's Secret Crush 2021: the results


heat's Secret Crush 2021

heat's Secret Crush 2021 Frank Skinner
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He wakes us up every Saturday on his Absolute Radio breakfast show – which is almost as good as him waking us up in real life with breakfast in bed. One can dream.

heat's Secret Crush 2021 Boris Johnson
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Love him or loathe him, he got a fair few of your votes. Sure, Justin Trudeau might be known as the world's sexiest PM, but Bozza's in his rearview mirror.

heat's Secret Crush 2021 Rob Beckett
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His smile is dazzling enough, but it's Rob's merciless mockery of hapless C-listers on Celebs Go Dating that makes him truly drool-worthy. Rip the proverbial out of them, boo.

heat's Secret Crush 2021 Gary Lineker
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Any man who's willing to share his lifetime supply of Walker's crisps is already a winner. He also happens to have the bod of a man half his 60 years – and, luckily, he's not afraid to flaunt it.

heat's Secret Crush 2021 Eugene Levy
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The eyes may be the windows to the soul, but it's Eugene's eyebrows that draw us in. It's as if they have their own magnetic force field. Imagine cosying up to those bad boys every night. Dreamy.

heat's Secret Crush 2021 Ed Sheeran
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We've always had a soft spot for his flaming red hair and spine-tingling voice. But this year, Ed officially became a DILF, after daughter Lyra was born in August. Enough said.

heat's Secret Crush 2021 Bill Bailey
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Nothing is more attractive than a man who can do it all – whether it's spinning you round the dance floor, making you laugh or sharing his haircare tips.

heat's Secret Crush 2021 Shane Richie
8 of 25

Admittedly, we'd forgotten all about the lusty charm of Alfie Moon. But he landed back into our good books after keeping us howling on I'm A Celeb.

heat's Secret Crush 2021 Keir Starmer
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Let's put politics aside for a moment and judge Sir Keir on what really matters: his baby blue eyes, silver-fox hair, and the effortless way he wears a suit. We approve.

heat's Secret Crush 2021 Ant McPartlin
10 of 25

You guys aren't letting a little thing like the fact he just got engaged stop you from lusting after Newcastle's second sexiest man (see No7).

heat's Secret Crush 2021 Romesh Ranganathan
11 of 25

We can't get enough of this self-deprecating comedian-slash- rapper – especially now that his hit show The Ranganation is back, getting us through yet another lockdown.

heat's Secret Crush 2021 Greg Shepherd
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Sure, The Mummy Diaries revolves around Sam and Billie Faiers, but – let's be honest – we're really tuning in to see Billie's cheeky hubs, Greg.

heat's Secret Crush 2021 Rishi Sunak
13 of 25

Maybe it's cabin fever, maybe it's the fact that he's in charge of all that money. Either way, Dishy Rishi's gone from barely known to bona-fide sex symbol over the past 12 months.

heat's Secret Crush 2021 Prince Harry
14 of 25

Clearly, you weren't put off by him dropping his titles and upping sticks to the US. Could it be that Californian glow that's got you lusting?

heat's Secret Crush 2021 Andy Burnham
15 of 25

Sexy is the man who stands up for what he believes in – so it's no surprise that the Manc Mayor had us crushing on him after squaring up to the PM.

heat's Secret Crush 2021 Jake Wood
16 of 25

Time was when ol' Snake Hips topped our Secret Crush leaderboard for three years running. Still, Top 10 is no mean feat.

heat's Secret Crush 2021 Louis Theroux
17 of 25

Remember that bit in his doc Love Without Limits when he attends a "sensual eating party" and gets topless for the cause? Admit it: you wish you were there with him.

heat's Secret Crush 2021 Lewis Capaldi
18 of 25

He recently joked he wouldn't be joining OnlyFans anytime soon, saying, "Got a wee cock, unfortunately." Clearly, you guys were intrigued...

heat's Secret Crush 2021 Declan Donnelly
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He may be 3.5in shorter than his best bud Ant, but Dec's head and shoulders above him when it comes to secret saucepots. Babes, we are ready to rhumble.

heat's Secret Crush 2021 Piers Morgan
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He's won it for the last two years, but Piers failed to score a hat-trick this time round. He reckons it's because his fans are now proud to fancy him.

heat's Secret Crush 2021 James Acaster
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They say a funny man can laugh you into bed. And James is very funny – as evidenced by his meringue-piping on last year's Celebrity Bake Off.

heat's Secret Crush 2021 Noel Fielding
22 of 25

Not a day goes by when we don't either fancy a cheeky bit of cake or a cheeky slice of Noel. So, seeing them together on GBBO is almost overwhelmingly tasty.

heat's Secret Crush 2021 Jordan North
23 of 25

There was just something about Jordan's almost-paralysing fear of snakes on last year's I'm A Celeb that had you guys going gooey for this humble lad. Take us to your "happy place" (Burnley FC's Turf Moor), Jord.

heat's Secret Crush 2021 Matt Dyson
24 of 25
CREDIT: Absolute Radio

Guys, this man here proves the incredible power of democracy – and a sexy voice. The DJ was a little bemused when, last month, he appeared on our longlist. After all, he's long been a stalwart sidekick to Dave Berry on his Absolute Radio breakfast show, but he's never quite achieved solo heart-throb status. But, clearly, his fan base knew the true Adonis lurking within and they voted in their thousands. There is no shame in second place.

heat's Secret Crush 2021 Perri Kiely
25 of 25

Eat your heart out, Piers - revenge is sweet for our newly-crowned Casanova.

WATCH Jordan Banjo and Perri Kiely rip into each other and it's HILARIOUS in Who's Most Likely To?

Perri Kiely chats to heat about his Secret Crush win

Perri Kiely heat Secret Crush winner 2021

Congrats on winning heat’s highest accolade!

Thanks, I am truly buzzing. I’ve been so low-key, saying it’s no big deal [being on the voting shortlist], because I didn’t think I’d make it. But I’d have been heartbroken if I didn’t.

How does it feel to have knocked Piers Morgan off his high horse?

I’m very happy. Piers thinks a lot of himself, so it’s good to knock him down a bit. Plus, I know he was a Britain’s Got Talent judge when we won, but he actually voted against Diversity, so this is the ultimate revenge!

What do you reckon gave you the edge?

I think it was my dashing good looks, the four eyes...

The modesty?

Exactly. Being all-round humble... Also, I did strip on TV last year [in The Full Monty], so maybe that’s why.

We’ve known you since you were 13. Now that you’re 25, are you happy that fans can appreciate you as a fully-fledged heartthrob?

Yes, I’m the man! I think people have finally discovered I don’t live in Neverland, I’ve grown up – and now I’ve won Secret Crush. Literally, I reckon my life has been leading me to this moment. I can’t wait to tell my mum – she’ll be ecstatic.

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Where are you going to keep the award?

Strapped to my chest at all times. I’m not hiding it in my house. I’ll carry it around like it’s my only friend.

What do the Diversity gang think?

Jordan [Banjo, his Kiss FM co-presenter] was actually really happy for me. I thought he’d be gutted that I won. But he must be burning with jealousy, and I’ll be rubbing it in everyone’s faces.

What does your girlfriend [production assistant Laura Smith] make of the honour?

She’s going to be very proud, and I’ll be rubbing it in her face, too. How lucky is she, to be dating the winner of heat Secret Crush 2021?

Have you got any big plans for Valentine's Day?

This is actually my first Valentine’s ever with a girlfriend. It’s a big one, so the award will definitely be coming out. But she can’t touch it.

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