Are Jack Fowler and Wes Nelson still friends?

The Love Island 2018 stars were part of the infamous Do Bits Society

Jack Fowler and Wes Nelson

by Eden-Olivia Lord |

Love Island 2018 series was a pretty iconic series with Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer winning the show, Dr Alex George being more interested in cars than Alexandra Cane and of course, the DBS society.

If you cast your mind back to series four of the show Wes Nelson started the Do Bits Society which was basically where all the boys on the show gathered together and discussed what they'd done in the bedroom with their other halves.

It appeared that Jack Fowler, Wes Nelson and Josh Denzel were BFFs inside and outside the villa.

love island josh denzel jack fowler wes nelson
josh, jack and wes in the villa together in 2018 ©ITV

In February 2019, Jack even took them to famous Essex hotspot Sheesh for the first time.

"I can confirm that tonight the DBS is reuniting in Sheesh. Wes and Josh ain't been there, so I am taking them there," he said on his Instagram Story.

However after a quick look on Jack and Wes' Instagram profiles it appears that they may no longer be quite as close as they once were.

First up, there's not one photo of Jack on Wes' Instagram page. Now he may have archived a lot of photos but there's still pictures on Wes and Josh together on his Insta.

As for Jack's Instagram, the majority of his photos alongside Wes were all posted in 2019 except one snap but it's actually a dedicated happy birthday post to Josh.


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The plot thickens because Josh managed to post two photos of the famous trio together in 2020 but Jack and Wes were pretty much absent from each other's Instagram posts.

Now they did all reunite in 2020 (alongside Eyal Booker) for the spin-off show Love Island: What Happened Next? but other than that, they've barely posted together and they rarely like each other's Instagram posts.

Since leaving the villa Jack went on to star on Celebs Go Dating, he's released music and confessed that he was almost tipped for TOWIE.

Meanwhile Wes starred on Dancing on Ice, he teamed up with Dave to launch his music career and surprised everyone with his first single See Nobody and he revealed that he's absolutely minted and "never has to work again".

And although they've both released music, Jack had previously insisted that career deals wouldn't get in the way of his friendships.

"You're your own person. The way I look at it, if I don’t get the job and someone else is offered it, it's because I wasn't right. It weren't because anyone's better than me, they just wanted something different.

"I've never fallen out with anyone just because they got a job over me, but I keep my friends close," he told the Mirror.

Last year after Wes and Arabella Chi split, he moved in with Josh Denzel and opened up to Closer magazine about their friendship.

"Josh was so great to me, and helped distract me. He and our other housemate Jon were so supportive of my music, too. It was so nice to be living with my two best friends.

"I’ve since moved out, but they’re only ten minutes from me, which is great."

The plot has thicken because after one of Wes' Instagram followers asked why happened to the DBS society, he responded cryptically with the Instagram photo below...

wes nelson
©instagram / wesnelson

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