Jared Leto is topless, wearing leggings and a BUM BAG in the best photo ever

Jared, we salute you

Jared Leto

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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We admire any man who’s able to wear leggings with any amount of aplomb whatsoever. Until this moment in time, the sum of men who have looked good in leggings has been precisely NULL.

Key examples: George Galloway on CBB in a catsuit, your boss in the lift in the morning all sweaty in his cycling shorts, Russell Brand and ‘is tight yog-errrr pants (that’s how he’d pronounce it).


He’s posted up this cheeky photo on Twitter and is it just us, or does he actually looks extremely fit?

We repeat, he is wearing TIE-DYE LEGGINGS and managing not to look totally absurd.

Or if he does look absurd, it’s in a hot way.

And we’ve not yet discussed the pinnacle of the photo: Jared is also wearing a BUM BAG. A glorious red bum bag. Or fannypack, as they’d call it in the States (ha).

Jared also has a dip dye and his chest out and gosh, he looks FINE.

We have no idea what he’s doing in the desert looking all windswept and sexy with his thighs all bedecked in legging, and you know what, we don’t care, either.

Just keep doing what you’re doing, Jared. It works just fine, and you might even get a contract with American Apparel out of it. Damn.

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