Joe Jonas dresses up as Game of Thrones fiancée Sophie Turner and it’s EVERYTHING 😂

We cannot COPE.

Joe Jonas / Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark

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Joe Jonas had his fans in hysterics yesterday (15th April) when he took to Instagram to honour his Game Of Thrones superstar fiancée Sophie Turner, as the show returned for it's long awaited eighth season.

The singer strut his stuff in a medieval-inspired dress, sporting a gorgeous red wig with a side of SASS, giving us serious Sansa Stark vibes, who Sophie plays in the series. Captioning the video, 'MOOD', all we can say is...He has definitely done this before.

Strutting into the well-known Game Of Thrones theme tune, the 'Sucker' singer flexed a boss hair-flick before he sashayed away.

Raking in a over 1.5 million likes, the hilarious vid attracted the attention of plenty of his fellow celebs, including his brother Nick Jonas' wife Priyanka Chopra, who commented, 'Tooooo good!! �' [sic].

Speaking in brutal honesty, talk-show host and Instagram star Claudia Oshry even wrote, 'Easily mistaken for Fiona from shrek.' [sic].

Swipe through the Jonas Brothers now and then in their best throwback pics...


Jonas Brothers now and then - their best throwback pics

Jonas Brothers1 of 8


Ah, Kevin. That's the face we all pulled when we realised how BLOODY YOUNG Nick looks.

Jonas Brothers2 of 8


You know when you walk past those barber shops with really old example photos in the window?Yeah, that.

Jonas Brothers3 of 8


Fun fact: Kevin Jonas made the bandana trend cool way before Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski.

Jonas Brothers4 of 8


Joe's MySpace fringe is nothing short of iconic.

Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus5 of 8


JoBros + Hannah Montana = our entire childhood in one image. SIMPLER TIMES.

Jonas Brothers6 of 8


And, just like that, puberty happened.

Jonas Brothers7 of 8


We stanned buzzcut Nick #sorrynotsorry.

Jonas Brothers8 of 8
CREDIT: Jonas Brothers


So pouty. So suave. So...FASHWAAN.

Fans also jumped into the comments section to share in the hilarity, with one writing, 'This is actually hilarious' [sic] and another simply writing, 'HAHAHA 😂😂😂' [sic].

We know what you're thinking - how does he pull off such style, elegance and grace so easily!? Well this ain't Joe's first rodeo, as the star dressed up in a similar outfit last Halloween, taking to Instagram to show off some serious smoulder game...

Joe and Sophie, who stars in the HBO fantasy as Sansa Stark, became engaged in October 2017, and we have envied all of their cutesy couple Insta's ever since.

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