Katarina Johnson-Thompson reveals how to stay fit over the Christmas period 🎄

Fitness tips straight from the medallist's mouth!

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Award-winning British athlete Katarina Johnson-Thompson is just like us - she loves to dabble in a warming Baileys at Christmas, and snuggle up on the sofa watching festive films. But just how does she stay in top shape during the holidays? Find out below, and get her top tips on how you can, too...

Eat and drink in moderation

"This year I'll be spending Christmas in Liverpool, and I’ll be training right up until December 23rd in France. But I’ll have until the 2nd January in Liverpool with my family, just eating, chilling in Christmas pyjamas and watching The Holiday!

"As an athlete, I’m not actually that strict with my diet, but I do try to keep everything in moderation all year round. However, during the Christmas period I definitely feel like my plate starts to pile up! To counteract this, I don’t normally drink on Christmas as I end up eating more than normal, so I’ll have one Baileys and opt to drink on New Year's Eve instead."

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Workout in the great outdoors

"I worked out on Christmas day last year, in Liverpool I ran up and down the hills near my house pre-Christmas dinner. It’s not that much of a big deal to workout on Christmas Day, it was a nice fresh morning and good to get out. Christmas is a good time for long outdoor runs and hill hikes. It's also a good time to try things like yoga, which I'm currently trying to incorporate into my weekly routine as I’m not flexible and it helps with flexibility."

Set mini fitness tasks

"I set New Year’s resolutions on my phone and like to check back a year after to see if it’s happened. Last year I set myself a goal to see to get three medals of any colour and then when I checked back I had actually done that. But I also try to set realistic goals every week, and it’s satisfying to tick them off. At home you can do the same - set yourself a few realistic fitness goals to achieve over Christmas, like running up and down the stairs five times, or ab workouts."

Eat healthy snacks

"Eating a healthy, tasty snack of Christmas is a real treat. My current favourite is the Müllerlight Amore Italian Inspired - it’s got flavour, but it’s fat free at the same time."

Katarina Johnson-Thompson is a Müllerlight brand Ambassador and a member of the Müller Athletic Squad. Müllerlight Amore Italian Inspired, is super thick, creamy tasting, fat free, high in protein and under 85 calories. Available in Morello Cherry, Sicilian Lemon and Hazelnut.

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