Kate and Rio Ferdinand: a relationship timeline 💑

These two are total goals

Kate Wright and Rio Ferdinand

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Kate Wright and Rio Ferdinand are up there with Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright and Olivia and Alex Bowen as our ultimate couple goals.

After keeping their romance under wraps for the first few months of their relationship, Kate and Rio have upped their social media PDA game. When they're not strolling around Disneyland Paris looking ridiculously adorbs and super loved up, they're putting us all to shame with their couple's work outs.

Don't even get us started on those holiday snaps - we're not bitter at all.

From their romantic proposal in Dubai, to their gorgeous wedding in Turkey we're obsessed with them.

And afterthe happy couple announced they're expecting a baby, we thought we'd have a look back at their relationship from the very beginning...

Check out: Kate and Rio Ferdinand's relationship from the beginning


Kate Wright and Rio Ferdinand relationship timeline

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Kate Wright and Rio Ferdinand's relationship timeline: Swipe through to see how their romance has blossomed

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January 2017: Rio's spotted leaving Kate's house

Rumours first started to circulate about a possible romance between footballer Rio Ferdinand and TOWIE star Kate Wright back in January 2017, after Rio was spotted leaving her house in Essex.Kate had recently split from her co-star Dan Edgar, while Rio's wife Rebecca sadly passed away in 2015 after a short battle with cancer.

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July 2017: Kate and Rio spotted out together

Kate and Rio officially went public with their relationship, after being spotted out for a romantic drink in London. Read more on that here.

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July 2017: Kate and Rio go Instagram official

Kate and Rio went Insta official when Rio shared an adorable family snap featuring Kate and his three kids wearing matching trainers.

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July 2017: Kate and Rio go Instagram official

Kate then shared a similar pic, confirming she's been spending time with Rio's family.

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August 2017: Kate makes her debut on Rio's Instagram

In August 2017, Rio shared a snap from his family holiday in Portugal featuring Kate bang in the middle. He captioned the photo, 'Decent day with the fam ❤ufe0f '

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September 2017: Kate quits showbiz to focus on new family

Kate Wright reveals she's quit showbiz and reality TV in order to focus on being a step-mum to Rio's three kids, Lorenz, Tate and Tia.She said, "I'm taking a step back from the public eye, I want to keep my life private as I lived my previous relationship on TOWIE, my priority right now is Rio and the family."

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September 2017: Kate and Rio move in together

Speculation starts to mount over Kate and Rio's living situation, as Kate posts a number of workout selfies from Rio's home gym.

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October 2017: Kate shares first couple picture with Rio

After months of keeping us waiting and teasing pictures on Instagram, Kate finally posted her and Rio's first couple picture. And it's hilarious.

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October 2017: Kate and Rio holiday in Dubai

In October, Kate and Rio enjoyed a romantic holiday together in Dubai.

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October 2017: Kate shares Halloween snap of Rio's kids

Seemingly stepping up to her role as step-mum, Kate shared a (slightly terrifying) picture of Rio's kids dressed up for Halloween on Instagram.

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November 2017: Kate and Rio prepare for first Christmas together

In November 2017, Rio posted his first picture of him and Kate together with a festive post on Instagram.

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December 2017: Rio shares ADORBS couple pic on Instagram

After months of keeping their romance under wraps, the couple are now living the PDA life all over social media.

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December 2017: Kate spends Christmas with Rio and his kids

Rio shared another family snap, revealing Kate was spending Christmas with him and his three children. And their matching PJs are TOO much.

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January 2018

To mark the end of 2017, Rio shared a post dedicated to Kate. Below the cute throwback snap he wrote, "To say 2017 has been a tough year would be a huge understatement. Some dark moments but brightness has been spread around me and mine by this one in many different forms. Christmas being just 1 example, all the thoughtful little details that make things that much better for all of us ud83dude18 little throwback pic."

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January 2018: Kate also shares touching throwback

Kate also took to Instagram to reflect on the last year, paying tribute to Rio and his family. She wrote, '2017.... the hardest but most rewarding year yet! Ups & downs but I have gained 4 of the most precious people ud83eudd17.... Happy new year everyone, I hope your year is filled with health & happiness, keep your loved ones close ❤ufe0f❤ufe0f .'

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January 2018: Kate and Rio in Disneyland

Kate and Rio are the definition of couple goals as they pay a visit to Disneyland Paris.

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January 2018: Kate and Rio's daughter Tia wear matching outfits

Just when we thought Kate and Rio couldn't get any more adorable, Kate posts a super sweet snap wearing a matching outfit with Rio's daughter Tia. Our hearts.

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March 2018: Kate pays tribute to Rio's children

She wrote, "Happy Mother's Day to my lovely mum ud83dudc97 I love you so much. Although I am lucky to have my mum here with me today I can't help but feel so overwhelmed and full of emotions that both Rio and the children don't have their mums with them today. "We are living in a house full of grief trying to get through and days like today just feel so tough. Celebrate your mother's and keep them close. ud83dudc97 & happy Mother's Day to all the step mums out there it's a hard role that I don't think anyone often gets the credit they deserve for it. If you aren't being celebrated make sure u know u r doing an amazing job."

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May 2018: Kate reveals Rio's kids have been begging them to have a baby

Kate revealed, "At the beginning, I could never imagine the kids would talk about the future with me. When I'd pick them up from school they'd say I was an aunt, then it turned to their dad's girlfriend and now they say I'm their step-mum. "On a daily basis, they'll ask 'when are you giving us a baby brother or sister?' I have to say 'not yet'. They'll say 'when do you want to get married, we want to be bridesmaids'."

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May 2018: Rio thanks ‘beautiful girlfriend’ Kate in heartfelt BAFTA speech

Rio picked up the award for best documentary at the ceremony following his touching documentary Rio Ferdinand: Being Mum and Dad, which focussed on dealing with grief and raising his three children after his wife died in 2015.He said, "I'm just pleased to say that this documentary has played a part in propelling me forward into a period of happiness in my life now where my kids are very happy. I've got a beautiful girlfriend now and we are making steps in the right direction."

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May 2018: Kate praises Rio after BAFTA win with beautiful post

She wrote, "My baby won a bafta!!! Overwhelmed with emotion for you... Feels strange to be happy through winning something through sadness, but I'm so happy for you, for raising awareness and helping others. You are amazing, here is to the future , but always keeping the past in our hearts. I love you ❤ufe0f."

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May 2018: Rio opened up about plans to marry Kate

Rio told the Daily Star, "We do talk about it. But I'm not going to sit here and give you a date."

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November 2018: Rio and Kate got ENGAGED!

Rio and Kate shared photos on Instagram, revealing that Rio had proposed to Kate on holiday in Abu Dhabi with his kids' approval. Rio wrote, ''She said yes ud83dudc8d ❤ufe0f How these 3 kids kept it a secret I'll never know ud83eudd37ud83cudffd‍♂ufe0f❤ufe0f❤ufe0f❤ufe0f❤ufe0f❤".Kate added, "The perfect end to our holiday ... How could the answer not be yes ❤ufe0f❤ufe0f."

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September 2019: Kate and Rio get married in Turkey

Just one-year after THAT cute proposal, Kate and Rio were joined by close family and friends as they tied the knot at a luxury hotel in Turkey.

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June 2020: Kate and Rio announce they are expecting a baby

In June 2020, Kate and Rio shared a super-cute video to their Instagram pages, revealing they are expecting their first child together. Rio's three children, Tia, Lorenz and Tate, were over the moon at the news, expressing their love in the video.

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July 2020: Kate's fans became convinced of her baby's gender after her sweet bump snap

After Kate posted a holiday snap taken by step-daughter Tia in July 2020, her fans became convinced she was having a little girl! Due to an old wives tale, Kate followers think she could be having a girl, because of where her bump is sitting. One wrote in the comments, 'Looks like u r having a girlud83dudc97ud83dudc97ud83dudc97,' as another added, 'You definitely have a girl bump! Enjoy every moment x.'

Seriously, can these two just get a room or something?

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Kate's pregnancy news comes shortly after she joked that the kids were 'banning' her and Rio from having sex.

"Conversations have got a bit graphic with the kids. They’re saying, ‘When are you going to do it, then?’ It’s so funny.

"One of them said, ‘You’re not going to have [sex] in lockdown while we’re in the house, so I think you’re going to have it in October.’ I’m like, ‘I can’t believe I’m having this conversation!’"

She went on to tell The Sun that due to lockdown she hasn't had much alone time with Rio, "That’s just part of being a parent, isn’t it? Where is the love life?

"We’re getting a little bit of time here and there, but I wouldn’t call it couple time."

Well in a few months time we doubt they'll have a lot of spare time because they'll be a family of six.

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