Katie Price and Kieran Hayler: a timeline of their turbulent relationship

It wasn't third time lucky for the Pricey

Katie Price Kieran Hayler

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We really feel for Katie Price right now. She recently shared some sad news on Loose Women, that she suffered a miscarriage just before discovering husband Kieran Hayler had been cheating on her with their nanny, Nikki Brown.

And, on top of this, her mum Amy has been diagnosed with a terminal lung disease.

Katie Price
Credit: ITV / Loose Women) ©ITV / Loose Women

After Kieran's latest infidelity, Katie's third marriage appears to be over. The pair had plenty of ups and downs over the course of their four-year relationship so we took a look back at where it all went wrong.

When did Kieran Hayler and Katie Price meet?

December 2012: Love at first BBM

Katie Price Kieran Hayler

Less than two months after splitting from fiancé Leandro Penna, Katie meets Kieran on online chat service Blackberry Messenger (what a throwback). The two make their relationship public and then Kieran, who was working as a builder and part-time stripper, proposes to Katie on Christmas Day.

Kieran Hayler and Katie Price's wedding

January 2013: Wedding numero uno

Wasting no time, the couple married in an intimate ceremony in the Bahamas on 16 January 2013. This was Katie's third marriage after previously tying the knot to I'm A Celebrity camp mate Peter Andre and cage fighter Alex Reid.

Katie Price wedding dress

Katie Price gets pregnant

February 2013: Preggo Pricey

In keeping with the whirlwind relationship, Katie soon became pregnant. One month after the couple married, Katie announced that she was expecting her fourth child.

March 2013: #blessed

The couple then got their marriage blessed in March of the same year. The Willy Wonka-themed blessing bash was attended by the likes of Rylan Clark, Lauren Goodger and Danielle Lloyd.

Kieran Hayler and Katie Price have their first baby

August 2013: Premature birth

Katie Price children

Katie and Kieran's first child together, Jett Riviera Hayler, was born eight weeks premature on 12 August following an emergency caesarean. "I went through a nightmare. The baby's heart rate was also really low. The next thing I know the nurse is in my room saying get ready now," she told The Mirror of the traumatic birth :(

Kieran cheats with Katie's best friend Jane Pountney

May 2014: Kieran's cheating emerges

Out of nowhere, Katie drops the shocking bombshell that Kieran cheated on her with best friend Jane Pountney, who was a bridesmaid at their wedding. After the HUGE revelation, Katie raged on Twitter: "@kieron0322 has confessed this today they are both lying cheating c**ts."

It was especially bad timing as just days earlier Katie had revealed that she was expecting their second child. After feeling unwell on holiday in Cape Verde, the former glamour model visited doctors who told her she was in fact six months pregnant.

Katie Price Jane Pountney tweet
©Katie Price Twitter

Katie caught Kieran and Jane IN THE MIDDLE of a sex act on a Cape Verde beach, and it was later revealed that she left her former best friend with a black eye and missing tooth. Blimey, don't mess with the Pricey.

The full extent of Kieran's infidelity was exposed after he was made to take a lie detector test and it came out that he'd been doing the dirty with Jane for months. Unsurprisingly, he was given the boot from their Surrey home.

Kieran's sex addiction

June 2014: Kieran undergoes sex therapy

Blaming his affair on a sex addiction, Kieran began seeing a therapist in order to salvage his relationship with Katie. It then comes out that he had cheated with ANOTHER of Katie's friends, Chrissy Thomas, but she vows to stick by him during his treatment.

Kieran Hayler Katie Price mum

August 2014: Bunny in the oven

KAtie Price pregnant

A couple of months later, Katie has another premature birth when daughter Bunny is born two weeks early. She confirms that she's back together with Kieran one day later.

February 2015: Renewing their vows

A month after celebrating their second wedding anniversary, Katie and Kieran renew their wedding vows in a ceremony that was actually pretty low-budget compared to her previous six ceremonies.

In her speech, Katie didn't hold back (does she ever?) with a 'hard-hitting' rant about his previous affairs. Kieran used his speech to make yet another apology for being unfaithful.

June 2016: The old Kieran is 'dead'

Katie Price Loose Women

Katie takes part in a Loose Women discussion about whether it was 'weak' to take back a cheating partner and declares it was the 'best thing' she ever did. You're clearly forgetting about Free to Love Again, Katie hun.

She claims that the old Kieran is 'dead' and that he's a new man: "Everyone now says they can't believe it's been over two years. They can see a change and they can see a change in Kieran," she said.

Katie Price and Scotty T?!?!?!?

October 2016: Those Scotty T rumours

Scotty T and Katie Price

Geordie Shore star/self-proclaimed 'Turbo Dick' Scotty T is spotted with Katie outside her hotel before going inside for a suspected two hours, which obvs got the rumour mill spinning.

Even though he'd charmingly once described her as a 'pua milf', Scott denied anything untoward happened. He insists that he only went into the room to change before a PA and that other people were present in the room.

Scotty T Katie Price tweet

"I'm know I'm bad, but I'm not that bad. I don't sleep with married women," he tells The Sun. Nice to know he has some limits.

Despite this, Katie decides to take a break from Loose Women to work on her marriage with Kieran. Speaking on the show, she reveals to viewers that writing her sixth autobiography Reborn opened old wounds about Kieran's infidelity and that the couple were going to relationship therapy.

Katie Price and THAT Christmas party

December 2016: Another boozy breakdown

Katie Price Dane Bowers

After being paid £13,000 to host a Christmas party, Katie gets mortal and is pictured wandering around the toilets with her boobs out. She also proclaims that her ex Dane Bowers is the 'love of her life' in front of the whole party. Awks for Kieran.

May 2017: A month of ups and downs

Despite declaring that she was going to give up drinking at the start of the year, Katie is seen in a Miami nightclub looking 'wasted' and is rumoured to have kissed a mystery man. A witness told The Sun: "Katie seemed wasted. She was visibly very woozy but seemed to perk up a bit when she got chatting to this guy. They were very touchy feely, and at one point he leant up behind her and put his arms around her waist."

A few weeks later, Katie and Kieran put on a united front on an episode of Loose Women. He calls her his 'guardian angel' and reveals that he hasn't had sex therapy in over a year.

Kieran Hayler Loose Women

July 2017: Tom Zanetti texts are exposed

In the couple's new TV show, My Crazy Life, Kieran reveals that Katie has been texting DJ Tom Zanetti. Katie and Tom met when they worked on music together and she then sent him flirty messages.

Talking about the texts, Kieran said: "She sent loads of messages last year to Tom Zanetti describing how much she loved him… how much she wanted to change her name to his name when they got married and had kids."

Katie Price Tom Zanetti
(Credit: Instagram / officialkatieprice) ©Instagram / officialkatieprice

"I caught her out three times. The third time her phone was in the front of the car and on the front of the screen I saw a message from Rebecca Botox Manchester but the picture was of Tom Zanetti. She'd changed his name to a woman's name so I didn't notice."

Katie didn't seem too bothered, telling the cameras: "Do I feel bad? No, I don't really. At the end of the day I didn't do anything with him unlike Kieran who cheated on me. It was just flirty texts."

Katie Price Tom Zanetti
(Credit: Quest TV) ©Quest TV

Katie Price and Kieran Hayler divorce

August 2017: Divorce

Katie announces that she is divorcing Kieran after discovering emails on his phone which expose an affair with their nanny, Nikki Brown. "The first time out found out he cheated, I felt so heartbroken," she told The Sun. "This time it was just pure anger. I haven't cried yet because I'm still in shock. I feel numb, I can't believe he's done it again."

katie price loose women

Both Kieran and Nikki initially denied Katie's accusations, with Nikki declaring to the Mail Online: "It's all a little story that comes from her head. I'm going to clear my name," but Kieran soon admits that he's relapsed into sex addiction.

katie price kieran hayler

"This wasn't a big love affair, I didn't fancy Nikki," he told The Sun on Sunday. "I’m a sex addict and needed a thrill. If our nanny had been 80 I’d probably have tried to manipulate her into having sex too."

September 2017: Moving on

Katie Price twitter Huggle

Katie now appears to be ready to move on after apparently signing up to dating app Huggle. On 10 September she tweets: "Onwards and upwards! The girls are telling me to get on Huggle. Gonna give it a go!"

Could this be where Katie meets husband number four?

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