Why Kim Kardashian can’t get a man

She needs someone seriously rich and famous

kim kardashian struggling move on kanye west

by Elizabeth Ryan |

From Ray J to Kris Humphries to Kanye West – Kim Kardashian’s life in the spotlight has seen her move from one famous man to a much more famous new one. But now, she’s single at 40, and friends say the reality star is struggling to find her next big relationship.

In fact, despite being one of the world’s most beautiful and wealthy women, she’s getting turned down, politely ignored and outright snubbed.

Kim Kardashian struggling move on Kanye West

“Kim’s having a tough time finding someone high-profile, powerful and sexy enough to move on with,” says an insider close to the mum of four, who recently split from Kanye after seven years of marriage.

“She tentatively started dating again in February, but it’s been one knock-back after another. Kim’s had her eye on a few movie stars, some top NBA players, entrepreneurs and a couple of musicians. She has even texted a few of them directly, and they’ve all politely passed or given her the brush off. No one wants the drama that comes with dating Kim.”

It follows the news that old Kanye – with whom Kim has children North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm – is getting hot and heavy with supermodel Irina Shayk after they were photographed in France celebrating the rapper’s birthday.

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Damon Thomas and Kim Kardashian

Real Kim fans will actually know that she first got married in 2000 when she was just 19 years old. She eloped with then boyfriend Damon Thomas - who is 10 years older than her – but they didn't last and split in 2003. Kim has since said that she was actually on ecstasy during their wedding.

“Whatever Kim says, seeing them together is a kick in the teeth,” says heat’s source. “When she filed for divorce, she was worried about how it might look to start dating again. She didn’t want to seem insensitive, since Kanye was so upset about the break-up. She had no idea he would end up moving on first – especially not with someone as hot as a Russian supermodel.”

Pre-Kanye, aspiring lawyer Kim was married to music producer Damon Thomas for three years, and then – infamously – to basketball player Kris Humphries for 72 days. She’s also dated the likes of rapper Ray J, presenter Nick Cannon and NFL star Reggie Bush.

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“Funnily enough, Kim had this same problem after her marriage to Kris,” says our insider. “At the time, she went all out to win Reggie back, but it didn’t work. She then got rejected by a bunch of other guys before she got together with Kanye.”

There is one man on the horizon, though – high-profile US lawyer, TV presenter and activist Van Jones. The pair have been linked in recent months, after working together on a documentary about prison reform, The First Step, and we’re told, “There are still a few guys on Kim’s list to try before she takes her friendship with Van to the next level – if he’s even interested. But all in all, it’s extremely embarrassing, and it is hitting Kim’s self-esteem pretty hard.”

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