Lauren Goodger: ‘I want to look like Lil’ Kim’

The reality star has tracked down her surgeon...

Lauren Goodger

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One of Lauren Goodger’s recent Instagram selfies prompted comments such as, “What have you done to your face?” and, “Oh my god can’t believe this picture, it’s actually sad to look at.”

But even though the former TOWIE star’s followers are begging her to stop altering her looks, we’re told she’s planning a holiday and a fresh round of surgery. And she has a particular inspiration for the trip – rapper Lil’ Kim.

“Lauren wants a drastic new look and so she’s been researching all the plastic surgeons the celebs use in the US,” a source close to the star tells heat.

“She’s found a clinic in New York, which is where Lil’ Kim got all her work done. She’s barely recognisable these days, but Lauren thinks she looks great.”

Reality star Lauren – whose previous surgery reportedly includes a nose job, lip, cheek and jawline fillers and Botox, liposuction and boob implants – is said to have worried her friends with the extremes she’s willing to go to.

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Lauren Goodger's plastic surgery timeline

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AGoff_182_Goodger_318011_52 of 39


1 September 2011

AGoff_Goodger_120111_23 of 39


13 January 2011

AGoff_Goodger_200111_14 of 39


20 January 2011

AGoff_Goodger_241110_15 of 39


24 November 2010

AGoff_Pope_Good_030911_56 of 39


3 September 2011

AGoff_Specs_151111_197 of 39


15 November 2011

Goff_03_Goodger_030412_198 of 39


3 April 2012

Goff_42_BAFTA_220511_129 of 39


22 May 2011

Goff_68_NTA_250112_1810 of 39


25 January 2012

Goff_209_BCC_051011_2711 of 39


5 October 2011

Goff_209_Essex_260311_2312 of 39


26 March 2011

Goff_279_Goodger_060312_1313 of 39


6 March 2012

Goff_81_Essex_241210_214 of 39


24 December 2010

Goff_Bafta_050511_3215 of 39


5 May 2011

Goff_Goodger_060312_916 of 39


6 March 2012

Goff_Goodger_091210_217 of 39


10 December 2010

Goff_Goodger_160611_518 of 39


16 June 2011

Goff_Goodger_240511_2919 of 39


25 May 2011

Goff_Essex_130411_2420 of 39


13 April 2011

Goff_Essex_270311_2121 of 39


27 March 2011

Goff_Goodger_270911_522 of 39


20 September 2011

Goff_Ice_Photocall_03011-1923 of 39


3 January 2013

Goff_Lauren_Jan_050311_424 of 39


5 March 2011

Goff_LaurenGoodger_248861225 of 39


11 August 2014

Goff_Only_Essex_280311_2826 of 39


28 March 2011

Goff_PartOfMe_030712_227 of 39


3 July 2012

Goff_Steel_140911_2628 of 39


20 September 2011

Goff_Tea_Party_120314_10129 of 39


12 March 2014

lauren_130 of 39


13 August 2014

oGoff_Goodger_250412_331 of 39


25 April 2012

rexfeatures_1273859av32 of 39


Appearing in the first series of TOWIE in 2010

Goff_T4_Beach_100711_12233 of 39


10 July 2011

lauren_234 of 39


13 August 2014

Goff_102_Goodger_170412_2435 of 39


17 April 2012

Goff_162_Mike_100712_3936 of 39


Goff_Goodger_080513_237 of 39


Goff_Goodger_280811_1238 of 39


28 August 2011

lauren-goodger-12-sep39 of 39


12 September 2014

“Her friends are really alarmed – they’re concerned Lauren’s going to come back looking feline-like, with that cat-eyes effect,” says the insider.

“They worry she’s on her way to resembling the Bride of Wildenstein. They don’t know when she’s going to see sense. She seems to have lost all perspective of what she looks like.”

It was recently reported that the 33 year old had demanded fans delete pictures of her taken at an event in Mallorca. We’re told Lauren is desperate to be in control over how she is seen in public.

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“Her friends have accused her of being in denial,” our source says. “They’ve told her she can’t keep asking people to delete pics because she doesn’t like them, but Lauren only wants fans to see pictures she approves of.

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"Her friends have tried to remind her that she is fighting a losing battle, and it would make more sense to lay off all the procedures and fillers. But Lauren has made it clear that she’s not happy with the work she’s had done and isn’t going to stop until it’s right.”

Meanwhile, the source adds that Lauren’s hoping that by going to even more aesthetic extremes, she might boost her career.

“She’s excited to see surgeons who deal with international stars like Lil’ Kim,” we’re told. “She feels it’s going to push her career to the next level, and might even get her noticed in America.”

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