Lewis Capaldi discusses new scheme to alleviate fans’ anxiety at his shows

He also opened up about his own mental health

Lewis Capaldi

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Lewis Capaldi is a huge name in music right now, with his hit single 'Someone You Loved' staying put at Number 1 for a whopping seven weeks, and his other songs, 'Grace' and 'Hold Me While You Wait', being Top 10 singles. Now, the singer has opened up to Grazia about Mental Health, discussing his scheme to alleviate anxiety at live music events, saying, "I want this to become a thing that can be at lots of shows."

Due to his hilarious, care-free attitude on social media, it's no surprise that Lewis has gained QUITE the following, boasting a massive 1.8 million followers on Instagram. Speaking to Grazia, the singer revealed, "I was getting inundated with messages on Twitter and Instagram with all this stuff like 'I would love to come to your show but you know, I get panic attacks or I’m not very good in crowds'."

He continued, "Some people just don’t want to come alone. And I just thought that it seemed like some people could miss the out on coming to shows, just because of their anxiety."

Due to this, the 'Hold Me While You Wait' singer announced LIVELIVE last month; an initiative ensuring that anxious fans would have appropriate support available at large shows, allowing them to feel more comfortable.

The 22-year-old's commendable scheme means that for an extra 50p per ticket, fans will be able to receive on-site counselling, with a team available to meet fans at the door, escort them to their seats, and help those who want to leave the concert quickly later in the evening - avoiding busy crowds.

In true Lewis Capaldi style, who's debut album is out 12am on the 17th, he continued, "I hope it doesn’t go tits up...

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"Because obviously I think we’ve got a while yet to really hone in the details of it, and iron it out, but it seems like such an easy thing to do for 50p extra a ticket, so I thought why not give it a go."

Lewis is a supporter of the Where's Your Head At? campaign, and added, "For me, speaking about anxiety or if I get a panic attack like you wouldn’t hesitate to tell someone if you have a cold or if you have the sh--s or something like that - so why would you hesitate to tell someone that you feel anxious or that maybe your mental health isn’t as good as it could be?"

Discussing his own mental health, he revealed he suffers primarily from panic attacks, saying, "[he feels] kind of lucky to not get it as a constant, constant thing."

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To get help on mental health issues and find out how you can support the campaign so that mental and physical health are given equal treatment in the workplace please go to www.wheresyourheadat.org.

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