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Lewis Capaldi

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You know when two people have the same last name and you automatically think they're related, well that's what we did here at heat.

We assumed the number one singer Lewis Capaldi was related to Doctor Who actor Peter Capaldi.

Yet now it looks like our assumptions were correct as we've found out (through social media snooping of course) that the pair are actually related and this is the best news we've had all year.

Lewis discovered that Peter is his dad’s second cousin, and he even enlisted the help of Peter to star in his music video for Someone You Loved, which was made in partnership with charity organisation Live Life Give Life in order to raise awareness around organ donation.

Speaking to The Sun about his first encounter with the actor, when he attended one of his shows, Lewis said, “We were just trying to work out how exactly how we’re related. Like my great gran was his auntie or something."

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“It was very confusing f***ing thing but he was very complimentary, it was very nice about the show and he seemed to really enjoy it.

“I’m a big fan of his work as well so we were just mutually complementing each other."

See Peter Capaldi star in Lewis Capaldi's video

But now Lewis has had global stardom since he released Someone You Loved, he's got many other famous friends, including Alicia Keys and the amazing Sir Elton John.

And Elton loved him that much, he even put a picture of Lewis on his Instagram.

Sharing the picture of the smiling pair, Elton wrote, "Spending the day with the next British superstar @lewiscapaldi." Now that's a complement.


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Lewis fans went crazy for the upload, with one user writing, "Amazing, two icons in one photo", while another commented, "This is the content we needed."

A third said, "Love this" and a fourth added, "Lewis is going places!"

Lewis has since released his debut album Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent, which hit the top spot in the UK charts and Someone You Loved became a number one in the US in October 2019.

We might even see him on I'm A Celebrity, after he admitted he'd "happily do it" if he got paid.

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this article first appeared on heat on 11 April 2019.

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