EXCLUSIVE: Did Love Island’s Luke and Siânnise just confirm a SECRET 2020 couple?

This is SO exciting

Luke T and Siannise

by Nathan Katnoria |

It’s not only within the Love Island villa that contestants couple up with each other – whether it’s Islanders from different years getting it on with each other, former couples rekindling an old flame or simply two Islanders who didn’t cross paths in the villa sparking a connection on the outside world, we’ve seen many Islanders get together once they’re back home.

Arabella Chi and Wes Nelson recently moved in together, then there’s happily married Jess Shears and Dom Lever who recoupled on the outside world after she was brutally dumped from the villa. We’ll never forget those photos of George Rain with Yewande Biala’s make-up all over his face either.

It seems like two 2020 Islanders may have recoupled outside the villa too after runners-up Siânnise Fudge and Luke Trotman spilled some tea during the latest episode of heat’s Under the Duvet with VOXI.

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Yewande Biala and George Rains
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Yewande Biala and George Rains

Yewande Biala and George Rains were not even in the villa at the same time but outside they seem to be having a whale of a time. Fans were buzzing in August when the Casa Amor star appeared to have Yewande's makeup all over his face.

Love Island's Luke T and Siannise
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According to Luke, beauty queen Rebecca Gormley and Casa Amor bombshell Biggs Chris are getting close after she admitted having her eye on him.

When asked if any new couples could form outside the villa, Luke T teased, “I heard Rebecca and Biggs,” as Siânnise nodded in agreement.

“Just from seeing posts, they seem to be getting close, don’t they?” she added.

We ship them already.

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Rebecca was dumped from the Island with partner Jordan Waobikeze after they coupled up during Casa Amor but admitted that she didn’t feel a romantic connection with him following their exit.

She later revealed her regret at not getting to know the other Casa Amor boys.

Rebecca said “I wish I did chat to them all and find out more about everyone else - like Biggs.

“I loved Biggs. He was mint.”

“His personality is the kind of personality I would go for. I would definitely meet up with him.”

Ooh, we have to say they would look good together.

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